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Top Beaches on Mexico’s West Coast

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With an extensive coastline of more than 4 thousand miles, the best beaches in Mexico’s West Coast have a lot to offer travelers. In western Mexico, large bays of extensive beaches, steep rocks, and large cliffs give drama to the landscape. Modern hotels are also interspersed with traditional towns and ancient colonial cities, where you can savor the most authentic essence of Mexico.

La Paz

Located about 100 miles from Cabo San Lucas on Baja California Sur, La Paz overlooks the Gulf of California. You can visit Espiritu Santo Island, which is a one-hour boat ride north of La Paz. This is one of the best things to do in La Paz, where you will enjoy this island with an impressive beach. It’s home to many marine species, including dolphins, whales, turtles, sharks, rays, and many more. Balandra Beach is another breathtaking location, perfect for kayaking or simply enjoy the beach.

Los Cabos

It is one of the top Mexican destinations that continues to gain popularity, and we believe this trend won’t stop any time soon. Los Cabos is a gem in an area of great coastal beauty located south of the Baja California peninsula. In the warm desert bathed by the blue waters of the Pacific, the desert landscape is contrasted by imposing rock formations by the sea, islands, whale watching, embarked excursions, fishing, diving, and of course, beaches, many of them barely crowded.

Its most famous beach is Playa Del Amor or Lover’s Beach, perfect for sunbathing with its calm waters and taking a dip to cool down. Here you will experience the duality of mother nature when you walk to the other side of the iconic Arch at Land’s End, and you will arrive at the Divorce Beach. This turbulent side of the Pacific Ocean is not suitable for swimming, and once you’re there, you’ll understand how they got their names.

Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita

Puerto Vallarta is known for its impressive beaches and surrounding towns. It is a tourist destination that attracts adventurers, with endless corners to discover and explore. An Internationally recognized destination, Puerto Vallarta is well known for its Pacific-washed beaches, natural beauty, and world-class facilities that blend in with warm hospitality. There are countless places to discover and choose your favorite; no easy task because each of the beaches of Puerto Vallarta has a particular charm. There are beaches accessible only by sea; others are located in remote places, surrounded by magical landscapes or even those that offer abundant life around them.

The small fishing town of Sayulita is a 45-minute drive from downtown Puerto Vallarta. It has become the ideal option for those that enjoy a more hippie atmosphere, with a good vibe all around. If you like surfing, this town should be included in your plans.


Acapulco was the pioneer town in Mexico that opened its doors to tourism back in the day. It competes with Cancun regarding the number of visitors, located in a mountainous area that attracts many Mexican citizens from the capital city. The temperature is even higher than in Puerto Vallarta, and there are many alternatives to get out of the city and enjoy more tranquility, hidden beaches, and islands.

Barra Vieja Beach is a beautiful place where you can fully enjoy the beaches, the delicious cuisine, take long walks or horseback riding. Bonfil and Revolcadero are the best-known beaches, where you can spend a delightful stay alone, as a couple, or with the family. Local and tourist visitors rave about all the great dining options and the clean and peaceful area of the beach.

Puerto Escondido

If you like more rustic tranquility, then Puerto Escondido is for you. Here, big waves are guaranteed for surf lovers, bays between coastal elevations and rock formations, boat trips, corners with calmer waters, hotels, and peaceful inns. People also come from all over, including many Europeans looking for the essence of the Mexican Pacific. Carrizalillo Beach is an iconic postcard-worthy beach. You arrive at this cove by walking down 167 steps and will be rewarded with beautiful sand and gleaming turquoise waters. Surrounded by cliffs, there are constant small waves which make it perfect for swimming.


In Huatulco, you will find a deep connection with nature and a collection of more than 30 beaches spread between bays and unaltered reserve areas. There is an urban area with all services and amenities, luxury hotels, golf courses, and nightlife. But none of it alters the landscape too much. The beaches have golden sand, and the turquoise sea accompanies the warm climate of southern Mexico.


Mazatlán has been a popular destination for decades and with safety continuing to improve, the beach city is beginning the next phase of rapid growth. The most well known and popular beach is located in the Golden Zone which is home to a beautiful stretch of golden sand and features jaw-dropping sunsets.


And just when you think you’ve found an ideal paradise on Mexico’s West coast, another one appears, and you find yourself wanting to travel to discover these tropical heavens.

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