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Cancun Looks To Remove Masks In Open Air Spaces By April

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As Covid cases dwindle across Mexico, officials in the state of Quintana Roo are looking to lift the mask requirement in Cancun by April, in a move that would further ascertain the city's return to pre-pandemic normality. Currently, tourists are required to wear face coverings in public spaces and observe a number of other guidelines while traveling.

Even though there is still a mask mandate in place in many Mexican cities along the Riviera Maya and the wider Mexican Caribbean, Mexico is in fact one of the least-restrictive countries for Americans to visit right now. Recently, the North American giant went as far as abolishing the Covid-era Vuela Seguro form, making vacations even less bureaucratic.

Cheerful Female Tourist Embracing The Sunset In Cancun Beach, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico

And, with the lifting of the mask mandate pending, tourists will be able to enjoy an even freer Cancun:

Cancun Close To Taking Yet Another Huge Step Towards Post-Covid Normality

One of the most popular beach destinations in Mexico, Quintana Roo has just announced plans to end the mandatory usage of masks across the whole state, including in tourist zones comprising Cancun, Tulum and Chetumal. As reported by Riviera Maya News, the requirement could be eliminated as soon as mid-April.

Male Tourist Drinking Coconut Water In Cancun Mexico

According to State Governor Carlos Joaquín Gonzales, Quintana Roo is preparing to ease more restrictions following the region's success in maintaining its ‘green' status, especially after months of battling a Omicron-led surge.

In Mexico's traffic light system, green represents the most favorable epidemiological scenario, while orange and red indicate the need for stricter curbs on social life. This has notoriously not been the case in Cancun for a few weeks now.

Aerial View Of Cancun Beach, Cancun, Mexico

As noted by Gonzales, the low infection rates recorded statewide and the sharp decrease in hospitalizations all point towards a relaxation of the mask mandate by mid-April, provided there are no further Omicron spikes. The news will be particularly welcomed by some American tourists, who have been dreaming of a Cancun getaway for months.

Even though the pandemic has improved in the Mexican Caribbean, Gonzales remarks ‘it is important not to let our guard down‘, considering Mexico's reopening and the resumption of face-to-face classes, factors that have been known to stir up cases before.

Man Working With Laptop At The Beach In The Riviera Maya, Mexico

Although masks may be going soon, the Governor stressed that ‘it will be important to follow health measures‘. Infection rates still remain an important marker for pandemic regulations, though Gonzales confirmed the decision on easing rules will not be based exclusively on the number of Covid cases.

Instead, authorities have been observing viral rebound patterns alongside the decreasing infections. When coupled, these data indicate whether restrictions can be lifted or not. In Mexico as a whole and in most of the Caribbean, Omicron seems to have reached its peak.

Beach In The Mexican Caribbean, Possibly Cancun

As reported by Reuters, Covid infections are falling dramatically in Mexico, with an average 5,466 new infections being recorded each day, or only 13% of the peak. As a result, just this week the United States downgraded Mexico's health and safety risks, after classing it as a ‘Level 4' destination throughout most of winter.

Now, although Covid infections are still higher than average, the sunny country enjoys a ‘Level 3' status, meaning Americans should only ‘reconsider travel‘ as opposed to avoiding visiting Mexico altogether.

Masked Man Takes Selfie With A Mayan Pyramid In The Background In Mexico

In other parts of Mexico, and especially in the state of Nuevo León, masks in open spaces have again been optional as of March 13, although they remain an official requirement in indoor environments, including schools and public transportation.

So far, we still do not know the extent to which mask usage will be relaxed in Cancun and the wider Quintana Roo state specifically, though it is possible that outdoor mask usage will cease being enforced as long as infection trends remain under control.

Aerial View Of Cancun, Mexico At Night

Mexico Is Ready To Welcome Back Americans With Some Major Improvements

With spring break vacationers out in full force, Mexico is not shying away from its hard-earned reputation as a restriction-free haven. The Mexican Government is in fact committed to ending the long waiting lines at Cancun Airport, which have infamously led to bottlenecks at the borders, while security in the city itself has tightened following crime reports.

Additionally, U.S. citizens are due to benefit from several newly-announced flight routes into Mexico, particularly through Frontier Airlines, making beach breaks in the Riviera Maya even more accessible.

Plane Landing In Cancun Airport In Mexico With Signboard

Should the remaining regulations be lifted, including masks, Cancun could further boost its chances of becoming one of the most visited destinations in 2022, having already smashed pandemic-era records last year. And it is no secret this Caribbean leader is sparing no effort to achieve that goal.

When visiting Cancun or any other city in Quintana Roo, Americans are advised to follow existing health protocols and official U.S. guidance. Despite not being an official requirement, we would also like to recommend all our readers to purchase travel insurance covering Covid in order to minimize disruption risks, including testing positive while on vacation.

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