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This Surprising Bucket List Destination Is Becoming Increasingly Popular For Solo Travelers

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Some places seem beyond reach, but as the travel industry continues to grow, it becomes easier to visit our dream destinations.

Many of us may have a “bucket list” of places to visit before we kick the bucket. Hopefully, you started before fate made that decision like Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, but age is just a number, right?

penguins in Antarctica

Unlike us humans, venturing off to new exciting places is what never gets old. One surprising bucket list destination that seems impossible to visit is actually becoming increasingly popular.

In fact, solo travelers have been chomping at the bit to go with a 36% increase in flight searches. Even more so for adventures seeking the cruise route with a surge of 333% in searches to this jaw-dropping natural wonder.

With solo travel being one of the top trends in travel right now, more people are packing up alone and ready to see more of the world.

Welcome To The Bottom Of The World

solo kayaker in Antarctica

Antarctica doesn't even seem real, does it? It's not like we go to the airport and see it on the flight board as a possible destination.

It seems like it's just a desolate white smear at the bottom of a globe, yet it is indeed real and more reachable than you'd think.

Sure, some Google search data showing a surge in popularity may simply be curiosity. One thing is for sure – Antarctica is gaining attention.

So many questions arise with an unknown destination of this magnitude. Is there anywhere to stay? Will I freeze to death? Where do I stay? Is there an airport? Will my life turn into a Titanic sequel?

The answer: Leave it to the experts. You just decide if you want to arrive by cruise or air.

Antarctica Cruises

cruise ship Antarctica

It doesn't get more off-the-grid than the bottom of the world. There are no all-inclusive resorts with swim-up bars here, but the astounding, untouched nature will have you forgetting about poolside Mai Tais.

There are a variety of cruises that will take you to Antarctica. However, some may go with plans B, C, and D of Iceland, Faroe Islands, and Greenland as alternatives after discovering the prices.

Travelers should be prepared in advance to give AMEX a call to increase their limits because you may practically be buying a new car.

Most options vary from $10,000 to upwards of $25,000 depending on various factors. Some depart from Chile, while the majority leave from Argentina.

beautiful landscape of Antarctica

Antarctica Flights

Another way to reach Antarctica is by air. Far more convenient than cruises as you can touch down to King George Island in as little as 2 hours from Punta Arenas, Chile.

The folks at Swoop – an Antarctic travel agency – have provided a guide to make expectations easier to understand.

Let's be real, though – there's no Spirit Airlines for Antarctica. Be prepared to spend a pretty penny no matter your method of transport.

There are also options to fly in and cruise back for those wanting to experience both.

plane on king George island

Reasons To Visit

Beyond bragging to your friends you went to one of the most bucket-list-worthy destinations on Earth, the main reason to go is you'll make lifelong memories for doing so.

There is no place on the planet as untouched as Antarctica. Tourists are only allowed so far in. Those who do touch land will be limited.

According to Jeremy Clubb, the Founder of Antarctica Cruises, many solo travelers are seeking unique experiences in far-out places.

ice formations in Antartica

Antarctica checks off those 2 boxes and many more. Those concerned with sustainable travel will be enthralled to be in one of the top places to become more educated about our planet.

Others may have been inspired by documentaries to splurge on this once-in-a-lifetime getaway. There is definitely a luxury factor taking play too, as the latest cruise vessels have been updated to tackle glaciers and freezing conditions while you sit in comfort.

But most importantly, the natural sights you see here you may never witness again like this. Seeing penguins, whales, and seals here isn't the same as the zoo, a whale tour, or a packed beach.

It's just you, a select few lucky tourists, and untamed nature with some of the most stunning landscapes imaginable as a backdrop.

arch of ice in Antarctica

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