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Puerto Vallarta Tightens Restrictions With New Vaccine Requirements As Cases Surge

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Puerto Vallarta, the Mexican vacation hotspot known for its popular beaches, water sports, and nightlife is tightening their COVID-19 restrictions, as a result of the most recent surge that has rocked this coastal city.

From Monday January 3rd to January 10th, Puerto Vallarta saw an increase of 1300% of COVID-19 cases throughout the city. Health Authorities reported 879 cases of symptomatic COVID-19, which was up from the ONLY 60 cases they had a year earlier. Overall the popular tourist country of Mexico, has seen a sharp increase in cases, likely due to the new Omicron variant that has been sweeping across many parts of the world. This past Tuesday, Mexico recorded 33,626 new infections on a single day – which is obviously causing some concern across certain regions. This number is especially worrisome, considering only 58% of the Mexican population is fully vaccinated against the contagious virus.

As a direct result of these staggering statistics, the Mexican state of Jalisco – which contains Puerto Vallarta as well as the bustling inland city of Guadalajara, are rolling out new COVID-19 restrictions – hoping to decrease the amount of current and future infections.

New Rules in Puerto Vallarta

Beginning on January 14th, tourists and locals within the state of Jalisco, will be required to show proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test taken within 48 hours to enter establishments such as bars and clubs, as well as concerts and stadiums. This new mandate will only apply to people eighteen years and older.

Puerto Vallarta is one of the few Mexican cities that has also clamped down on large cruise ships and arriving passengers on their shores. The Jalisco Health Secretariat and the Board of Health released in a statement, that the disembarkment of passengers on cruise ships to Puerto Vallarta has NOT been denied, or WILL NOT be denied in the future — as long as passengers present proof of a negative COVID-19 test.

This differs from the most recent announcement from the Mexican Health Department which stated that Mexican ports will receive cruise ships WITH COVID-19 cases on board, ensuring no massive ships will be turned away in search of another landing. The Health Department went on to say that passengers or crew who show no symptoms will be allowed to come ashore, while those with symptoms or a positive test will be quarantined or given medical care.

What about the rest of Mexico?

 The Mexican state of Jalisco isn't the only Mexican region turning to recent harsher restrictions. Tlaxcala, which is known for its ancient Mayan ruins and lies less than two hours to the east of Mexico City, will now require proof of vaccination to enter places like hotels, shopping centers, cafeterias, supermarkets, and taquerias.

Similarly, health authorities in Baja California stopped short of enforcing a mandate, but they issued a similar recommendation last week. This comes after they saw a record-breaking 1,058 new COVID-19 cases in less than 24 hours, the most cases ever seen in a single day since the pandemic began. This recommendation stated that businesses such as restaurants, bars, and casinos can decide whether to ask customers for proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test.

cabo san lucas

 Currently all tourists from ALL countries are allowed to enter Mexico. These passengers are NOT required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test or a vaccination upon arrival.

With little to no rules during the pandemic these past two years, Mexico continues to be a popular destination for travelers — especially in such places as Cancun, Tulum, and Cozumel which continue to have no restrictions.

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Monday 17th of January 2022

I guess this is the beginning of the end. I went to Mexico for refuge from all this crap and now it’s coming here too 😂


Monday 17th of January 2022

The State of Tlaxcala has clearly crossed the line and the governor should be jailed for human rights abuse. As for Jalisco, their supposed tough measures are hardly noticeable. Those restrictions for bars and clubs aren’t enforced and are intended to target private parties or places that are packed. In addition, only two cities are affected in Jalisco: Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara. The rest of the State, people don’t give a damn about their Governor or president.


Sunday 16th of January 2022

I have lived in Puerto Vallarta 9 years as a resident. I live in the heart of El Centro. The only people I am aware of that have been hospitalized or have died, all have taken the jab. Over the last 2 years I video taped the so called covid hospital (imss #33, Mezcales) And all 3 times it was empty after being told bodies were stacked in the hallways. Wake up!


Sunday 16th of January 2022

Isn't it funny how cases go up after vaccinations go up? In the Western world at least we are told a majority of people are vaccinated, yet we keep getting "surges" in "cases".

And I and many others are seeing something strange too: we're seeing far more vaccinated people get sick than "non-vaccinated" people. Shouldn't it be the other way around? If these vaccines work so well, then why aren't they working? If I had to take 3 polio shots a year and still got polio, I'd be furious. Yet covid cultists are taking covid injections, getting sick anyway, then THANKING phizer for the protection.

And they want us to take several boosters every year for the rest of our lives? Nah, we're good. Natural immunity is far superior.


Sunday 16th of January 2022

@Liberty, "lobbying" is the keyword and it does miracles.