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HIDDEN Jaw-Dropping Natural POOL at the Top of a 650 FT WATERFALL – VIDEO

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Tired of all the same travel photos on Instagram? So are we and that's why this new discovery definitely got our attention. If you want a holiday snap with HUGE wow factor then you might want to make your way to this incredible hidden pool.

It sits near the top of the jaw-dropping Königsbach Waterfall in Germany, which at over 650ft in height, is one of the country's highest.

The rugged and majestic nature that surrounds this naturally formed pool was captured by 25-year-old Bridget Thackwray.

Natural pool waterfall
Photo: @ExpeditionEarth.Live

The incredible drone footage recorded by the New Zealand traveling duo Expedition Earth was recorded on August 20th. The clip was filmed by Bridget's partner Topher Richwhite, and starts with the video zoomed in on Bridget relaxing in the natural rock basin. The height of the pool and the stunning surrounding scenery is unveiled as the drone backs away. 

VIDEO: Jaw-Dropping Natural POOL at the Königsbach Waterfall in Germany

The duo got wind of the secret basin from some locals that told them the hidden pool can be found above Konigssee lake in Bavaria.

Getting to the pool is not easy. There is no trail and will require hiking through bush with proper gear. Be sure to extensively research the route before you travel to the basin and use caution once arriving.  

Earlier this year a tourist had to be rescued by helicopter after falling partway down the waterfall and the route there is not an official one and therefore not maintained.

I have chosen to NOT to share the maps and instructions on how to get to the remote and hidden pool in this article. In an effort to help slow down mass tourism, I will leave this one for the adventurous traveler who will figure out how to get there.

Bridget from Expedition Earth is well known for appearing in rare and stunning videos from around the world. They duo has accumulated over 290,000 followers on Instagram

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