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Now That Unvaccinated Canadians Can Travel, Here’s Where They Can Go This Summer

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In recent days the Canadian government dropped proof of vaccination requirements for travel, allowing unvaccinated Canadians to freely travel domestically and internationally.

Unvaccinated Canadians can finally scratch their travel itch this summer and embark on long-awaited vacations.

For many unvaccinated Canadians, this news comes long overdue as Canada had some of the strictest Covid restrictions for over 2 years. No country was truly prepared to battle this pandemic, and millions of unvaccinated Canadians have had to put a pause on their travels for a very long time

In a post-covid world countries all over the world are loosening the once necessary Covid restrictions. Canada is one of those.

There are over 70 countries that unvaccinated Canadians can enter, but we’ve handpicked some of the easiest ones, including those that also have no testing requirements and direct flights from Canada.

Here is where Unvaccinated Canadians can now travel this summer, without any restrictions:

  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Costa Rica
  • Switzerland
  • Cuba
  • The U.K.
  • Jamaica
  • Germany
  • Dominican Republic
  • Sweden
  • Turkey
airplane flying over ocean
Other countries unvaccinated Canadians can enter with either no entry requirements, or very minimal entry requirements include:
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • El Salvador
  • Vietnam
  • Belgium
  • Austria
  • Czechia
  • Poland
  • Croatia
  • Albania
  • Montenegro
  • Serbia
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Slovenia
  • Bulgaria
  • Georgia
  • Armenia
  • Kosovo
  • Bosnia
  • North Macedonia
  • Jordan
  • Egypt
  • Oman
  • South Africa
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Israel
  • Cyprus
  • Kazakhstan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Kuwait
  • Congo
  • Benin
  • Spain (test required)
  • Portugal (test required)
  • France (test required)
  • Honduras (test required)
  • Belize (test required)
  • Guatemala (test required)
  • Colombia (test required)
  • Peru (test required)
  • Ecuador (test required)
  • Bolivia (test required)
  • New Zealand (test required)
canada plane
When returning to Canada.

Unvaccinated Canadians still need to follow Covid Regulations when returning to Canada.

While the Canadian government did relax restrictions for unvaccinated citizens, allowing them to freely travel domestically and internationally, they will need to adhere to various regulations.

Unvaccinated Canadians returning to Canada are required to show proof of a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of their scheduled flight. Canadians that are not vaccinated can also show proof of a negative rapid antigen test that was taken within 24 hours.

A rapid antigen test just like a PCR test needs to be administered or monitored by a pharmacy, medical lab, or health care provider. Telehealth services are also allowed.

Canadian Flag Flying Against Historical Heritage Building, Canada

Use ArriveCan

Before embarking on your journey to Canada, unvaccinated citizens need to submit their negative test results, as well as other relevant Covid documentation to the ArriveCan app within 72 hours before you arrive in the country. Using the app is mandatory for anyone arriving in Canada, regardless of the traveler's citizenship.

Test on Arrival

Once arrived in Canada, unvaccinated citizens will also be subject to a Covid test. Travelers will have the option to choose between a test at the airport or taking home a test kit to complete the test when they arrive at their place of residence.

Air Canada Boeing 787 Dreamliner flying high above the clouds.

Quarantine requirements for unvaccinated travelers

Unvaccinated Canadians and permanent residents who arrive in Canada are still required to quarantine for 14 days. On day 8 of the 14-day quarantine, travelers will need to submit another Covid test.

Be sure to submit your quarantine arrangements to the ArriveCan before departing for Canada. You are required to demonstrate to Canadian officials that you have an appropriate plan for your 14-day quarantine.

This includes a reliable place of accommodation for 14 days or potentially longer, having access to essential necessities such as food, water, etc., and can avoid contact with other people.

Montreal, PQ, Canada - November 15, 2015: Airline passengers waiting in line to pass through airport security at Pierre Eliott Trudeau airport

Masks on Canadian Flights

Even though the U.S. removed the mask mandate on all flights within the U.S.. flights and trains in Canada still require passengers to wear a face mask.

Random Covid Testing at Canadian Airports

The Canadian Government suspended its random Covid testing at all airports between June 11 and June 30. This change only affects random Covid testing though, unvaccinated travelers will continue to be tested on-site.

Masked Passengers Checking In For Flight At Toronto Pearson Airport, Canada

After June 30, all testing, including the arrival testing for unvaccinated Canadians will be held off-site.

This policy change comes after airports across Canada have been facing hour-long wait times that had travelers frustrated for weeks now.

With summer travel in full effect, more and more Canadians are ready to make up for the past 2 years of lock-downs. Now even unvaccinated Canadians can take to the skies once again.


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Sunday 26th of June 2022

Im quite sure New Zealand requires vaccination for entry as well. This got me excited, haha but when i looked into it, I'm reading its still required. Correct me though, if I'm wrong! Thx!


Saturday 25th of June 2022

I think Thailand is missing from the list. Testing is required (randomly checked) but there's no need to be vaccinated to enter Thailand.

Kashlee Kucheran

Sunday 26th of June 2022

The list is not exhaustive, we just mentioned some of our current recommendations


Saturday 25th of June 2022

@Laur, No they just made it mandatory a couple of days ago.