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Why This Beach Town Will Be One Of The Top Destinations In Mexico For 2024

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Americans have been bitten by the travel bug once more now that normality has been reinstated worldwide, and whether it's destinations closer to home or exotic-sounding foreign places, they are taking to the skies passport in hand in droves.

However, there is one destination in particular they seem to be drawn to the most:

Young Woman Exploring The Ruins Of Tulum, Mexico

With its long miles of sandy shoreline, licked by waters of the brightest blue, and dotted with resorts competing among each other for titles of grandest, best, and most luxurious, Tulum seems to be on everyone's radar these days.

It may be a tried-and-true beach hotspot, but 2024 looks set to be its biggest year yet, with more exciting developments on the way:

Incredible Luxury Resorts

Palm Tree Lined Beach In Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is primarily a resort destination, and ‘resort' is truly what it does best, but that's not necessarily a bad thing: nowhere in Mexico, or in Latin America as a whole, will you find the same kind of exceptional, award-winning hospitality you do here.

The town is essentially geared towards tourism, and somewhere you would go for splurging on a colossal, state-of-the-art, all-inclusive beachfront hotel; gentrification controversies aside, it is the perfect place for first-time Stateside visitors, as it can feel very Americanized:

A Young Couple Looking Happy As It Walks Down A Beach Drinking Coconut Water In Tulum, A Mayan Beach Town Bounded By The Caribbean Sea, Mexico, Latin American

English is widely spoken within resorts, which means you won't have to brush up on your inexisting Spanish, guests will hardly ever feel homesick what with the numerous American-style diners and huge expat community living in town, and the tourist-friendly nature of the beaches.

Mexico for beginners, if you will. Not that that's a bad thing.

A Rising Cultural Hub

Tulum may be the Mexican Caribbean's resort capital, but unbeknown to most, it is a cultural destination in the making.

Ruins In Tulum, Mexico

Granted, it is not quite there yet, compared to the cultural centers that are Merida or Valladolid, also in the Yucatan Peninsula, but its historical value and heritage are being highlighted through several state-led efforts in a bid to diversify the tourist offer.

One such example is the opening of a new Frida Kahlo Museum in the vicinity of the archaeological zone.

Though Kahlo has no known links to Tulum, having grown up and spent most of her life in the village of Coyoacán, now a district of Mexico City, this new cultural center will help introduce resort guests to the iconic Mexican painter and divisive 20th-century figure, without requiring them to travel far.

Maya Ruins In Tulum, Mexico

Additionally, Tulum is home to one of Mexico's most famous ancient structures: El Castillo, a pre-Hispanic fort that is part of a wider Mayan ruined settlement and sits perched on a cliff face towering over white sands and overlooking the bright-blue Caribbean.

You see? Tulum is not all about beaches – even when there are beaches involved.

Tulum Is Ridiculously Safe

Tulum is much safer than it ever was before, too.

Mexican Police Officers Patrolling Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico

While the Mexican Caribbean as a whole is a pretty low-risk destination, as the American State Department affirms themselves through their classification of a majority of states in the Yucatan Peninsula as Level 2 or 1, the odd criminal event has occurred in the past.

This has mostly taken the form of gang disputes in suburban areas in Cancun, Tulum, Playa Del Carmen, and other major urban centers, but these have not been known to either directly or indirectly affect innocent tourists.

Cancun Police Patroling Beach, Mexico

As a matter of fact, there has not been a single instance where a visitor was harmed or lost their life due to violence when vacationing in Tulum in the last year or even earlier, proving it is perfectly safe for visiting, especially now that ‘thousands of troops' are being deployed.

According to the Cancun Sun, patrolling will intensify heavily in Tulum this season, helping keep tourists protected.

A New Airport And Scenic Train

Tulum Beach, Mexico

Finally, this winter, the town will see the opening of a brand new international airport, linking it to a number of destinations across Mexico and in the United States, as well as the launch of the Maya Train, calling at Downtown Tulum.

The Maya Train was officially launched on December 1, though not all routes are immediately operational.

It may be a while longer until service from Tulum starts, but once it is fully implemented, the train will link the Caribbean town to all other Mayan Riviera spots, such as Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, and Porto Morelos, greatly facilitating travel and making it safer for visitors to get around.

Woman in Tulum

As for the airport, there have been 6 U.S. hubs so far to announce nonstop links to Tulum International Airport, including New York (Newark), Houston, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

As demand for Tulum increases, however, we expect more routes to be confirmed soon.

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