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The One Price Secret Hotels Don’t Want You To Know

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A new secret has emerged that could save you hundreds of dollars on your next hotel booking. 

We all plan ahead to ensure we have that perfect vacation.  The days of just winging it and finding a hotel when we arrive are gone. Most people book hotel rooms months or even a year in advance and hotels capitalize on this. 

The one price secret hotels don't want you to know is that in 40% of cases, the price of a booked hotel room will drop AFTER a booking has been made. 

Hotels set their prices at “what they hope to get for the room” and as the date draws closer, the room rate can drop if rooms haven't been sold.  On the other hand waiting to book until the last minute can lead to inflated prices or even worse, a sold out hotel. 

It was impossible to know the perfect time to book to get the best deal..until now! A new app called Pruvo is going to do all the work for you guaranteeing you get the best possible rate. 

Here's How It Works

  1. Sign up to Pruvo

2. Book your hotel the way you usually do using your favorite booking engine such as or The earlier you book the better. Ensure you have booked a room that is fully refundable.

3. Forward your hotel confirmation email to:

That's all you need to do! Pruvo will continue to scan all the booking sites for lower prices. When they find one you'll be sent a notification along with walking you through the rebooking process. 

Tip: Book the new lower price FIRST before canceling your other reservation. 

Pruvo travel app

As long as you originally booked a free cancellation hotel room, you will not incur any charges. Pruvo does not charge for its services. 

As you sit back sipping margaritas on the beach, you'll enjoy knowing you got the best deal possible on your hotel. 


Sunday 27th of January 2019

What a brilliant tip thank you! This is sure to come in handy for our next trip to the Maldives!