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Guatemala Allows Vaccinated Travelers Restriction-Free Entry

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Guatemala has become the latest country to allow vaccinated tourists to enter without PCR testing or quarantines.

The list of nations that have updated entry requirements to recognize vaccinated travelers is still quite small, under 10 countries as of late February 2021, but is slowly starting to grow.

Guatemala Allows Vaccinated Travelers Restriction-Free Entry

Guatemala has updated their official government entry requirements to now allow tourists to enter restriction-free if they can present evidence that they have received 2 full doses.

The last dose must have been administered no less than 2 weeks prior to the date of travel.

guatemala tourism recovery

What about entry for un-vaccinated tourists?

For travelers who have not yet received the vaccine, or do not wish to take it, Guatemala has also updated some attractive options making entry less restrictive.

Un-vaccinated tourists have more options than ever, including:

  • Providing either a PCR or antigen test, taken no longer than 3-days before departing on the inbound flight.
  • Providing proof of recovery from the virus. The diagnosis must be within the past 3 months with a medical certificate from the health clinic where the traveler was treated, with confirmation of recovery.
  • Travelers under 10 are exempt from all testing, vaccine or proof of recovery requirements.
beaches are open in guatemala

Guatemala is the first Latin American country to recognize vaccinated tourists.

Other nations that have amended their entry requirements to incorporate vaccinated travelers include; Seychelles, Romania, Cyprus, Georgia, Iceland, Lebanon, Poland, and Slovenia. Greece, Israel, and Denmark have also declared their interest in making allowances in the near future for vaccinated tourists.

antigua guatemala

While Guatemala has been quick to pivot on its flexibility for entry requirements, it did take a while for the nation to reopen in 2020. Guatemala reopened its international airport for tourists on September 18th, 2020, while other Latin American nations had already been receiving tourists for several months, like Mexico for example which reopened in June.

The Temple of the Great Jaguar and the Great Plaza at Tikal in Guatemala

What’s it like visiting Guatemala during the pandemic?

Currently, as of Feb 2021, hotels and restaurants are open with capacity limits, public transportation is operational, and beaches are open.

The wearing of masks is required in all indoor and outdoor spaces.

Direct flights are available from New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, and Miami, as well as many Latin American countries.

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Monday 22nd of February 2021

It will be hard for Guatemala's economy to recover with a government that has done everything to destroy it. Now it is acting as if it can afford to require tourists to either vaccinate or go through a PCR test. The media has widely confirmed that being vaccinated will not mean a return to normal as it doesn't prevent contagion, and the PCR test results in an insane amount of false positive leaving tourists wondering if their travel plans will go through.

solo travel

Sunday 21st of February 2021

hi, i always read your blog and i trust you but i was wondering where is the official statement from Guatemalan govt re this? i just want to make sure they let me on the plane and i have an official announcement to refer to if i get into an argument LOL

solo travel

Monday 22nd of February 2021

@Kashlee Kucheran, thank you, yes I have verified with the airline that a proof of vaccination will be sufficient. thanks for all the latest news on travel, I wouldn't have even be made aware of this if it wasn't for your blog. more power to you! :)

Kashlee Kucheran

Monday 22nd of February 2021

Hi! Every traveler should be double-checking all info regarding travel during these times. We got the information from many official sources, including the US embassy in Guatemala, the UK embassy in Guatemala, and IATA (Which is what the airlines use) You can always contact the Guatemalan government yourself or your airline if you want to continue to check the information. Bon voyage! :)