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6 Reasons Why The Country of Georgia Is The Next Big Digital Nomad Hotspot

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With borders finally beginning to open up for remote workers, the digital nomad community has been buzzing about this year's hottest hidden gem destination: Georgia. No, not the American state. Nestled in between Russia and Turkey, this little country packs a punch. This unassuming Eastern European country has been a hot topic this year, and we are here to tell you why.

Visa Opportunities

Georgia offers all kinds of great incentives such as their “Remotely From Georgia” campaign. It allows entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, and remote workers from 95 countries to stay in the country for up to one year. The application is simple and allows you to work and travel around the gorgeous country. You can work wherever, whenever, and It’s as easy as clicking here to begin the process. 

tbilisi at dusk georgia

Cost of Living

Similar to other Eastern European countries, Georgia is praised for its low cost of living and high quality of life. The average expat can expect to spend less than $1,000 per month on food, accommodation, transportation, and entertainment. Even in the capital, Tbilisi, rent is affordable with AirBnBs available for less than $30 per night. However, if you’re planning on getting some work done and still want to meet like-minded people we recommend staying at one of the terrific coliving spaces in the city. Our top picks based on price, location, vibe, and amenities are Shota Hotel  & Lokal

Georgia covid-19 entry requirements

Reliable Internet

Unlike some of its neighboring countries, Georgia is known for having fast and reliable wifi throughout its main cities. In the countryside, the government has been actively working to make high-speed wireless internet readily available throughout rural areas of the country. Tbilisi is full of charming coffee shops to work from, but we recommend trying one of the city's many cool coworking spots. Our favorite places to buckle down and get work done are Terminal on Khorava & Impact Hub. Both coworking spots have great vibes, cool decor, and all the amenities you and your team might need. Impact Hub also hosts events and workshops to mix & mingle with other remote workers. 

Wining and Dining

 Toted by National Geographic as “The Secret Birthplace of Wine”, Georgia is one of the world's oldest wine-making countries. The countryside is full of vineyards where the local people use traditional winemaking techniques which have been ingrained in Georgian culture for thousands of years. The country is especially well-known for its orange & amber-colored wines. This unique specialty pairs perfectly with the hearty, comforting Georgian cuisine. The local people tend to cook rich, filling foods like dumplings, stews, walnuts, bread, and cheese. With a bottle of high-quality wine costing less than $20 and dinner in a local restaurant around $3-$4, you can afford to treat yourself as much as you like! 

Beautiful Nature

In terms of climate, Georgia certainly has something for everyone. From the hot & humid summer subtropical climate to the snowy alpine peaks. Most of the country is blanketed in dense forest which is home to an array of flora and fauna making it perfect for hiking and cycling. To get a great view of the country, trek along the hillside of the Abudelauri Lakes. The trail runs past the three colorful lakes with their blue, green, and white waters. For a little adventure, you can explore the Prometheus Cave, go for a dive in the Martvili Canyon, or grab your skis and hit the slopes.

Intruiging History

Home to many UNESCO World Heritage sites, Georgia has a lot of hidden historical gems to explore. You can immerse yourself in the culture and history of the Medieval villages in the mountainous region of Upper Svaneti, or explore the ancient city of Mtskheta. Then, investigate the cave monastery complex Vardzia, carved into the side of the Erusheti Mountain in the 12th century. One way or another, there is more than enough to see and learn in this fascinating country. 

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Monday 2nd of August 2021

I would like to say, some standards may be a bit difficult for western expats. There are very few workspaces and if you want to work out of your accomodation it is generally difficult and customer services in more touristic regions is not so great. That being said Georgia is a great choice but be prepared for some shocks if you're not used to caucuses or post Soviet countries.

John Q Public

Saturday 31st of July 2021

This article drastically understates the cost of living. I'm an American currently (July '21) living in Batumi and, if you live an austere, monkish life then, yes, maybe you can get by on $1,000 monthly. But, otherwise, expect to pay stateside prices for restaurants, clothing, entertainment, and consumer electronics. You may find a decent apartment to rent for $250 per month if you browse the Georgian rental sites, but you'll need to be extremely disciplined and frugal if you plan to live here on the cheap. The wealth gap is outrageous - you have Samsung stores and new high high rises butting directly against crumbling apartments that would be nowhere near acceptable at home. You literally have children begging in the middle of traffic while tourists crowd the beaches in search of a tan.

This isn't to disparage Batumi or the country of's to let you know that this is a place of contrasts and extremes. Yes, you can come here and live somewhere in the middle, but come with your eyes wide open and your expectations balanced.


Saturday 16th of October 2021

@John Q Public, I just had it confirmed by a local in Batumi who's lived there all her life those "children begging" are gypsies who don't even speak Georgian.


Friday 20th of August 2021

@John Q Public, "you literally have children begging in the middle of traffic while tourists crowd the beaches in search of a tan", that wasn't going on there before all this Covid restrictions BS, a lot of the desperados there probably aren't from Georgia anyway.


Monday 2nd of August 2021

@John Q Public, Unfortunately, Georgia is a very poor country, and there are two parallel economies, as in all similar countries, for example in Turkey or Egypt, a very cheap economy for the locals and an economy with American prices for tourists. To take part in a cheap celebration of life, you need to speak the local language, or Russian, and if you don't know it, and even more so if you are in Batumi, and this is just the center of the tourist business, then get ready to pay at your usual prices. Among other difficulties, I can name a very complex language with its own alphabet, a very small percentage of the population understands English, but almost everyone understands Russian, moreover, there is an unstable political situation in the country and a hostile attitude towards sexual minorities.

Bob Peck

Saturday 31st of July 2021

Usually this types of news and survey is just talking and advertising the appearance of countries and societies to tell the truth as a foreigner living in Georgia for some years there are so many lies or better say naive experience in the above mentioned text. 1. Internet is fast but always disconnecting 2. There is disconnecting of water and electricity usually you should get habit to it 3. The after sales service and costumer care relationship after sales is very weak 4. Small country small economy in buying every things there isnot enough options to choose for example when I was going to buy home appliance and furnitures every shops I went I have to buy the exact sample of the things because there is just one available and not in stuck even refrigerator once I bought set of furniture from Saba mall which is the place for buying furniture I chose one and said please don't bring me this sample bring me a new set because it was smelling and second hand somehow tomorrow they brought me same smelling with nylon to show it is new and didnot pay me back advance because said it is my fault not them ;( 5. Police is good it is somehow safe but there is alot of cheaters should be very careful 6. They don't will to communicate with other people usually when you want to rent or buy apartment or anything it is nightmare they don't will to sell you should go after them because they are very reluctant to sell to buy to do anything. 7. Nature is good and pleasent 8. Don't knowing Georgia or Russian make life difficult but there is alot of people can talk English but the life isnot very easy without know their languages.


Friday 30th of July 2021

Is Georgia, they also just beat a journalist to death and 30+ other people severely injured over LGBT+ rights. High-up government officials also seemed to downplay the severity of these issues and falsely blamed opposition leaders.

Georgia has consistently polled as the most hostile country in Europe/Central Asia year-after-year for LGBT+ people and is relatively unsafe for LGBT+ people because the country overall listens to the extreme Orthodox church who promotes hate speech against LGBT+

You have a diverse set of readers and I think contextualizing the dangers of certain countries is helpful for others.

With that being said, I just spent 10 days in Georgia and it was a lovely a country.


Friday 20th of August 2021

@D, If you speak to any decent Georgian they will explain they don't want any of those US issues with the minority social justice riots, looting and vandalism, which they suspect will happen if they cave in to LGBT.


Sunday 1st of August 2021

@D, hi, the journalist died because he used some high doses of drugs. He was beaten, but the reason of his death is not injure during lgbt pride...