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Countries Where Travelers Can Get the Covid-19 Vaccine

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Billions of people are now waiting to receive the Covid-19 vaccine and for those that want to speed up the process, vaccine tourism just might be the ticket. A handful of countries have announced plans or programs that will offer travelers the Covid-19 vaccine without having to be a citizen. Whether its to protect their population, promote tourism or kickstart their economies, this list is bound to grow quickly as vaccine tourism becomes the next big travel trend of 2021.

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Countries around the world have started to drop travel restrictions for tourists that have been vaccinated. This is increasing the demand as eager travelers who are facing delays in getting the vaccine in their own country are looking to obtain it abroad.

Travel Off Path will keep this list updated daily with any new announcements the moment they happen so make sure to bookmark this page and check back often!

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Vaccine Tourism: Countries Offering The Covid-19 Vaccine To Travelers


Vaccines are available to the public in Armenia at this time. Vaccines are available and free of charge for non-Armenian citizens. Interested individuals can schedule an appointment over the phone to receive vaccines at local polyclinics.


The Government of Barbados has announced that they intend to offer Covid-19 vaccinations to visitors to beginning in May. The island now leads the way for vaccinations in the Caribbean.

“To ensure widespread protection, Government has signaled its intent to obtain more doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for persons on island, whether they are citizens or not, by the end of April or early May 2021,” the official tourism authority of Barbados told Travel Off Path in an email.

This means that visitors of all ages to Barbados could have access to a Covid-19 vaccine as soon as May.

Beach in Barbados

While further details have not been released at this time, travelers that may receive preference could be those already in Barbados on programs such as the 1 year Barbados Welcome Stamp. Other travelers given priority could include long stay tourists and snowbirds.

Read More Details On Barbados Offering Travelers The Covid-19 Vaccine


Cuba has offered to vaccinate all tourists against Covid-19 that visit the island after it completes its phase 3 trials. 

The phase 3 trials of Cuba’s Sovereign 02 Covid-19 vaccine will begin in March and are being carried out by the Finlay Institute. The World Health Organization (WHO) is monitoring the vaccine development. 

havana cuba

Vicente Vérez insisted that the offer to vaccinate tourists is in the interests of global health rather than being purely financially motivated. 

“We are not a multinational where the financial purpose is the number one reason, our goal is to create more health,” he said. According to the state news agency, the Finlay Institute is in the process of manufacturing 100 million doses which will satisfy both the needs of the country and countries who are interested in purchasing the vaccine. 

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Cuba has yet to announce a formal date on when tourists can start receiving the vaccine. Expect summer at the earliest as phase three trials are still be conducted for their Sovereign 02 Covid-19 vaccine.

Read More Details On Cuba Offering Travelers The Covid-19 Vaccine

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As vaccine tourism kicks off, Dubai has launched an appeal for digital nomads to live and work in the popular emirate, with the added perk of receiving a COVID-19 vaccination.

Dubai initially launched its virtual work program in October to invite foreign professionals to move to Dubai and continue their work remotely for one year.


“You’re offered a great quality of life and a range of attractions – with world-class safety and hygiene measures. You will also have access to convenient facilities and resources to help you further your career or grow your business. {…} so why stay at home when you can work from Dubai? You can come to Dubai on a tourism visa, get acquainted with the city and once you’re ready, you can apply to transfer to the one-year program” says the Visit Dubai website. 

In January, the government announced that all UAE citizens and residents are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccination program. Hence, the remote work program is now using this opportunity as grounds to attract travelers, as mentioned on the program’s application page:

“All UAE citizens and residents are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccination in line with the government’s roll out program.”

Learn more about Dubai Offering travelers the Covid-19 vaccine


Mauritius is the only country in the world which is offering long-term visitor visas free of charge and will include a free Covid-19 vaccine.

Travelers can apply for the ‘Premium Visa' which will allow visitors to stay for up to one year and has very easy entry requirements to obtain.

Mauritius is using the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covishield vaccine manufactured by the Serum Institute of India.

To qualify for the visa:

  1. Applicant should not enter the Mauritius labor market
  2. The main place of business and/or source of income and profits should be outside Mauritius
  3. Documentary evidence to support application such as purpose of visit, accommodation etc. 
  4. Other basic immigration requirements.

Learn More and Apply For The Premium Visa.


United States

Some states are now vaccinating travelers regardless of residency that are already in the U.S. and may not have the option to return home at this time.

Will and Mona Presley from Ontario, Canada have already had their first shot in Arizona and are scheduled for their second dose according to CBC News.

“There is no restriction on citizenship or residency down here. We were treated like anybody else as far as residency,” Will Presley told a CBC morning radio show.

Travel Off Path does not recommend traveling to the U.S. to receive a vaccine.

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Covid-19 Vaccine Tourism Will Trend In 2021

With less that 1% of the world being vaccinated for Covid-19, many people are going to be looking elsewhere to get their vaccine if their own country is facing long delays. For some travelers who are already out there on the road, they are watching and waiting for a country that makes it easy to get the vaccine and receive a valid proof of vaccination record. Let's face it, most countries are going to require it if travelers want to avoid quarantines and testing.

With the United States approving the Johnson and Johnson one shot vaccine, it will be easier than ever if the United States starts offering it up for non citizens. Hundreds of Canadians took advantage of vaccinations in Florida before the state decided to limit it for residents only. For the Canadians that did receive it, they definitely got lucky as Canada has had one of the worst vaccine roll-outs in the developed world.

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For now we will wait and see which country makes it the easiest for travelers to get the vaccine. As time passes and countries look to get one up on each other, it will become easier to get the Covid-19 vaccine as a traveler. Once a country has successfully vaccinated their population, a great way to promote tourism would be to give out free Covid-19 vaccinations for those who want it.

It only takes one country to make the best offer before others start to follow. Remember when Serbia decided to not enact any travel restrictions at the beginning of the pandemic? It put the relatively unknown country on the map with travelers. Serbia was the talk of the travel world for a while when Covid-19 first hit brining in thousands of tourists and millions of dollars.

While the countries above have made solid plans and it's a great start, this is just the very beginning of vaccine tourism.

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Sunday 16th of May 2021

Love all the lists you guys put up on this site. It'd be really great if you could update this list with the types of vaccines on offer in these locations. Some are offering Chinese vaccines (which I'm uncomfortable with due to the lack of verifiable information on them) and AstraZeneca which has evidence of major side effects. As a non-American, international instructor who is currently based as a non resident in Eastern Europe, I am looking for either the Pfizer or Moderna shots in the region.


Tuesday 23rd of March 2021



Wednesday 10th of March 2021

Unfortunately Cuba is not really offering any vaccination. It was not the government which announced that, but a doctor at the Venezuelan television


Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

So what will happen to people like me who dont want to get vaccinated? Are we going to live with restrictions forever or it will be just temporary until there is herd immunity?


Wednesday 3rd of March 2021

@Mark, you will probably have to live with restrictions forver, even with herd immunity established; herd immunity prevents wide spread of the disease, not individual infections, so you are going to be a danger to at least some people.


Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

Thank you very much Trevor for this article and especially for the future updates in this article as more possibilities will be available for vaccine tourism. Unfortunately many governments screwed up in the vaccine contracts and Canada is not the only one, but is indeed the most shameful as it is a G7 country. The country contracted more vaccines per capita then anyone on the planet, but the deliveries were not thought through. I am extremely open to the idea of traveling to get vaccinated and find a vaccine for someone I care about who lives in a country in which her turn will not come before 2022 probably. You are really my number 1 and the only resource for travelling since last summer and I now I will use it for something that we never thought would exist, vaccine tourism. Keep on the great job!


Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

@Trevor Kucheran, it was speculated back in November it would be a trend in 2021. (link)

Trevor Kucheran

Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

Hi Oleksii, I really appreciate the feedback and we do our absolute best to bring you the most accurate daily travel news. I didn't see vaccine tourism coming to be honest but I know this is definitely just the beginning...