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Multiple Airlines Announce New US-Europe Flight Routes for 2022

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American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia, Finnair, and Aer Lingus To Add Cooperative Routes

The Atlantic Joint Business venture have announced new flights for the 2022 summer season.

british airways plane

The launching which features flights across a host of different airlines all under the deal, will run from many destinations across Europe and the US.

The Atlantic Joint Business venture was an agreement put together back in 2010. Under the terms of the venture, the airlines involved would set up a network of flights that allowed customers to mix and match routes with ease. Popular routes would be arranged to compliment each other, allowing a relatively seamless experience when connecting flights.

As well as this, passengers can save considerable amounts of money on flights. The venture is the most competitive option for customers in the North Atlantic and, between the airlines involved, have the most transatlantic flights available on the market.

The venture was originally set up by American Airlines, British Airways, and Iberia. Finnair joined the agreement in 2013 before being followed by Level and Aer Lingus in 2017 and 2021 respectively.

The new flights span all of the airlines involved. Some have already launched this December, while some will be as late as the summer.

Here’s a breakdown of all the new flights and the carrier facilitating them.

American Airlines


American is only adding one new flight under the agreement. It’ll be running seven flights a week from Charlotte to Rome. These flights will begin on the 5th of April, and are scheduled to run through till October

British Airways

BA will be adding one brand new flight, and returning a previously paused service.

Its new route will be Heathrow to Portland. This will run five days a week, beginning June 3rd, 2022. Its returning route is Heathrow to Pittsburg, which will operate four times a week, also beginning on June 3rd.

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus is adding two new routes. Its new headquarters is Manchester, and both flights will be leaving from the British city.


The first is Manchester to JFK. This flight has already commenced, and is currently operating four times a week. This will increase to daily flights on the 2nd of May.

They’ll also be hitting the Disney market, and launched Manchester to Orlando on December 11th. These flights will also be moving to daily flights on May 2nd. Until then, four times a week.


Finnair will be adding two new routes for 2022. The first will be Helsinki to Dallas. This will run from February 6th until October, four times a week.

seattle skyline

Next is their new Helsinki to Seattle route, which won’t start until June. This flight will operate three times a week.


The low cost Spanish airline is only adding one new flight to the agreement. It will be starting a Barcelona to Los Angeles route at the end of March, 2022.



Iberia won’t be adding any new flights, but it will be significantly increasing many of its current trans-Atlantic routes.

madrid city

It’s biggest increase are its Madrid to Mexico flights, where it’s pumping up to 19 weekly flights to the country. These are obviously directed mainly at holidaying Spaniards who are trying to avoid the restriction heavy European spots.

iberian plane

It’ll also be upping all its flights from Madrid to New York, Miami, Chicago, San Juan, and Los Angeles.

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Saturday 18th of December 2021

Manchester is not the new hq of Aer Lingus as stated in the article . HQ remains at Dublin. Perhaps its the HQ of its UK registered subsidiary?