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Maldives: Covid-19 Entry Requirements For Tourists

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The Maldives saw a record number of tourists in 2019 and had plans to welcome over 2 million visitors in 2020. While of course, the pandemic put a damper on those plans, the Maldives has still had a successful tourism bounce back, all things being considered. 

On December 17, 2020, they welcomed the 500,000th visitor to enter the country since the start of 2020. 

Since the Maldives officially reopened for tourism on July 15, 2020, and the fact they've kept their entry requirements very easy and straightforward, travel to the islands is still very popular as of 2021.

Here are all the entry requirements for visiting the Maldives and everything else you need to know before you go.

Maldives covid rules

Countries Permitted To Visit Maldives

All nations.

Travelers from all countries are permitted to visit the Maldives under regular visa requirements. 

Travel Authorization To Visit Maldives

24 hours before flying into the Maldives, all passengers will need to complete the Traveler Health Declaration form.

COVID-19 Testing Entry Requirements for Maldives

PCR testing is required.

All passengers will need to bring proof of a negative PCR test, administered no more than 96 hours before departure on the first embarkation point. 

Transit Note: If the passenger is in transit for less than 24 hours, the test is valid. If the passenger is in transit for more than 24 hours, they will need a new test. 

Although the Maldives WAS making exemptions to testing for vaccinated passengers in Spring/Summer-2021, that has now been suspended due to Delta. Even if a passenger is fully vaccinated, they will still be required to provide a 96-hour test.

maldvies entry rules

Quarantine Entry Requirements 

When passengers fulfill the 96-hour PCR test requirement and show no symptoms on arrival, there are no mandatory quarantines. 

Reopened Hotels and Resorts in the Maldives

Most hotels and resorts have reopened with the government's seal of approval. Here is a full list of all types of accommodation on the islands, along with reopening dates.

COVID-19 Travel Insurance Entry Requirements 

All incoming travelers should have travel insurance the covers COVID-19 for the duration of their trip to the Maldives.

COVID-19 Health Requirements While in the Maldives

All visitors must follow COVID-19 health requirements while in the Maldives:

  • Airport transfers are only allowed through pick-ups by pre-booked Safe Tourism Hotels.
  • Wearing a mask is required in all enclosed spaces in public, but many resorts don’t require one in the pool areas, on the beach, and of course while dining.  
  • Social distancing of 1 metre is in effect. 
  • Arrivals could be randomly tested at the airport at the cost of the government.
  • The same health declaration form filled out to enter the Maldives must also be completed a second time to leave the country.

COVID-19 Vaccine Entry Requirements 

The Maldives has not announced any mandates on if a proof of vaccine record will be required for future entry. 

As of April 2021, they will make exceptions for fully vaccinated passengers to skip the 96-hour pCR testing requirement. Traveler will have to show proof that at least 14 days has passed since receiving the last shot.

Update July 23, 2021: All vaccinated passengers will now need the 72-hour PCR test to enter.

Visa Entry Requirements For Maldives 

The visa on arrival program in the Maldives is back up and running. 

When arriving in the Maldives, nations from all over the world are given a free tourist visa on arrival for 30 days. Citizens of Russia and India are granted up to 90 days. 

In order to qualify for the visa on arrival, all passengers must show proof of:

  • hotel or accommodation booking
  • 6 months remaining on passport
  • onward travel ticket

Maldives Covid-19 Entry Requirements:

  1. Perform a PCR test up to 96 hours before departing into the Maldives
  2. Fill out the Travelers Health Declaration form 24 hours before departure
  3. Follow all health protocols while in the Maldives

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Source: Maldives Ministry of Tourism

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Disclaimer: Current travel rules and restrictions can change without notice. The decision to travel is ultimately your responsibility. Contact your consulate and/or local authorities to confirm your nationality’s entry and/or any changes to travel requirements before traveling.  Travel Off Path does not endorse traveling against government advisories

Originally published December 29, 2020, with updates


Sunday 31st of January 2021

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