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Kenya Covid Entry Requirements For 2022

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Few trips have the effect on the soul that trips to Africa have, and few destinations on the continent have the same profound impact that Kenya does. From seeing majestic animals in their natural habitats on safari to catching a wave in Mombasa – and exploring all the cultural and culinary landscapes in between – there's plenty of reasons why so many travelers rate Kenya as the best destination in Africa. Here are all the latest 2022 COVID-19 entry requirements for Kenya all travelers need to know before booking their trip.

Entry Requirements For Countries Permitted to Visit Kenya For Tourism

COVID-19 Testing Entry Requirements

All travelers planning on visiting Kenya, regardless of their nationality, vaccination or residence status, must produce a negative PCR test result conducted within 72 hours before their travel to Kenya in order to be able to enter. Only children under 5 are exempt from this testing requirement. Test results must be uploaded to Global Haven

Quarantine Entry Requirements

There is no general requirement to quarantine upon arrival in Kenya. However, a random antigen test may be taken upon arrival into the country, and a positive result will lead to travelers being placed in a Ministry of Health designated facility for ten days at their own cost. 

Health Form

All travelers heading to Kenya will need to fill out a travel health surveillance form prior to their flight. This will provide travelers with a QR code needed to enter. After arriving, travelers are also expected to submit daily health information on the Jitenge Platform/application for 14 consecutive days. 

COVID-19 Travel Insurance Entry Requirements

Kenya does not have a mandatory travel insurance policy like some destinations around the world do. However, it is recommended that travelers always purchase a strong travel insurance policy prior to traveling to ensure that they are protected when abroad and to provide peace of mind. 

COVID-19 Health Requirements While in Kenya

There are several health requirements that travelers should be aware of. Travelers must wear masks in public places whilst in Kenya. Restaurants and eateries are open as usual, providing they comply with the country's public health protocols, and bars may open until 11PM. Many shops and restaurants are conducting mandatory temperature checks on patrons prior to entry. Public transport is able to operate at full capacity, and there are no curfews in place. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Entry Requirements

Travelers must be fully vaccinated in order to be able to enter Kenya. Only Covid-19 vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) are considered valid by public health officials in Kenya. In order to prove their vaccination status, travelers must upload their proof to Global Haven prior to boarding their flights to the country. 

Visa Entry Requirements For Kenya During COVID-19

All travelers are required to obtain an e-visa prior to boarding a flight to Kenya. The visa can be obtained here

Kenya Covid-19 Entry Requirements:

  • Travelers must obtain an e-visa
  • A PCR test must be taken no more than 72 hours before the trip 
  • Evidence of a negative test result and proof of vaccination must be uploaded to Global Haven prior to the flight 
  • Travelers who fail a random antigen test will be forced to quarantine; otherwise, travelers are free to enjoy their vacation in Kenya. 
White sand beaches of Malindi Kenya where the man was staying

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Wednesday 16th of February 2022

I've got to say Kenya screwed me big time. I've applied for a visa prior to arrival as instructed, paid for it, got it approved. Then, suddenly Kenya changed it's entry rules. From just PCR test to: - fully vaccinated - PCR test prior before departure - random swabs on arrival - face masks - jitenge tracking and reporting app for 14 days after arrival - health entry form prior to departure - upload all the documents (PCR test result + proof of vaccination) to a dodgy platform which is just waiting to get hacked and expose the data of all the travellers

For real, this is what happens just when you hear of Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, Czech Republic etc. getting rid of all or almost all the covid restrictions. I'm not sure if Kenya is such a wealthy country to afford imposing so many restrictions or they just don't care about tourists/business people at all.


Monday 7th of November 2022

@Kenyan, With all due respect, it doesn't look like prevention works even in China with all their massive lockdowns.


Tuesday 8th of March 2022

@Adam, Did I get you right...''I’m not sure if Kenya is such a wealthy country to afford imposing so many restrictions or they just don’t care about tourists/business people at all''If i did, then it means you need to do more homework when relating wealth of a country and health restrictions. I am a Kenyan and I am equally subjected to the same restrictions ....more so because, just incase and God forbid..if the Kenyan population is attacked massively by the virus there are no resources to save the people's lives ... including what rich countries term as basics. We believe by prevention is better than cure.


Tuesday 22nd of February 2022

@Adam, Hey so just to be clear (im supposed to go in march) coming from the US if im visiting Kenya I need to be fully vaccinated or i wont be able to enter?


Tuesday 15th of February 2022

I arrived yesterday to Madagascar If you want my enttry reauirments lete know. In reality its didderent them you find online


Monday 14th of February 2022

Do we expect these requirements to be the same for the whole of 2022? If case and death numbers drop to much lower figures will anything be relaxed in the next, say 9 months? Thanks