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Why This Charming Mexican City Is More Than Just A Weekend Getaway

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Many travelers who consider going to Mexico opt for the more trendy destinations over finding somewhere new.

Depending on whether they are looking for a fun beach vacay or wanting to immerse themselves in Mexico’s beautiful culture, they may choose places like Oaxaca, Cancun or Mexico City.

puebla mexico houses

The latter has become quite a trendy place for travelers in recent years. Those who come to the capital of Mexico will also be in close proximity to an overlooked gem.

Puebla is a city within approximately a 2-hour drive. Those who have already discovered Puebla’s magic often consider it to be a day trip or weekend getaway from Mexico City.

There is so much to explore here, so those who have only stayed for a short time are cutting themselves short on what this charming, historical city has to offer.

The City Of Puebla

cathedral in puebla

A simple search online about Puebla will result in multiple weekend guides and how to take the perfect Instagram photo with the backdrop of Puebla’s infamous volcano, Popocatépetl.

The problem with that is there is more to experience in just two full days! The endless food options would be almost impossible to take in on a 48-hour trip.

Puebla is also the name of the state, but the city of Puebla is the main gastronomical hub of the region.

This area of Mexico is home to some of the most authentic traditional Mexican cuisine known to man.

According to the Minister of Tourism in Puebla, “The state's capital is the second municipality with more museums in Mexico, and gastronomy is our heritage with Chiles en Nogada, Rib Mole, and Mole poblano, among many others.”

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chiles en nogada dish

To truly get a taste of all the culinary offerings here, one would need to stay for an extended time.

Two of the more common food items on local menus are Mole Poblano and Chiles en Nogada, which might have foodie travelers salivating from looks alone.

Mole Poblano typically derives from turkey, chocolate and a mix of various peppers totaling dozens of ingredients.

Chiles en Nogada is a vibrant dish that is a signature staple of Puebla. It is made from locally sourced ingredients, such as poblano peppers and a unique sauce made from nuez de Castilla.

mole poblano dish

It might be advised to wander the colorful streets of the city before eating as it would be extremely hard not to indulge in the spectacular flavors of Puebla.

The city itself is a proud historical destination and a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it was a highly important piece of Mexican history dating back all the way to the 16th century.

Back then, over 280 temples were constructed to satisfy various sects of religious beliefs. Travelers will find some beautifully preserved architecture still standing today across the region.

municipal building in puebla mexico

Visitors to the city will find a vast array of comfortable hotel options ranging from high-end hotels to remodeled boutique accommodations in the historic buildings.

Many are located near the city's main museums to gain a better understanding of how Puebla came to be what it is today.

Beyond The City Limits

While there is nothing wrong with spending the majority of time in the city of Puebla, travelers would be remised if they didn’t take time to explore some of the region’s Pueblos Magicos.

There are 10 Magical Towns worth seeing:

  • Huauchinango
  • Xicotepec de Juarez
  • Chignahuapan
  • Cuetzalan
  • Cholula
  • Atlixco
  • Zacatlan
  • Tlatlauquitepec
  • Tetela
  • Pahuatlan
volcano in puebla mexico

Each town is unique in its own way and acceptable for all ages. Cholula might be the most well-known as it sits toward the base of the picturesque Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl volcanoes.

Sadly, there is no Cholula hot sauce factory to tour as the popular condiment has no relation to the town. 

What travelers will find is a small community happy to have them visit and be able to explore important landmarks, such as pyramid ruins and numerous colonial temples.

Many visitors come for the scenic nature of the state of Puebla. Not only is there gorgeous scenery outside the city limits, but travelers will also find the culinary scene is still superb on the outskirts.

travelers sipping mezcal in mexico

Those wanting a taste of neighboring Oaxaca can easily double dip in Mexican culture through this loophole.

Tour guides take travelers to the nature reserve of Tehuacán-Cuicatlán, a region neighboring the state of Oaxaca.

Here, tourists will get to experience expansive food options. Through Mezcal Aislados, traditional alcoholic beverages as well.

Mezcal is a pillar of Oaxacan culture. Travelers can get a taste of the agave-based booze without stepping foot in Oaxaca while also taking in Puebla’s natural beauty.

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