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Working From Ski Resorts Is The New Trend Among Digital Nomads, Here’s How They Afford It

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When we think about digital nomads, we can easily picture the beautiful beaches, the naps in hammocks under palm trees, and someone working on a laptop with the ocean in the background. Studies have determined the best beach destinations for digital nomads, and we even have a list of the best warm places for digital nomads during winter, but what about those who actually enjoy winter? 

woman with snowboard smiling, nomads

There’s a new trend called the “digital snowmads”, for those who prefer to work remotely for a few months next to a fireplace with a beautiful view of impressive snowy mountains. They use lunch breaks to go skiing or snowboarding and get to avoid crowds by taking advantage of their flexible work hours. 

In a recent article shared on Euronews, freelance journalist Nina Zietman shared her experience of working from ski resorts in the French Alps and Switzerland and tips on how she manages to afford it. She also leaves a warning for those who want to give it a try: “Working from a ski resort is addictive”.

hotels and resorts in the French Alpes, nomads

Other digital nomads have been sharing similar experiences from other destinations. A few years ago, Magnus Nomad explained how he spent 5 months in Bansko, Bulgaria, long before remote work was as common as it has been since the pandemic started, and now there are more lodging options, more coworking spaces, better internet connection, and more travelers interested.

Working From a Skii Resort: The Experience

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Spending a few months in the mountains can be a great experience. Not only for the beautiful landscapes but also for the fun and the workout. Zietman explained that there are plenty of benefits to this lifestyle. Digital snowmads get to improve their skiing skills while staying in shape and also get to meet like-minded people.

While living in a ski resort—or near one—digital nomads get to work during peak season or peak hours and enjoy the empty ski slopes when everyone is gone. Another popular and exciting option is to ski after work, at night, since many ski resorts have great illumination systems at night, and the tracks are less crowded and free to enjoy. 

woman snowboarding at night

Now that more remote workers are interested in ski resorts, there are more companies offering high-speed internet connection, coworking spaces, and accommodations adapted to their needs! Working from remote winter destinations is now more possible and affordable than ever. 

There are different strategies that travelers can apply to reduce costs, like negotiating with chalets and vacation rentals for long-term stays, getting a part-time job at a resort, or preferring a less expensive ski resort.

Cheap Ski Resorts Around The World

Mammoth Mountain skiing

Ski resorts are traditionally expensive. However, as a remote worker, you can open your mind and consider non-traditional destinations that might provide also an amazing experience. Zietman explained that there are special accommodations and ski resorts for digital nomads, like Swiss Escape in Switzerland, that can be more affordable than others. 

cozy cabin in the woods

Bansko is currently one of the best budget-friendly ski destinations in Easter Europe and offers different hotels and chalets for all budgets. According to a recent article published by The Guardian, you can also find an Airbnb rental for four at nearly $770 for a whole month in Slovenia. And it's always a good option to prefer the Pyrenees over the Alps in France to reduce costs.

South America also has ski resorts, primarily in Chile and Argentina, that could be more affordable, especially in Argentina. Travelers can also stay in low-cost accommodations in cities or towns nearby and pay for day tickets at the ski resorts.  

Two Skiers Going On Ski Lift In Austria

If you are already visiting one of the top destinations for winter in the United States, you could take advantage of your location to visit the most affordable ski resorts in the country, like Park City, Alta, Snowbird, Solitude, and Snowbasin in Utah, or Copper Mountain in Colorado. Another good strategy is to book for cheaper months, like January or February, when prices go down.

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Luke mc

Friday 4th of November 2022

NOMADS probably keep these places alive and give locals an extra source of income, plus humans have already ruined great places this is a tragedy hopefully oneday it won't be common. Thanks for the post, good luck with your travels.


Wednesday 2nd of November 2022

"Digital nomads" are ruining the last great places. It's the tragedy of the commons.


Friday 27th of October 2023

@Martin, where's your logic? You've just said it's not true. Everywhere I look I see locals being pushed out for AirBNBs. Pull the wool over your eyes all you want.


Friday 4th of November 2022

@Mark, it's not true that they are ruining places. And even if they were it would not be an example of a 'tragedy of the commons'.