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Why This Stunning Beach City In Mexico Is Seeing A Record Number Of Travelers

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Mexico never ceases to amaze travelers with its variety of wonders. Of course, many travelers heading south of the border for a vacation are seeking a sunny beach getaway.

Mexico is just the place. Cancun, Los Cabos, and so many more spectacular coastlines never disappoint.

One particular destination is thriving and seeing a record number of travelers. As fall is quickly turning into winter, more travelers may continue to flock to this stunning beach city to escape the cold.

puerto vallarta coastline

Puerto Vallarta Is Seeing More Tourists Than Ever

At this point, we shouldn't be surprised at the trajectory Puerto Vallarta is seeing with travelers. As one of the most popular Mexican beach getaways in recent years, the surge continues.

Puerto Vallarta saw a record 225,100 visitors last month, which is an increase of over 75,000 compared to pre-pandemic metrics.

Tourism spending is also up, but travel costs are up across the board. The bottom line is travelers continue to recognize this stunning region of Mexico as a top vacation spot.

boats in puerto vallarta

With so many great beaches around Mexico, Puerto Vallarta remains one of the most appealing.

A Tourist Hotspot With Authenticity

Some super popular vacation destinations become so crowded it becomes difficult to gain a true sense of the place.

Being elbow to elbow with fellow tourists can overpower the rich culture of that particular place and simply just becomes another sunny town like any other.

Puerto Vallarta has balanced welcoming an influx of travelers while also holding firm to its identity with a rich, historic culture.

festive church in puerto vallarta

Wandering the streets, travelers will find themselves enthralled with the charming cobblestone streets, vibrant murals, and festive decor throughout the year.

Not to mention, there are delightful markets with local goodies and homemade food to get a taste of this side of Mexico.

A Place Where Travelers Are Truly Welcomed

Despite being proud of its beautiful culture, locals aren't overprotective and welcome tourists with open arms without the worry of losing the Puerto Vallarta they know and love.

view of buildings in Puerto Vallarta

While some major vacation hotspots are just fancy resorts and nice beaches without the warm hospitality, Puerto Vallarta is noticeably friendly among tourists.

The spirit of the area is contagious no matter where you go. Resort workers, Uber drivers, and street vendors engage with travelers making them feel welcome on their vacay.

Travelers may notice the people are just as vibrant and charming as the colorful buildings throughout town.

Beautiful Beaches, Of Course

It wouldn't be a sunny Mexican getaway without some beach days on the docket. Puerto Vallarta is perfect for a beach escape.

yelapa near puerto vallarta

Visitors will have the the option to blend in with the crowd on more commonly visited beaches or go more off-grid to lesser-known areas tucked away from the hustle and bustle.

The coastline connecting Puerto Vallarta to Riviera Nayarit is phenomenal, but the opposite direction will fulfill all your beach desires too.

Small coastal towns, such as Quimixto and Yelapa, will rock your world. The natural beauty of this side of Mexico is hard to beat, even with a laundry list of other destinations in the country.

Pack Your Bags And Go

sunny day in puerto vallarta mexico

It would be tough to welcome millions of travelers each year without being easily accessible. Like many of Mexico's great destinations, Puerto Vallarta is just a short flight away to paradise.

With so many flight options, travelers can choose between many different airlines for the vacation of their dreams.

With a centrally located airport, you can hop off the plane and start your vacation right away, unlike Los Cabos, where the airport is far outside the city and experiences heavy traffic.

Whether here to indulge in the delicious foodie scene of aguachiles and traditional flavors or to kick back and relax all day at high-end resorts, Puerto Vallarta will not let you down.

puerto vallarta boardwalk

Between Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, this stunning region has so much to offer. The secret may long be out, but it still makes for an awesome trip.

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