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Top 7 Tips For A Successful Couple’s Getaway This Winter

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Planning any sort of trip can be stressful. Planning a successful romantic getaway can add an additional level of pressure. If you’re looking to plan the perfect couples getaway this winter here are seven tips to keep in mind throughout the process.

Top 7 Tips For A Successful Couple's Getaway This Winter

1. Look Into Reservations Ahead Of Time

Some spontaneity is certainly the spice of life. However, planning ahead and making reservations for key parts of your couple's getaway will ensure that the most romantic ideas and experiences you have planned are able to come to fruition. This is especially important if you’re choosing a well-loved destination or activity, as tickets or reservations may sell out quickly. Additionally,  in these unprecedented pandemic times, even many free activities are requiring timed entry or advanced reservations. The upside is that many reservations can be made online. This means you won’t have to head too far out of your way planning the perfect romantic excursion.

2. Consider A Lesser Known Destination

There’s nothing wrong with choosing a popular and well-loved destination for your winter getaway. However, this doesn’t mean you should overlook some lesser-known hidden gems. Choosing a slightly more off-the-beaten-path destination can actually be a great way to not only have a new and unique experience with your partner but also potentially avoid some of the crowds that are sure to be at more well-known destinations. For example, in Washington State, Seattle is one of the most famous cities. While it is an excellent spot for a romantic couples getaway, Washington state is also home to a number of cozy and welcoming smaller towns equally perfect for a romantic getaway. For example, head just thirty minutes outside of Seattle to North Bend for beautiful views of the snowy Pacific Northwest mountains as well as a bit of an escape from the hustle and bustle of the more urban city.

3. Communicate expectations 

This is a great tip for relationships in general – communicating expectations beforehand is an excellent way to avoid conflict where there doesn’t need to be any. It's especially important when planning a trip. Partners could have drastically different ideas for what they consider a relaxing vacation. This includes some larger topics such as whether a cold-weather vacation or warm weather retreat is preferred. In some cases, you and your partner may have the same idea about what counts as the perfect vacation. In other cases, however, one of you may prefer the snowy rolling hills of the northern United States while the other prefers sunny crystal clear waters off a Caribbean island. Making sure both partners feel they are able to express their opinions is a great way to ensure that you can focus on the romance of the trip.

Communicate expectations

4. Be Open To Compromise

It’s a good idea to go into both the planning stage and the vacation itself open to compromise. The old adage “opposites attract” may not always be true. Still, it’s more than likely that you and your partner will have at least some differences of opinion when it comes to lodging, activities, or even just where to get dinner. Openness to compromise could be in the planning stages. Or even some last-minute compromise if you or your loved one have suddenly changed your mind about wanting to try out a new activity such as skiing or even simply not feeling up to a fancy night out on the town.

Be Open To Compromise

5. Plan A Plan B

There’s nothing worse than planning out the perfect trip only to have it ruined by events outside of your control. This is especially relevant when planning a winter vacation in 2021. Both weather concerns, as well as constantly changing pandemic guidelines, could potentially affect plans that you’ve made. You may not be able to prevent an unforeseen snowstorm or a show cancellation. However, having a backup plan is a great way to guarantee that even if you don’t get to go through with your original plans you can still have a romantic time with your partner. Consider adding a little extra time to your travel plans for instance, just in case of any delays. If you’re driving it may be a good idea to have alternative routes. This is especially true if you will be traveling through anywhere that receives ice or snow in the colder months.

Plan A Plan B

6. On Packing

There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination and realizing you forgot something important. This goes double if you’re trying to plan the perfect stress-free romantic vacation. If you’re traveling somewhere with weather that is drastically different than the weather you’re used to, you may also want to do some research ahead of time as to what you should bring. For example, if you typically live in a warmer climate, and are heading somewhere cold and snowy, looking into bringing along some waterproof shoes could be a great idea to keep the focus on the quality time you and your partner get to spend together instead of damp socks.

On Packing

7. Add A Creative Twist To Your Plans

Even if you’re headed to the most romantic place in the world, a little bit of creativity can add a truly memorable and personalized twist to your vacation. This could be calling ahead to the restaurant to see if it’s possible to add some romantic candles to your table. Or even going all out and planning a fun date night with multiple stops. Either way, going the extra mile is a great way to show your partner just how much you care about them this holiday season.

Add A Creative Twist To Your Plans

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