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Montserrat’s Digital Nomad Visa – Everything You Need To Know

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Montserrat is the latest Caribbean nation coaxing digital nomads to come and stay for a while with the launch of their new program the ‘Montserrat Remote Work Stamp’ starting Feb 2021

If you are familiar with the other types of remote work visas being offered in the Caribbean, Montserrat’s version is more or less the same, but does have some easier entry terms and conditions to comply with.

Upon approval, which apparently only takes 7 business days, travelers who can work remotely can fly to Montserrat and stay for up to 12 months, without paying any local income tax or other complicated residency paperwork.  

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One of the program's slogans reads “Escape the hustle and bustle of city life for the peace and tranquility of Montserrat.”

Montserrat is located in the Caribbean hanging out around Antigua and Barbuda and not far from the British Virgin Islands. With extremely low Covid cases (only 7 active cases as of writing this article), low crime, decent internet speeds, and tons of nature to enjoy, the island’s remote work visa certainly has appeal for those looking to take a break from lockdowns, bad weather, and politics.

Applications are now open for those who are location-independent in their line of work. Below we’ve outlined everything you need to know about the program and how it compares to others, especially in the Caribbean.

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Montserrat Remote Work Stamp Program

Price: $500

The application fee is $500 per applicant.

A family package is available for $750 that includes the main applicant and 3 additional dependants.

Length:  12 months

Once the approval is issued, the clock starts ticking. Since applications only take 7 business days to be approved, applicants should only apply if they are ready to go. After the 12 months is up, applications for extensions/renewals will be considered.

Income Needed: $70,000 USD annual income

No mention if additional income is needed for dependants. 

Proof of Foreign Business:

To be eligible for the program, the government of Montserrat needs to verify that you have a job at a company or own a company located outside of Montserrat. They also recognize freelance and online workers.

Applicants must submit proof of employment, proof of business ownership or incorporation, or proof of freelance contracts in order to qualify.

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Other Application Criteria:

  • Criminal record check
  • Proof of annual income (bank statements or tax return)
  • Proof of valid travel health insurance that also covers covid
  • Copy of passport
  • Passport sized photograph
  • A visa IF applying from a country that requires one (full list hereUSA, Canada, UK, etc do not need to complete this step.

How Montserrat’s Remote Work Stamp compares to others in the Caribbean

Montserrat’s program is one of the most affordable, with a reasonable income requirement. The island has been bouncing between Covid-free or ultra-low case numbers (7 active cases as of Feb 2021), which makes it a relaxing haven. However, Montserrat is definitely more isolated than some of the other Caribbean islands offering digital nomad visas, and that type of lifestyle could be a pro or a con depending on your expectations.  

While the low price of the program is enticing, the isolation could be a problem for some applicants. It’s not easy to get to Montserrat, especially with reduced flights due to the pandemic. Most travelers have to first fly into Antigua, as there is currently no direct connectivity to the U.S.

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Bermuda $263 to apply, income requirement vague, but you’ll need a lot on this island.

Barbados $2000 for single, $3000 for couple, $50k a year income requirement.

Anguilla $2000 for single, $3000 for couple, income requirement unknown.

Cayman Islands $1469 for single. Income requirement: $100,000/year single, $150,000 year couple

Antigua and Barbuda $1,500 for single, $2000 couple, $3000 family. Income requirement $50k a year.

Bahamas $1025 single, $2050 couple. Income requirement unknown.

All in all, Montserrat’s program is a great attempt for the nation to get involved with the digital nomad trend, but likely won’t attract remote workers en masse.

How To Apply

If you would love to live and work remotely from beautiful Montserrat, applications are now open HERE

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