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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Santorini, Greece

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Santorini, Greece is one of the most beautiful and romantic islands in the world. The island is full of pristine beaches, stunning geography, and ancient history. Santorini is also full of must see attractions that only the locals know about. If you have never been to this magical place, now is the time to plan that trip. Read on to discover the things you didn’t know about Santorini, Greece.

Things You Didn’t Know About Santorini

Santorini Has Very Few Blue Rooftops

When you think of Santorini, the image of the iconic blue rooftops usually appears. The perception would be that the island is full of these rooftops. These bright blue rooftops are featured in nearly everyone’s photos of Santorini. However, the photos are variations of the same vista. In reality, the rooftops are mostly concentrated into the Oia Town sector of the island. 

You Can See Tsunami Damage From Thousands of Years Ago

Thousands of years ago, a massive tsunami destroyed nearby Crete and created Santorini. Visitors to Santorini can still see the aftereffects of this natural phenomenon. Recently, scientists discovered a seabed layer 65 feet below the surface of the water. This seabed contains pebbles, rocks with mollusks, and other organisms oriented in the same direction as the current. 

Some Believe Mythical Atlantis is Located Near Santorini

For many years, there was a legend that the ruins of Atlantis were buried underneath the sea near Santorini. When Santorini became a hit tourist destination, the location became a destination for fable seekers. According to the legend, Santorini was ruined by a series of volcanic eruptions. As a result, Atlantis allegedly sank to the bottom of the sea after the people angered the gods. 

Hotel Check Ins Are Perpetual

The hotel check in procedures in Santorini are a bit peculiar. Many hotels in Santorini send their guests to a tourist center on the island before check in. The hotel will call the tourist center when you arrive and request porters to help you with your bags. After your check in, prepare yourself to climb a great number of stairs. The tiresome stair climb will be worth your trouble when you see your miraculous view from your room. Be sure to factor in a couple of hours in your schedule for check in to your hotel room. 

Santorini is Made Entirely of Volcanic Rock

The entire island of Santorini is made of volcanic rock. The Minoan Eruption caused the creation of the island of Santorini. This phenomen is one of the largest volcanic eruptions in the history of the world. Many eruptions occurring over several hundred thousand years created Santorini and the surrounding islands. These leftover pieces of volcanic landscape now make up Santorini and its adjacent islands. 

The Original Citizens Lived in Cave Houses

The early residents of Santorini would build homes directly inside the volcanic walls on the island. They did this to protect themselves from the island weather. Today, visitors can stay in a modern and luxurious version of this traditional structure. Santorini Paradise Cave Houses and Genesis Cave Houses Santorini offer this lodging experience to guests. 

The Local Wine is Better Due to Santorini’s Volcanic Landscape

Wine aficionados will have a wonderful time sampling local Santorini wine. Santorini’s land is called aspa, and consists of volcanic ash, pumice stone and small pieces of lava and solid sand. This combination makes the soil rich in minerals. The vineyards in Santorini get most of their moisture from sea fog since rainfall is minimal on the island. This combination of climate and soil give the local Santorini wine its unique flavor. On the island, Venetsanos Winery has been serving Santorini wine since 1947 and offer guided tours and special events. 

There Are Secret Hot Springs on Santorini

Santorini is made entirely of volcanic rock, therefore it is not surprising there are hot springs here. The hot springs in Santorini are not as well-known as those in Iceland, and Santorini visitors don’t know what they are missing. When you swim the waters around Santorini, you will know when you have entered a spring by the change in water color. The island’s warmer waters change color from a bright blue to a murky brown. Be sure to find one of these hot springs in Santorini to pamper yourself in the relaxing warm water. 


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Wednesday 14th of July 2021

i believe it is where the film Mama Mai was shot

Linda Wurzel

Thursday 15th of July 2021

@ARTHUR SMITH, No, the majority of Mamma Mia 1 was filmed in Skopelos, on Kastani Beach and the rest was filmed in the Hamlet of Damouchari in the Pelion area of Greece. Mamma Mia 2 was actually filmed in the remote Croatian Island of Vis, which is located off the Dalmatian coast in the Adriatic Sea.