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Mexico Ends Warning System For Covid And Will Treat Virus As Endemic

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Once again leading the way among countries, Mexico has made the remarkable decision to officially treat Covid as endemic and end its famous color-coded warning system for Covid. Throughout the pandemic, the system had been used to categorize different Mexican states as either green, yellow or red based on pandemic trends.

The darker the color attributed to a certain destination, the more social restrictions were expected. Now, this system has been fully abolished.

Couple Of Tourists Looking At The Pyramid Of The Moon In Teotihuacan, Mexico

Covid Will Officially Become Endemic In Mexico On May 1

As of April 25, Mexico has ceased classifying the states in the Federation according to pandemic markers, signaling an end to all surviving pandemic mandates just over two years after the virus first emerged. Since that date, the country has stopped issuing new Covid advisories and ceased recommending health measures.

Busy Street In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

As announced by The Ministry of Health, reports on the epidemiological situation in individual states and their subsequent categorization will also be discontinued. Hugo Lopez-Gatell, the Undersecretary of Health, and one of the leading authorities in Covid management in Mexico, said himself ‘the current warning ends on May 1‘.

After that date, new reports will not follow, making issue number 13 (which accounts for the April 18-May 1 period) the final one. Additionally, once the advisories are removed in May, all 32 Mexican states will be given a ‘green' status, in accordance with the country's new approach to Covid management.

Beach In Mazatlan, Mexico

In other words, within Mexico, Covid is now a virus like all widely-disseminated others, including in popular tourist hotspots like the American-favorite Cancun and the wider Quintana Roo. Commenting on the decision, Lopez-Gatell was quoted saying Covid ‘is not going to go away' and that it is time to ‘move on from the pandemic state'.

In general, Mexico was never one to target travelers or impose draconian measures to tackle the virus, unlike many in Europe or Asia that only recently have started reopening for tourism. It maintained an open border, even during the darker months of Omicron, and has welcomed visitors irrespective of vaccination status from the beginning.

Young Female Traveler With Hat Looking At Tulum Ruins, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Country Claims Title Of Freest In The World Right Now

Although Mexico's more relaxed rules generally meant tourists were able to fly to Mexico without all the usual Covid bureaucracy, they were still expected to observe guidelines in place at their destination. Those normally included mask wearing indoors and social distancing in ‘red' states, while those in ‘green' enjoyed greater social freedoms.

Aerial View Of Playa Delfines In Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico, Caribbean

However, from May 1 onwards, strict Covid tracking and mandates will become a thing of the past. The Undersecretary also pinpointed that, while the now-defunct traffic light system served as guidance for Mexican states to establish their own health measures, those were never binding, including mask wearing.

He reasserted Mexico's unique position as a more liberal state in times of Covid by reminding the public that, even though masks have always been optional in a majority of destinations in Mexico, ‘at this time the use of face masks is no longer essential'. In summary, not only tourists are free to enjoy their time in sun mask-free, Covid levels are so low they are not even advised to wear them anymore.

Man With A Face Mask In His Hand At The Beach

Tourists are still reminded Mexican states have full autonomy regarding Covid measures, and others like Jalisco, where the summer hotspot of Puerto Vallarta is located, still impose a mandatory mask requirement. When traveling to Mexico, foreigners must continue checking up-to-date guidelines for their destination.

Mexico Is Open And The Safest It's Ever Been Since Covid

Templo De Santo Domingo Church And Cathedral In Oaxaca City Oaxaca, Mexico

On its last report, the lucky 13th, Mexico sees Covid out with a promising 15 per cent reduction in cases compared to the 12th issue. Within the 14-day period, 4.387 individuals reported Covid symptoms or only 0.08 percent of the total since the pandemic was declared. Just a month ago, Mexico also reached its safest health levels yet in over two years.

As defined by the World Health Organization, an endemic state can only be announced when a country has managed to suppress a virus and keep it at the lowest possible levels. High vaccination coverage in the adult population, and very few deaths and transmission are all equally relevant markers, and criteria Mexico seems to meet.

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Thursday 28th of April 2022

The elites have switched from pharma to the weapon’s industry. Once the war in Ukraine is over, we will have to deal with a new virus once again.


Friday 6th of May 2022

@Christian, lol or they'll manufacture some other bs or maybe an alien invasion. Even the overlords are shocked how fkn stupid the public truly is.


Thursday 28th of April 2022

Too bad Wolensky and Fauci don't realize that flu viruses ARE endemic. Always have been for eons -- always will be. So much for their medical "expertise". The elite who've invested into these test kits and vaccines/boosters don't want this to end because their cash cow will die a quick death.


Thursday 28th of April 2022

This is SUCH amazing news that I've been praying for!! Two Canadians in Mexico since Feb 1st and the mask mandates have been very challenging. We want to see the smiling faces of all the wonderful people of Mexico!!


Thursday 28th of April 2022

Any news or word on whether this will impact flights? Will they finally stop the masks and the ultra idiotic row by row deboarding which takes an hour to get off the plane?


Thursday 28th of April 2022

the irony. Americans seek the freedom of Mexico. Mexicans seek the freedom of America.