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Top 10 Budget Travel Destinations That Are Open For Tourists

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Travel sites have been hashing out the best budget travel destinations for years.

But if you haven’t noticed, many of the usual top picks, including pretty much all of Southeast Asia, are closed to tourists at the moment. Unless you want to drop a grand on a quarantine hotel, that is.

So, what’s a list of the cheapest countries to travel to look like during Covid? Here’s our picks for the most affordable destinations that are still open to tourists in 2021.


Despite being one of the largest countries in Latin America and receiving a huge number of tourists each year, Mexico is still incredibly affordable. Though we’d recommend steering clear of the major resorts in places like Cancun, if you want to get the best bang for your buck.

The country has something to offer every traveler and budget, whether you’d rather relax on the beach, explore ancient ruins, or stuff your face with the local cuisine.


Bulgaria has so much to offer travelers, from Black Sea beaches to the Balkan Mountains. And yet it’s still one of the most budget-friendly countries in Europe! Even in the largest city, Sofia, you can find rooms as low $20 per night.

Hike, scuba dive, or visit one of Bulgaria’s dozens of remaining castles, all without breaking the bank.


As far as Europe goes, it doesn’t get much cheaper than Serbia, whether you’re chilling in the capital, Belgrade, or based in one of the smaller cities, like Novi Sad or Niš.

Digital nomads have flocked to the country in recent years to take advantage of its excellent combination of livability and low cost of living. And as the westernmost European country on our list, it offers easy (and cheap) flights all over the region.

Dominican Republic

If you want picturesque beaches on a budget, then the DR’s got you covered. Not only are local prices good, from food to accommodation, it’s one of the cheapest places for Americans to fly to.

Round trip tickets from Miami to Santo Domingo can be had for as low as $200. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about the other great destinations in the Dominican Republic while you’re there.


Do you love mountains, wine, food, architecture, history, and/or culture?

If so, then chances are, you’ll love Georgia. This small country in the Caucasus region is both stunning and budget-friendly, a real underrated gem for travelers in Europe.

Plus, the country’s visa allowances for Americans are some of the most generous in the world. And they don’t cost a penny!

Peru extended border closure
Machu Picchu In Peru


Sure, you can see Machu Picchu, one of the world’s most-visited wonders, on a budget, whether you’re a backpacker, flashpacker, or just appreciate a good deal. That’s probably worth the trip, on its own.

But your journey in Peru doesn’t have to end there. The capital, Lima, has lots to do and see, as does Cusco. And there are many more natural wonders outside the city, including parts of the Amazon rainforest.


Yes, Romania was once the home of Prince Vlad III Dracula, also known as “The Impaler” – or Tepes (pronounced Tepesh), as the locals call him.

And yes, Romania also has some cool castles, including the one Vlad once occupied. But the country has a lot more to offer than that, from bustling Bucharest to the Carpathian Mountains, Danube Delta, and Black Sea beaches.

Did we mention it’s all super affordable?


With Vietnam closed to tourists, where’s a budget traveler supposed to get their premium coffee fix?

Give Colombia a “shot”. Their coffee beans are some of the best in the world – and you’ll need the caffeine for all of the other cool stuff there is to do. The country has several distinct major cities to choose from, including the “Lost City”, and any of them can be done on a budget.


Sun, surf, and all the rum and reggae you can handle can be yours in Jamaica, all for a very reasonable price.

It’s not only one of the Caribbean’s most popular tourist destinations, it’s one of the most affordable, especially if you’re willing to get away from the big resorts. And whether you’re based in Ocho Rios, Kingston, or Port Antonio, there’s a whole lot to do and see in Jamaica.


As you can probably tell by our list so far, Eastern Europe is pretty cheap. And it doesn’t get any further east than Ukraine, so you can imagine the type of savings that can be had here.

The only question is, where will you stay? Kiev? Kharkiv? Odessa? Dnipro? The country has 7 cities with populations over 750,000 – and each of them have their own sites, flavors, and history to experience.

In fact, even the local culture and language are a bit different depending on where you are in the country.

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Sukhmehar Singh

Tuesday 8th of June 2021

We want to visit Morroco, Tunisia and Egypt. Please give some guidance.


Monday 7th of June 2021

You forget Turkey and Egypt (where Im now) by far the cheapest even compared to south east asian countries and Mexico, not really good value for the wallet, too nearest US !


Monday 7th of June 2021

hi, I have been closely following all your updates, but I can't recall you have said Ukraine is open for tourism. Is it also the fully vaccinated rule? Also, since star alliance doesn't fly directly to Ukraine, just wondering what's the transit rule in Frankfurt or Munich, i.e., do I need a PCR for transiting in Germany? Thanks in advance.


Tuesday 8th of June 2021

@Kashlee Kucheran, Thanks so much Kashlee, you are the best!!! With the 2nd dose vaccine moving up, I have bought out of jail card in mid July (lol), instead of staying in one country, I'm planning to visit 2 or 3. Will you do an article on inter-EU traveling entry requirement as well? that will be so helpful. Thanks in advance.

Kashlee Kucheran

Monday 7th of June 2021

Here are all the rules for Ukraine (Click HERE to read)

As for Frankfurt, non-schengen to non-schengen transits are okay without a test as long as you stay in the international area and do not clear customs (one one ticket through) We are doing this transit tomorrow actually


Monday 7th of June 2021

After 3 mos in Turkey and 2 mos in Sri Lanka, i would not hesitate to include those 2 budget friendly countries on your the food, beaches, friendly locals and stunning landscapes will thrill you!


Monday 7th of June 2021

Ukraine is great and one of the cheapest countries I have ever traveled to. Might be even cheaper than Bolivia.