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Canada Announces Very Strict Rules For Cruise Ships And Passengers

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The federal government of Canada has just announced a new public health plan for cruise ships – with the country’s cruise ship season due to begin next month (April). Most countries reopened for cruising last year and have already dropped most restrictions that Canada is now just announcing.

The nation’s Transport Minister, Omar Alghabra, laid out the plan yesterday (7 March) at the port of Halifax – accompanied by the city’s MP, Andy Filmore, and the Port’s President Captain Allan Gray.

Cruise ship docked at Canadian Port

What Does The New Public Health Plan Say?

With the Covid-19 pandemic moving into its third year, Alghabra revealed the details of Canada’s new public health plan yesterday morning (7 March) – which requires all passengers and crew to have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 in order to step foot onto a cruise ship.

Such individuals must also ensure that they continually self-monitor themselves for any Covid symptoms.

Canada Flag on Cruise Ship

Here are the full details of Transport Canada’s comprehensive public health plan – which cruise ships must adhere to at all times.

  • All crew and passengers must have received their full vaccination against Covid-19
  • All crew and passengers are required to self-monitor for any Covid-9 symptoms
Vancouver harbour skyline with cruise ship
  • All passengers are required to undergo Covid-19 testing prior to boarding a cruise ship – by either taking a Covid-19 molecular test (within 72-hours before boarding) or a rapid-antigen test (within 24-hours of boarding).
  • All passengers – arriving into Canada – are required to take a Covid-19 molecular test (within 72-hours before arrival) or a rapid-antigen test (within 24-hours of arrival).
Passengers on cruise ship

However, with all passengers and crew required to be fully vaccinated before boarding a cruise ship, there are some individuals who may be exempt from this – including:

  • children under the age of 12 – although the majority of cruise lines are requiring children, aged 5 and above, to show proof of vaccine before boarding
  • individuals that can show proof of a medical contraindication
Woman waiting to board a cruise ship
  • individuals that have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 due to their religious beliefs – this exemption only applies to those who have the right to enter Canada, such as Canadian nationals, as well as those who board a cruise liner inside the country.

All cruise ship companies are required to inspect people’s proof of vaccination, as well as continually monitor and report the Covid-19 test results of all individuals that step foot on – and off – their ships.

Passport and PCR Test

And, when arriving into Canada, the Canada Border Services Agency will not allow any passenger or crew member to disembark a cruise ship unless they meet all of the requirements – as set out in the new public health plan for cruise ships.

Alghabra set out the above measures, and explained that the Canadian government “continues to work hard to restart” the nation’s economy in a “safe” and “sustainable” way.

Cruise Ship Terminal, Vancouver, Canada

Covid-19 has devastated tourism – worldwide – throughout the last two years, including the cruise ship industry – which brings revenue of around $4 billion to the Canadian economy, as well as generating jobs for thousands of people.

Cruise Ships Set To Return To Canadian Waters Next Month

Island Princess Cruise Ship in Vancouver, Canada

And, with the country’s cruise ship season – which usually runs from April to November – due to begin in just a few weeks, cruise ship companies will be pleased to hear the news that they can now safely welcome back passengers as they look to restart their services.

Just last month (February), Holland America announced that they will be expanding their cruise ship service next year – which will see six ships sailing to Alaska from April, 2023.

Holland America Line Cruise Ship

The President of the Holland America Line – Gus Antorcha – described the announcement of the new health plan as a “positive step for everyone who loves to travel to these regions and for all of the businesses in Canada that we support through tourism.”

Canada is set to welcome the Caribbean Princess to its port in Victoria, British Columbia on 6 April – which will be the first cruise liner to set sail to the country since 2019.

Carnival Cruise Line Ship

Just last month (February) the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the U.S. removed its level 4 ‘do not travel’ advisory to ‘avoid all cruises’.

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Thursday 10th of March 2022

I hope Canada destroys its tourism business, they are after all eastern Marxists, good riddens, the us will pass laws to bypass Canada fir Alaska sailings.

Maga patriots vs lefty traitors

Tuesday 8th of March 2022

No logical reason to not allow people who got immunity through catching covid. Even gates and faucci (gods of vaxfans) admitted it. It means government are punishing their people for no valid reason, other than them not obeying.

As logically natural immunity people are as safe (if not more) as vaxed.


Wednesday 9th of March 2022

@Maga patriots vs lefty traitors, it is not for any valid reason. Canadians are being punished for daring to question the establishment and protesting the measures.


Tuesday 8th of March 2022

@Maga patriots vs lefty traitors,

Because this has nothing to do with immunity against Covid. They want you to get on-board with the upcoming digital ID system, and this vaccine pass is the only efficient way they know to force you into getting onboard.

Stephen White

Tuesday 8th of March 2022

Not really sure why this is being seen as such a burden. I'm triple vaccinated and have about 20 home kits, not worried at all. Our cruise to Canada is still 6 months away and a lot could change in the interim.


Tuesday 8th of March 2022

Canada has now cut off families with unvaccinated children and passengers who have a medical exemption from vaccination from ever cruising to their country. On the Western side of the continent, it damages the economy of Alaska (again).

Ultimately this Canadian ruling trickles down with their ban on the above cruise passenger demographics, which in turn hurts cruise line profits, possibly causing cruise fares to further rise then passed on to those who are allowed to cruise.

Congress temporarily ruled that cruise ships going to/from Alaska could bypass Canada in summer 2021 due to the financial devastation to Alaska of Canada's ban. Now here we go again.

Suggestion to U.S. Congress: AMEND the PSVA of 1886 (permanently) to ALLOW cruise lines the option to bypass Canadian ports in the future as deemed necessary. Canada may flip-flop now and forever with continual overreach due to viral endemics.

carson willis

Tuesday 8th of March 2022

Nothing says effective vaccine like requiring testing for said virus.