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Top 5 Cruise Secrets The Cruise Lines Don’t Want You To Know!

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Cruising can  be one of the most expensive or one of the most affordable vacations. It all depends on how much you know! Over our last couple cruises, we have learned some CRUISE SECRETS that are going to blow your mind and save you money! These are secrets that the cruise lines don't want you to know so make sure to try them out before cruise lines get wind of this article. 

Top 5 Cruise Secrets The Cruise Lines Don't Want You To Know

1. The Water Jug Secret

cruise secret water jug

Have you looked at the price of bottled water on board a cruise ship? It's OUTRAGEOUS! It doesn't matter how much money you make, getting ripped off on water never feels good. On our last cruise we discovered a cruise secret to make all your thirst troubles melt away. This was tested and worked on Celebrity Cruises. We asked our room attendant to put a fresh jug of ice water in our room each time she cleaned it. That meant twice a day we were treated to pitcher of ice water in our room absolutely FREE! We even scored a few lemons from the buffet to make it that much better. A 1.5 Lt bottle can cost between $4-$6 EACH! Cruise lines aren't in the habit of saying no but if they do start after reading this article, go to number 2 on this list to solve the problem! 

2. The Ice Bucket Secret

cruise secret ice bucket

One of the first things we ask our stateroom attendant is to keep our ice bucket full for the duration of our cruise! That way its refreshed around 10:00 am and 7:00 pm. That will save you the time of ordering ice and waiting for it when you need it most! This is also a great back up plan to have ice cold water available all day long as the ice melts.  

3. The Free Perks Secret

cruise secrets free perks

Before you ask yourself if you're going to buy a drink or internet package, the question you should be asking is “Which cruise lines are offering these perks for free?” Cruising is getting more and more competitive as new ships are being added and new cruise lines are starting up. This is great for consumers as cruise lines are vying to win your loyalty! Brands like Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Norwegian are now offering perks like free drink packages, free internet, on board spending and tips included in the cruise fares. Taking the time to research which ships and routes are offering these free perks could save you thousands! 

4. The Cruise Fare Secret

Cruise secret deals

Here are four major cruise secrets to getting an amazing deal! 

  • Make sure to look out for what are called repositioning cruises. These cruises usually offer cruise fares at half or even one third of the price! 
  • Once you have booked your cruise, keep watching the pricing! If the price drops after you book, cruise lines will adjust your fare to the lower price. They don't do this automatically so keep an eye on the price and call your cruise provider immediately if you see a lower price offered. 
  • We have compiled a list of the Cheapest Cruises in the world updated monthly 
  • Use a Cruise Comparison Website like Cruise Sheet to get the lowest price! 

5. BYOB Cruise Secret

Cruise secrets byob

Many first time cruises are unaware many cruise lines will allow passengers to bring on 2 bottles of wine per stateroom. This only applies to wine and can not be substituted for beer or hard liquor. If you are wine drinker, bring your own wine and sip chardonnay from your balcony knowing you saved some cash! If two bottles aren't enough keep an eye open for the free beverage package perk. 

In addition to the two bottles of wine most cruise lines will allow a “reasonable amount” of non alcoholic beverages. We recently tested this on Celebrity Cruises and brought on 24 cans of Cola. We weren't questioned regarding the Cola and it was delivered to our stateroom. If you have a favorite soda, bottled water or non alcoholic beverage you want to bring on board, make sure to check with your cruise line on any limits they may have. 

These top 5 cruise secrets will save you time and money! Have any cruise tips we missed? Comment below!

Happy Travels.