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The Most Visited City of 2017

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The City with the Most International Visitors for 2017

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Thailand Most Visited City

For the third year in a row Bangkok, Thailand is the most visited city of 2017 with an expected 22 million international tourists. After taking the crown from London in 2016, Bangkok continues to see growth in their number of international arrivals. According to Mastercard's 2017 Global Destination Indexthe number of arrivals was expected to grow by 9.6% for the year once again putting Bangkok at the top. International visitors stay on average from 4-5 days and spend $187 per day. Bringing in a staggering 16.4 billion dollars for 2017, it's a key economic driver for the city. 

Runners Up

The cities with the most International Arrivals for 2017: 

1. Bangkok, Thailand – 22.0 million international visitors

2. London, UK – 20.4 million international visitors

3. Paris, France – 17.9 million international visitors

4. Dubai, UAE – 16.7 million international visitors

5. Singapore – 14.5 million international visitors

6. New York, USA – 13.7 million international visitors

7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 13.5 million international visitors

8. Istanbul, Turkey – 12.9 million international visitors

9. Tokyo, Japan – 12.1 million international visitors

10. Antalya, Turkey – 11.3 million international visitors


The City That Earns The Most from Tourists 2017

Dubai, UAE

Dubai, Most Income Spent Per Tourist

Not all cities are created equal in terms of amount of money spent per visitor. Dubai earns the most from tourism than any other city estimated at 20 billion dollars for 2017. On average international visitors to the city spend $537 per day. Dubai has definitely become a playground for the rich with its lavish hotels and expensive dining. 

The City With The Highest International Tourism Growth for 2017

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey is the fastest growing city in terms of international visitor arrivals for 2017. The number of international arrivals is expected to spike by over 19.7% for 2018. 

International tourism is exploding with more affordable airfare and routes than ever. Where are you going next? 

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