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Canadians Rebooking Flights To Sunny Destinations Through U.S. Airlines

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Some Canadians have decided they're still going to travel south to sunny destinations and have re-booked their flights with U.S. airlines. 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced yesterday that flights from Canada to sunny vacations destinations would be suspended effective Sunday, January 31st. The announcement was made in cooperation with the four major airlines in Canada that fly internationally. 

However there were no suspensions announced on flights to and from the United States. Therefore the ban does not stop Canadians from flying to the U.S. and then on sunny destinations such as Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Air Canada Plane

United States airlines including American and United both have flights from Canada to all of the sunny destinations that Canadian airlines can no longer fly to. This has lead to Canadians booking their trips directly with U.S. airlines for flights with one stopover in the United States. 

Samuel from Calgary Alberta, (who did not want his last name mentioned), told Travel Off Path that he would still be flying to Cancun in February. “My flight with WestJet was cancelled so I just booked with United,” he explained.

“I have a stop over in Denver and then fly to Cancun. I am building my retirement home there so I need to go and check on it.”

While Canadians will still be able to fly with U.S. airlines to sunny destinations, they wont be able to bypass the hotel quarantine when they return home.  

Hotel Quarantine For Canadians Returning From Abroad

In his press conference, Justin Trudeau also outlined plans for a mandatory hotel quarantine for all Canadian travelers returning from International travel. Travelers will be required to stay in a supervised hotel quarantine until negative results from a Covid-19 PCR test come back. The hotel quarantine is expected to last 3 days if a traveler tests negative and could cost up to $2000.

The hotel quarantine is to be implemented “as soon as possible in the coming weeks” according to the Canadian Prime Minister.

Justin Turdeau Speach

For most Canadians, the extra stopover in the United States and the high cost of hotel quarantine will be enough to keep them at home. The United States also requires proof of a negative Covid-19 test to enter the country so Canadians would also need a negative Covid-19 test when departing. Those that are set on taking their vacations and have the means to do so will still be able to visit sunny destinations through U.S. airlines. 

U.S. Airlines Could Benefit From Canada's Ban On Sunny Destinations

For Canadian airlines, the international ban on sunny destinations is another blow to an already financially difficult time due to the pandemic. Canadians traveling for more essential reasons such as business and reuniting with family, or those choosing to still vacation in the suspended destinations will have no choice but to book through U.S. airlines.

United Airlines Partners with CDC to Launch Contact Tracing for International and Domestic Flights

Sunny Destinations Canadian Airlines Are Suspended From Flying

All four Canadian airlines have cancelled all flights to destinations that are considered ‘sunny vacation destinations'. Canadian airlines are no longer permitted to fly to the following destinations between January 31st through at least April 30th.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Cancun, Mexico
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Liberia, Costa Rica
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Kingston, Jamaica
Montego Bay, Jamaica
Veradero, Cuba
Saint Lucia
Saint Marten
Nassau, Bahamas
Mazatlan, Mexico

Flight over cancun

Aeromexico Suspends All Flights To Canada

While U.S. airlines are still flying in and out of Canada, Mexico's national airline Aeromexico has suspended all flights starting the second week of February. 

Vancouver: Suspended February 10 – April 30

Montreal: Suspended February 10 – April 30

Toronto: Suspended February 8 – April 30

Aeromexico flight

When this was first announced, many Canadians did not realize that ‘sunny destinations' does not include the United States. While flights were suspended to many vacation destinations, they were not suspended to Covid-19 hotspots such as Florida.  

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Fay Niederhoffer

Tuesday 2nd of February 2021

I read all these comments and it make me realize how sad and desperate, so many people are. Listen to the public health advice given out.Be patient, if we just wait a little longer, we can travel,hug and have grand celebrations.The world is not safe right now.We want to travel , but is it a need.I agree with the government about restrictions only it should be ALL travel unless under certain circumstances. Unfortunately most people don't get it until it hits their pocket.Let us keep safe and preserve life.


Monday 1st of February 2021

I not sure but I think the virus got here by travel correct me if I'm wrong.


Monday 1st of February 2021

This post sure brought out the mindless bots who believe everything CBC tells them.


Monday 1st of February 2021

I am an old lady 77 years old I can’t pay 2000dollars and stay 3 days at an hotel waiting the result of my test it is too much I have no money I can’t afford it please try to help us and reduce the fees I have a permanent resident which will expire on the 29th of April I ask the prime minister to understand the situation of ol people who has no enough money to pay . I hope that the government can do something to help.Thanks


Monday 1st of February 2021

If only 1% of COVID is from airline travel why are they making vacations a political seems no reporter ever asks the science question.