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Top 7 Things You Should Know For Your First Trip to Mexico

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Mexico is a country that has it all. Regardless of where you’re heading, you will find something different in each state that will leave you wanting more. If you are planning to travel to Mexico, you are probably wondering where to start.

Top Mexico Destinations

Cancun and Los Cabos are amazing beach destinations to relax, have fun and enjoy nature and outdoor activities; they have an incredible ambiance and endless entertainment options. On the other hand, you have Mexico City, an ideal location to learn about its fascinating history. Your trip will be enriched with a never-ending cultural experience. You can witness incomparable natural spectacles, such as the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in El Rosario, Michoacan, or go whale watching in Loreto, Baja California.  If this is your first time traveling to Mexico, you’ll probably have many questions, what to pack, how to transport yourself, or what to know to avoid any setbacks. If you want an enjoyable experience for you and your travel companions, we suggest you plan and get informed, especially if it's your first time traveling here.

Before You Go

Once you have decided where you want to go, research where you want to stay. From all-inclusive destinations to lodging platforms such as Airbnb, the possibilities are numerous. Check reviews from other travelers and always make sure the room or lodging site will house the number of travelers on your party. Mexico offers lodging for all budgets; you just need to do some research to find the best place that will make your trip an unforgettable experience.

Currency Exchange

The legal currency is Mexican Pesos, and the US Dollar is accepted almost everywhere. However, to avoid unfavorable exchange rates, you can buy a small amount of pesos at the airport upon arrival to Mexico to pay for petty expenses. You can also withdraw funds from any ATM, but check with your bank to see if they charge you a commission or fee for international transactions. You can also exchange money through your bank before your trip. The best recommendation is to use your debit or credit card to pay for your travel and expenses to avoid the hassle of converting to pesos.

How to keep your money safe while traveling

Plan Activities Outside of your Hotel

Even though there are all kinds of plans when going on vacation, and that you'll probably look for an all-inclusive hotel and with a perfect ocean view, Mexico is a magical place that offers so much more. You should plan to go sightseeing, from its people, plazas, and historical buildings, these treasured sites from the rich culture in its streets. Bring yourself to explore its streets and avenues and discover all the natural attractions. Mexico is known for its beautiful beaches, but it also has a variety of colonial cities, Magical Towns, Ecotourism destinations, adventures to discover, and not to mention its unrivaled gastronomical routes.

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Not All Food is Spicy

Mexican food is delicious! Its culinary diversity is as enormous as its territory, and most do enjoy spicy food. Still, the truth is that many other options do not include this exotic ingredient. Mexican cuisine has a strong European influence that dates back to colonization. You will surely enjoy Mexican food without remorse or fear of spiciness.

Best Time of the Year to Travel

You will be surprised by the number of climates and ecosystems in Mexico. For example, central Mexico, Mexico City, or the city of Cuernavaca in Morelos, has excellent weather all year long, and the coolest winter months are December and January. Tropical destinations like beaches have the hottest temperature during spring and summer. Durango and Chihuahua, the Northern part of the country, have impressive snow landscapes during the winter. Always check your destination and the season you plan to travel to make sure what to expect.

Join Mexican Festivities

Mexico’s cultural heritage and diversity are unmatched, and its joyful spirit is always present. Rich in traditions, mysticism, and folklore, each traditional festivity will make you enjoy an unforgettable experience. One of the most honored traditions is the Day of the Dead, with a strong meaning for the Mexican people. The patriotic festivities during September for Independence Day celebration are sure to bring you happiness and delight.

Prepare your next trip to one of the most incredible counties in the world. Mexico will always delight and surprise you. So come for your next adventure, you will not be disappointed.

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