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The Hidden Gem of Balandra: One Of The Most Beautiful Beaches In Mexico

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Baja California, both North and South, is undoubtedly one of the states in Mexico with so much to offer. Beautiful landscapes, excellent gastronomy, prestigious wines, beaches, and mountains, are part of the experience. Of all these beautiful sites, one of them hides a jewel, the beautiful Balandra Beach.

Secret Beach

Imagine a calm and crystal clear sea, a wide white sand beach at the foot of the mountain; a scenario that will make you fall in love at first sight. To visit Balandra, you should know that the beauty of this iconic place is one of the most popular attractions with high demand. Here is a guide, so you know how to visit Balandra beach.

Where is Balandra Beach?

Balandra beach is located in the state of Baja California Sur; it’s one of the beauties that you’ll find in the town of La Paz. The beach is part of a Protected Natural Area, and to access it, you must travel from La Paz, either by car, taxi, or bus, a journey that takes approximately 30 minutes. If you happen to be vacationing in Los Cabos, you can book a tour from there. Some boats offer beautiful tours to Balandra, Espiritu Santo Island, and other beautiful places in Baja California Sur.

Things to do in Balandra Beach

When you arrive in this paradise, you can relax and make the most of your day at the beach. Sunbathing by the sea and cooling off with the calm waves is a must; you will find palapas that you can use at no cost. If you like to swim, you’re in the right place. You can also snorkel and admire the variety of marine life from the Sea of Cortez, recognized as “the aquarium of the world.” For those that love water sports, you can also go kayaking, paddleboarding. You’ll have many activities to choose from to make your visit something special; there’s so much to admire, including the most spectacular sunrise or sunset. And if you’re looking for more experiences, you can go hiking. Six trails take you to different viewpoints from where you can appreciate stunning views.

Finally, visit the Balandra “Mushroom,” an iconic rock that has been photographed for postcards for many years.  Keep in mind that Balandra beach is located in an area considered a Natural Heritage, which means you’ll not find shops or restaurants on the site. The alternatives are to bring your own food and drink or go to El Tecolote beach, a few minutes away, where you’ll find several options.

Restrictions for Balandra Beach

Government regulations set a maximum capacity of 200 people to enter Balandra beach daily.  So, if you want to visit the beach, you must get up early; and by early, we mean you must be in line by 5:00 in the morning; by that time, you’re allowed to enter. However, and although it sounds confusing, on the government’s website of the city of La Paz, the entrance time is from 11 am until 8 pm. This schedule could vary due to poor weather or another type of situation. We suggest you rise early to ensure your entry and arrive at 5 am; otherwise, you risk not getting in.

If getting up that early is not your thing, you can consider hiking as an alternative. Another good idea is to go to El Tecolote beach, just 5 minutes away, some boats take you to Balandra beach. Many visitors have access to that beautiful beach if they’re willing to walk along the mountain trails and then descend to the beach from there. You can also access it by kayak.

Tips to Make the Best of Your Visit:

-Arrive at 5 am to stand in line and be among the 120 visitors allowed by the daily capacity.

-Bring food and drinks as there are no snack shops.

-If you travel by bus, keep in mind the above tips and check the round trip schedules.

-Wear comfortable shoes either for hiking or to walk on the shore areas, as there are rocks.

-If you plan to swim in the ocean, bring a swimsuit or wetsuit; the water can be cold at times.

-Don’t forget your snorkeling equipment.

This day trip is amazing, and there’s so much more than just its main beach. Book your trip to Baja California Sur and enjoy a unique and extraordinary experience.

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Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

I just went to Banlandra last week. It was a public holiday (Revolution Day). I arrived at 10 a.m. by car and it was no problem. There were still parkings available, the palapas next to the parking were occupied but there were lots of shady places under a rock 5 mins walking. When I left in the afternoon there were more cars parking along the street. Beach was not overcrowded as the area is large, but there were for sure more than 200 people there. There was no kind of access control at all - so I am not quite sure if this information is up to date. For sure the beach is gorgeous.