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This Type Of Travel Makes You Instantly Happier

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Could you pack your bags quickly and travel to an unknown destination within a few hours?

Could you arrive at an international airport in another country for the first time and have absolutely no idea of what to do or where to go?

Well, this might boost your happiness, according to a study published by Skyscanner

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Traveling without a plan could sound like a nightmare for travelers who like to know where they are going and exactly where they are staying and always have a list of the places to visit and tight schedules.

But a new survey performed in the United Kingdom showed that 62% of travelers consider themselves spontaneous. 

According to data revealed, the pandemic restrained many spontaneous travelers, and now 61% of interviewees said that after the lockdown, they want to be more spontaneous.

And recent purchases analyzed by Skyscanner confirm this: “bookings made 7 to 29 days before departure date have increased by 12% since pre-pandemic”, and those made 1 week before departure have increased by 14% since 2019.

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Even if this sounds crazy to organized travelers, there’s an interesting psychological analysis behind this study, and there are proven benefits and perks of this travel experience.

The Benefits Of Spontaneous Travel

The idea of packing to visit a place you have little information about sounds stressful. However, it might be a great path toward happiness, and emotionally, it could have a very positive impact on adventurers.

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Psychologist Emma Kenny said in the press release: “Whilst it may seem scary to just pack a bag and hop on a plane to take a chance on an unknown destination, you will psychologically benefit as this creates a ‘can do' attitude and will remind you of the limitless possibilities that are out there. And because you have no clear set agenda or plans, every step you take will involve a sense of adventure which is truly freeing.”

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Even though Google recently launched cool features for travelers providing a lot of information for their next destination, planning and making decisions involve a lot of stress.

Kenny explained more: “One common stress is the decision-making involved in the holiday planning process. This is why forgoing the methodical organization that so often goes hand in hand with a planned holiday and instead choosing to enjoy an impromptu break can be so liberating.”

Traveler In A Dramatic Setting In Southern Argentina, Close To Antarctica

Skyscanner also assured that there are financial perks.

The company assured that being flexible is the key to getting the best prices and that travelers using the “Everywhere” feature on their app in Europe can get tickets for around $19 for the weekend. 

The travel company has also revealed that, according to their data, bookings made 2 weeks before traveling can be 44% cheaper than booking 12 weeks in advance. 

How To “Plan” An “Unplanned” Trip

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It sounds contradictory, but there are actually a few strategies that can help travelers be more spontaneous, get a boost of happiness, and even save money on their next life-changing vacation. 

Skyscanner shared a few tips: 

  • Use the “Everywhere” feature: allow the software to suggest ideas on where you could go for a great price and visit unexpected destinations.
  • Be flexible with dates: holidays and peak season are usually expensive; when you open your search for flexible dates, the app can find better options for you.
  • Mix and match airlines: If you don’t limit your trip to just one airline or specific airports, you might find more options and better prices by mixing.
  • Get a spontaneous friend: Planning spontaneous trips alone can be harder, and it is way easier when a friend is willing to join your exciting adventure.
Travelers observing the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Flight rates have been skyrocketing this year, but there are still ways to score cheap flights and visit unexpected destinations.

Expedia has also shared a few booking hacks that might be worth checking out. Ready for your next spontaneous trip?

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Friday 21st of October 2022

Google Flights, a lot better than Skyscanner for choose next trip !