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Direct Flights from Kelowna – The Complete List of Destinations

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Living in Kelowna and being a full-time travel blogger, I’ve needed to research and memorize all of the direct flights that come in and out of YLW. I have to admit – Kelowna airport isn’t an international hub by any means – but it still has some good direct flights that lead into major gateways to the world.

My hopes are that the more people start flying out of YLW, the more direct flights we can add to this list!

Here's a detailed list of all the direct flights from YLW airport in Kelowna, BC:

Kelowna airport ylw

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Domestic Direct Flights from Kelowna

YLW currently flies direct to 5 provinces in Canada

British Columbia


Frequency: Daily
Airlines: Air Canada and WestJet
Roundtrip Prices: Average $265-$350


Frequency: Daily
Airlines: WestJet and Pacific Coastal 
Roundtrip Prices: Average $232-$330

Prince George

Frequency: Daily
Airlines: Central Mountain Air
Roundtrip Prices: Average $500


Frequency: Sunday to Thursday
Airlines: Pacific Coastal Air
Roundtrip Prices: Average $350. Seen as low as $270

kelowna to vancouver direct flights daily



Frequency: Daily
Airlines: Air Canada and WestJet and Flair 
Roundtrip Prices: Average $210-$300. Seen as low as $120 on Flair.


Frequency: Daily
Airlines: WestJet, Air Canada
Roundtrip Prices: Average $330

edmonton to kelowna direct



Frequency: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. May to October.
Airlines: Swoop
Roundtrip Prices: Average $200. Seen as low as $169



Frequency: Daily
Airlines: WestJet and Air Canada
Roundtrip Prices: Average $700. Seen as low as $520



Frequency: Thursdays and Sundays
Airlines: Air North

direct flights from kelowna to whitehorse yukon

The best airports you can get to from Kelowna on a direct flight are: Vancouver and Calgary.
From either of these two airports (but especially with Vancouver) you can easily get to any corner of the world with just one additional direct flight.

Here are some examples:

Direct International Flights from Calgary (YYC):
Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Mexico City, Tokyo, Chicago, Denver, Orlando.

Direct International Flights from Vancouver (YVR):
Hong Kong, Sydney, Paris, Delhi, Reykjavik, Honolulu, New York, Los Angeles.

Most travellers, like myself, will use Kelowna’s airport just as a stepping stone to get to either Calgary or Vancouver to have better access to worldwide flights. Both flights are just under an hour, making them very fast and accessible gateways.

calgary and vancouver airport good for kelowna travelers

International Direct Flights from Kelowna

With the exception of Seattle (which is daily/year-round) the International direct flights leaving from Kelowna are on seasonal schedules. Usually from October to April you will see many flights taking chilly snow-birds from Kelowna and flying them down to warmer areas of the States and Mexico. However, the newest USA direct route with Swoop offers flights to Las Vegas during summer months instead of winter.

United States

When I first moved to Kelowna 5 years ago, there were direct flights to San Francisco and Los Angeles. Gone are the days when you fly direct into California, but there are still 3 direct USA flights available leaving from Kelowna.

fly on swoop to get to las vegas from kelowna direct


Frequency: Daily
Airlines: Alaska Airlines
Roundtrip Prices: Average $425. Seen as low as $360

Las Vegas

Frequency: Sundays and Thursdays. June to November.
Airlines: Swoop
Roundtrip Prices: Average $200


Frequency: Mondays and Fridays. November to April.
Airlines: WestJet
Roundtrip Prices: Average $500


Thank goodness Kelowna flies direct to Mexico. I can’t tell you how many times I have taken advantage of these flights down south. The flights are nicely spread out to the 3 most popular vacation regions in the country


Los Cabos

Frequency: Saturdays. November to April. 
Airlines: WestJet and Sunwing
Roundtrip Prices: Average $800

Puerto Vallarta

Frequency: Thursdays. November to April.
Airlines: WestJet
Roundtrip Prices: Average $900. Seen as low as $660


Frequency: Fridays and Sundays. November to April.
Airlines: WestJet and Sunwing
Roundtrip Prices: Average $900. Seen as low as $669


fly direct kelowna to varadero cuba on sunwing


Frequency: Thursdays. November to April.
Airlines: Sunwing
Roundtrip Prices: Average $800.

Which airlines fly direct from Kelowna Airport?

westjet has the most direct flights from Kelowna YLW

WestJet takes the cake with the most direct flights out of Kelowna’s airport. Including international and domestic flights, Westjet offers 9 direct routes from YLW, making them the best airline in the city.
Coming in 2nd place is Air Canada with 4 direct routes flying from Kelowna.

After the West Jet and Air Canada, there are 7 other airlines that offer between 1-3 direct flight routes from YLW. They are: Alaska Airlines, Swoop Airlines, Sunwing Airlines, Flair Airlines, Air North, Central Mountain Air, and Pacific Coast Airlines.

Jetlines, a brand-new airline that is rumored to be Canada’s first and only true low-cost airline, is also looking to offer direct flights from the Kelowna airport

New Routes for Kelowna’s YLW Airport

Earlier this year the director at YLW airport said he is hoping to add more USA direct routes from Kelowna’s airport. His plans are to resume the Kelowna-Los Angeles route, add a Minneapolis route, and to increase the Las Vegas and Phoenix routes.
I am all for the LAX route returning! I believe that would be a huge deal for YLW!

No matter if you are using this list to fly INTO Kelowna, or from Kelowna to a new destination – happy travels!

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