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European Nations Place Restrictions On British Travelers

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As far as restrictions are concerned for British travelers, it feels like it is one step forwards and two steps back at present. Just as the British government announced that several more destinations were to be placed on the quarantine-free green list, British travelers themselves have been handed a number of new restrictions by various EU member states, as calls for British travelers to be placed into quarantine echo around the bloc. Here’s a look at which countries have announced new restrictions.

Several European Nations Place Restrictions On British Travelers

Restrictions On British Travelers – Why Now?

The calls for renewed restrictions on British travelers originally came from the chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel. Merkel’s argument centres around the notion that British travelers pose a threat due to the rise of the Covid-19 Delta variant, which has spread across the UK rapidly and is beginning to get a foothold in Europe, and so she believes any British travelers entering the EU should be placed into quarantine.

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Despite originally failing to garner much support at a summit last week, she has recently been joined by the French President, Emmanuel Macron, who also believe such restrictions to be placed on British travelers. Whilst some countries have rebuffed their attempts to influence their policies, others have sided with the two world leaders and have begun implementing their own restrictions already.

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British Travel Restrictions – What Travelers Should Know

Several EU member states have already implemented new policies aimed at British travelers, whilst others are expected to join them in the coming days.

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One of those countries is Malta. At present, in order to enter Malta, British travelers aged 5 or above must simply show evidence of a negative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test, dated within 72 hours before arrival. However, from June 30th the requirements change, and British travelers will instead need to present proof of full vaccination. The NHS’ Covid Letter is the only document that will be accepted as proof of vaccination, until July 1st when travelers can begin using the EU Digital Covid Certificate.

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Portugal is another country that has bowed to the pressure and have implemented restrictions on British travelers. Travelers visiting Portugal from the UK must show proof of being fully vaccinated, or they will be forced to quarantine for a period of 14 days upon their arrival into the country. The second dose of the vaccine will need to have been administered at least 14 days before travel, and travelers will also need to show proof of a negative PCR test in order to be able to enter.

Whilst not quite as severe as Portugal and Malta, Spain have also introduced some new restrictions that will affect British travelers. From July 2nd, Spain will treat the UK as a risk country, which means passengers heading there from the UK will need to show proof of full vaccination with an E.U. or WHO-approved vaccine or a Covid-19 test within 48 hours of arrival, whereas at present British travelers do not have to take a test in order to visit.

Whilst other countries have resisted the calls thus far to implement restrictions on British travelers, the EU’s coronavirus this meeting presents new opportunities for those backing the policy to put their argument across, and so further restrictions could be announced in the coming days.

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Stephen White

Wednesday 30th of June 2021

My wife and I are US citizens and fully vaccinated. We had hoped to visit Italy in August to take a cruise. Unfortunately, that looks to be in serious jeopardy, because our flight to Italy has a short layover in the UK, so Italy considers us to be "coming from the UK" and thus subject to a mandatory 5-day isolation period. We can't afford to do this from a vacation standpoint (we both work full time) nor from an economic one (can't afford to pay for a 5-day quarantine at a hotel or whatever). It's stupid and ridiculous. Alas, our flights were a bargain and trying to re-route us would be economically catastrophic so we'll probably have to cancel.


Tuesday 29th of June 2021

Why are the British so pressured to take the vaccine? It’s creepy. It’s like the rest of Europe is using them as pawns and human guinea pigs, or they’re being punished for Brexit. These dumb travel restrictions are so annoying. We are heading into year 2 of authoritarianism.