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Top 10 Off The Path Things To Do In Texas

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From ghost towns to gorgeous hiking trails, Texas is full of all manner of memorable things to do. Here are 10 adventures that are sure to add some fun to your trip! 

10 Off The Path Things To Do In Texas

1. Visit Marfa, Texas

A visit to this quirky town will make for a fun and memorable getaway! Marfa is notable for its unique, artsy vibe. One of the best examples of this is its fake Prada storefront in the middle of the desert. The town is also supposedly the home of strange lights that are said to occasionally appear. Theories of the lights’ source range from UFO to simply being tall-tales. Aliens or not, there is plenty to do in Marfa. Check out some of the local boutique shops or enjoy a meal at a local restaurant such as Margaret’s in Marfa

Visit Marfa, Texas

2. See Stonehenge II

Head over to the Hill Country Arts Foundation to see this Texas recreation of Stonehenge. Dubbed Stonehenge II, the piece was created by Al Shepherd – a patron of the Hill Country Arts Foundation – and his friend Doug Hill over two decades ago. It originally sat in his yard but was later moved to the site of the foundation following Shepherd’s passing. Stonehenge II is also flanked by two Easter Island head recreations, also built by Shepherd and Hill. 

See Stonehenge II

3. Cool Off At Krause Springs

This swimming hole near Spicewood, Texas features gorgeous surrounding scenery as well as a campground. The area can get a bit crowded, especially on weekends, so consider arriving early to enjoy the most solitude. 

Krause Springs

4. Head Out To Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is a gorgeous park with over 10 miles of trails located near Fredericksburg, Texas. One of its most iconic features is a giant pink granite dome, which is the largest of its kind in the United States.

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

5. Check Out Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center

Located in Travis County, Texas, Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center is a gorgeous conservation sanctuary. It features – among other things – a cave, a waterfall, and a wide variety of beautiful wildlife. Visiting the cave and waterfall are currently reservation-only to allow for social distancing. Reservations can be made online. 

Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center

6. Explore The Museum Of The Weird

Head over to Austin to check out the Museum of the Weird. Part curiosity shop, part collection of oddities, this is sure to be a memorable stop. Some of the many strange exhibits that call this museum home include mummies, shrunken heads, and mermaids. 

the Museum of the Weird

7. Explore A Ghost Town

Terlingua was once a booming mining town, but, like many towns of its kind, began to dry up with the mines around it. Tourism has since revitalized the once nearly empty town. There are now several interesting things to do in the town in addition to visiting the old buildings. Head over to Starlight Theatre and Saloon, for example, for dinner and a show. 


8. Stop By Cadillac Ranch

This quirky roadside attraction sits alongside Route 66 near Amarillo. It consists of ten Cadillacs that were partially buried as part of an art installation in 1974. Since then, the cars became a popular draw for graffiti artists – with the original creators embracing the tradition – and nowadays are covered in all manner of brightly colored artwork. Visiting the cars is always free, and can make a great stop or photo opportunity! 

Stop By Cadillac Ranch

9. See Mammoth Fossils

Waco Mammoth National Monument was the discovery site of a large number of fossils from Columbian mammoths. Some of the fossils were later moved to museums. However, many of the fossils are still at their discovery site, and are preserved under a permanent shelter where the public can view them. The entry fee is only $5, making this a pretty budget-friendly option as well! 

10. Visit Dinosaur Valley State Park

This state park is notable for being the home of preserved dinosaur footprints. The fossilized prints are located in a riverbed in the park, but they’re far from all it has to offer. Check out the miles of trails, go on a horseback ride, or learn more about the fascinating history of the area and the dinosaurs that once walked there at a ranger talk. 

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