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8 Underrated Countries That Deserve More Tourists

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Planning your next holiday but want to ditch the crowds? Why not go to a country that is off the beaten path?
The following underrated countries are just as beautiful as their more popular neighbours and will offer you everything you could ever want but without swarms of tourists. Check them out while you can, their secret won’t last forever!

8 Underrated Countries To Visit 


Georgia is a beautiful underrated country

Forget bleak winters and soviet architecture, Georgia is home to a lot more than the birthplace of Stalin. Explore the medieval cobbled streets of the capital Tbilisi, sample some of the finest wines this side of the Baltic, or hit the slopes at one of the best ski resorts in the Caucasus.

If history is your thing then why not go on a monastery tour? Take in the sights of ancient monasteries dating back to the 12th century and learn more about this country’s national religion of Georgian Orthodox.

Need some rest and relaxation? Head to the city of Batumi and unwind in some of the best beaches in the Black Sea.

Georgia is often underrated, but it’s secret won’t last long.


Palau - underrated countries to visit

Straight up, this country is not for budget travellers. But, if you have a little more cash to splash and are looking for a Polynesian paradise -then overlooked Palau is the destination for you.

Expect idyllic beaches, unrivalled scuba diving and lush green forest waiting to be discovered. The island boasts some of the best coral diving spots in the world. It even has a jellyfish lake, where tourists can pay to take a dip with thousands of harmless and beautiful jellyfish.

History buffs can walk in the footsteps of World War Two and tour the abandoned tanks that tell the story of the island’s Japanese invasion. 


Iran is a lesser traveled destination that should be on your bucket lsit

Travelling to Iran has been growing in popularity, but it's still possible to get off the beaten path and explore this underrated country.

If you are a British or American passport holder you must take in the sights via an organized tour. This is because free travel throughout the country is restricted due to recent political tensions. Please note, it can be a lengthy process to get a visa if you hold a British or American passport, so be aware when planning tours.

Explore the many archaeological sites of ancient Persia, trek through the Iranian desert, meet nomads and explore Iran’s famous souks. The country offers renowned hospitality, so don’t be surprised if your tour guide invites you home for some tea and fresh dates.

Some things to be aware of when visiting Iran:

  • The strict Islamic dress code. Women must always cover their hair with a scarf and must wear clothes that cover their arms, shoulders and legs. They are also required to wear a loose-fitting cardigan or robe that covers their shape.  Some tourists combat this by wearing a dress over their pants. Men must also ensure their arms and legs are covered.
  • If you have previously travelled to Israel or have an Israeli exit stamp in your passport you will not be able to enter Iran.

It is also important to mention, that you must be careful regarding flying drones for photographic purposes. Two Australian travel bloggers were jailed this summer after flying a drone for their blog without permission.

Comoros Islands

The comoros islands are off the beaten track and you should go

Never heard of them? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.
These little islands are amongst the least visited countries in the world. Located off the coast of Mozambique and close to Madagascar, the Comoros Islands have long been left off the tourist map.

The country, which gained its independence from France in the 1970s has suffered decades of instability. Twenty coups have taken place since then, but the country has been stable since 2008.

Tourism is still in development across the three islands, so expect an experience like no other. Enjoy tranquil beaches, an abundance of wildlife and getting off the beaten path. Watch turtles lay eggs, spot humpback whales off the coast and enjoy the warmest hospitality from friendly locals..

Please note, that this destination is a real off the grid experience. You will struggle to access Wi-Fi and the creature comforts of home.


underrated countries - Albania

Often overlooked, Albania boasts pristine beaches, ancient ruins and value for money. Quieter than Croatia, Albania has picturesque scenery, without the crowds. Explore the capital city of Tirana, take in the Roman ruins in Sarande and relax and unwind by the beach in the Albanian riviera.

This is the perfect destination for someone who wants to explore a country like Croatia for half the price and with half the tourists.

Sao Tome & Principe

Sao Tome is an off the beaten path destination that should be on your list

Sao Tome & Principe is a lost paradise, which has somehow been forgotten and left off the common tourist trails.

Located off the coast of Liberia, it was once a colony of Portugal but has had its independence since 1975. Expect lush, tropical palm trees, pristine beaches and indulge in the island’s main exports of cocoa and coffee.


Mongolia is a lesser travelled country that you should go to

The ultimate destination for any adventurer, underrated Mongolia offers you an insight into the nomadic lifestyle and ancient traditions.

Explore the Gobi Desert on horseback, stay with a nomadic family in a traditional yurt and make sure to visit during the famous Naadam Festival. Proud of their heritage and traditions, learn about Genghis Khan in Ulaanbaatar and sample some Mongolian delicacies such as traditional dumplings, noodle soups or boiled and jellied sheep head.


Montserrat is an underrated country that deserve a visit

This British territory in the Caribbean was once a popular tourist destination frequented by celebrities. The famous Air recording studio hosted greats from Paul McCartney to The Rolling Stones.

The country has a strong connection to Ireland and is often called the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean, their stamp is even in the shape of the shamrock. This is largely due to the numbers of indebted Irish labourers who were brought here in the 1600s.

Unfortunately, in 1995 and 1997 the country was rocked by volcanic eruptions that devastated half the island, including the capital city of Plymouth. However, the island is on the up, with beautiful beaches and mountainous treks. You can also take a trip into the exclusion zone, an area of the island which is still covered in volcanic ash and Sulphur.

Going to Montserrat is like going back in time and exploring the Caribbean as it once was before mass tourism.

We hope you add some of these underrated countries to your bucket list! Happy traveling! 

8 underrated countries you should visit NOW
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Monday 4th of November 2019

Thanks for some fascinating suggestions. I’m torn by the recommendation of Iran. I know Iran only through expatriate Iranian colleagues and acquaintances. And of course the press. They’re a wonderful people, educated, with rich history, culture and fantastic cuisine. But danger to western tourists from a hostile government make a visit to Iran far too risky. Hopefully that changes.

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