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20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Women Who Travel – Under 100!

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Need the perfect X-mas gift for the travel girl in your life? Look no further! Here's 20 gifts any traveler would love to get under the tree this year. 

Being a woman who travels most of the year myself, I know what kinds of things girls on the road are looking for. 

Just so you know, everything I mention on this list I have either tried myself, or someone I know has! I only chose items with high user ratings and good quality for the price. Nobody wants to give a sub-par Christmas present! 

The best part is, everything on this list is under $100!

20 christmas gift ideas for women who travel

20 Christmas Gift Ideas For Women Who Travel

Wireless Headphones

These Cowin headphones are an awesome gift for the woman in your life, especially if she travels a lot. They are wireless, Bluetooth, and have up to 30 hours of playback time, which is key when you have international flights and long lay-overs. They are noise cancelling and have impressive sound quality, but are also super affordable so you won't break the bank on them. They also come in blue, white, purple, red and black!

Around $60check prices 

Beach Cover-up Maxi Dress

Make transitioning from ‘beach-day' to ‘cute restaurant' easy for your girl. This cover-up maxi dress is the perfect way to cover up a bikini when you need to go inside for a bite to eat or walk through the hotel lobby. It's an incredible versatile dress and will become a staple in her luggage. 

Around $70 – check prices

The Bucket-List Book

The ultimate Christmas gift for the woman who has “been there, done that”. This book has 1000 adventurous bucket-list ideas that will be sure to get her wanderlust imagination going. She'll have tons of ideas to add to her travel list no matter what type of journey she wants to go on. Plus it makes for a really great coffee table book!

Around $22 – check prices

Travel Sized Makeup Brushes

This travel brush set from Sephora is small enough to fit in any carry-on luggage, but big enough to have all the tools she'll need. The cute case the brushes come in also double as a stand/easel, which I know any guys reading this just had their eyes glaze over, but just know it's a good thing. 

Around $50 – check prices 

Anti-Theft Wallet

This chic wallet from Arden Cove is not only a perfect Christmas gift for girls who travel, but it also doubles as a travel safety device! The strap is cut-resistant, the wallet itself is waterproof and it also has RDIF-blocking technology to stop thieves from stealing credit card info. She can keep her money, cards AND phone safe while she travels by using this smart wallet. 

Around $90 – check prices

Contoured Eye-Mask

Okay, here's the deal. Most of those eye-masks they hand out on long flights or in fancy hotel rooms are missing a key element. They don't have contoured eye pockets, which really messes with our eyelashes. No travel girl wants to either a) ruin her makeup or b) have all her eyelashes smushed to one side because of badly designed eye-mask. This super cheap set of 3 contoured eye-masks have a hollow groove to help us get some shut eye but not have to smush our eyes… get it?

Around $10 – check prices

Bluetooth Speaker

This super cute bluetooth speaker is a great Christmas travel gift. It only weighs 1 pound, so it can go all over the world with your globe-trotting girlfriend. She'll get up to 24 hours of playback time which will be perfect for those long beach or pool-side days. It's also waterproof in the sense of getting caught in the rain, or being splashed at the pool, but note it's not fully submergible.

Around $30 – check prices

Travel Skin Care Set

Guys, RUN don't walk to pick up this travel skin-care set from Estee Lauder. A travel girl has got to take good care of her skin, and a set like this is usually going to set her back an easy $250. For Christmas they have it on for less than half, which makes it the ultimate gift set for a woman who travels.

Worth $260, but on sale around $95 – check prices.

Oofos Supportive Flip Flops

I have a pair of these puppies from Oofos and let me tell you, it's like walking on a cloud! Being a woman who travels frequently, I get crazy sore feet from all the miles I clock, so these light-weight flip flops have been heaven sent. They are machine washable, they absorb impact like a boss and are even good for plantar fasciitis. 

Around $50 – check prices

23AndMe Ancestry DNA Kit

I can't think of a better travel gift than 23AndMe. If you give your girl this kit, she can get her personal DNA ancestry results, which are so detailed by the way, that she can then make plans to travel to the EXACT regions her relatives are from. It's called genealogy tourism and it's becoming a popular way for people to re-connect to their roots through immersive trips. 

Around $99 – check prices

The BEST Toiletry Bag

This is the only toiletry bag any woman will ever need. The Travelon Toiletry bag literally holds everything… all her makeup, shower stuff, skin-care, you name it. It has waterproof and spill-proof compartments, it can easily hang on a towel rack, and it keeps all her beauty stuff organized. Plus the quality is insane. I've personally been using this bag non-stop for the last 5 years and it still looks new. 

Around $65 – check prices

Sephora Travel Favorites

You know your girl loves to look her best, but you have no idea what products to actually buy her, right? Well the ‘Ultimate Travel Bag' from Sephora does all the grunt work for you. They collected 12 of their best-sellers, put them into travel sized versions, and packaged them altogether. The kit is worth about $107, but sells for less than half of that. It has the basic's she'll need for her face, body and hair.

Around $40 – check prices

Scratch Wall Map

This scratch map doubles as a travel memoir and a great piece of wall art, all in one! Not only can she take pride in scratching off all the countries and states she's been to, but it's a great conversation piece. You simply put it up on any wall and scratch the gold foil (like a scratch ticket) so it reveals the country below. 

Around $25 – check prices  

Portable Battery

Don't let her phone die in the middle of a hectic travel day. Send her on her way with a portable battery! But are these things even worth it? Well, since it can charge an iPhone 6 SEVEN times with just one charge itself, I would say yes!

Around $50 – check prices 

Beach Kimono

It's fun, it's flirty and it will look great on the ‘gram. This beach kimono is the perfect cover-up for lounging around the pool in Bali or cruising through Tulum. It comes in lots of different patterns and colors as well. 

Around $22 – check prices 

Mineral Sunscreen & CC Cream

Most guys don't even know what a CC cream is, but let me tell you this one from Supergoop is the perfect one to give a woman for a stocking stuffer. It has a light tint, gives 35 SPF with all-natural mineral sunscreen, is reef safe, and won't cause breakouts. It's one of the best facial sunscreens on the market!

Around $36 – check prices 


Birkenstocks have been around since 1774, meaning they know their stuff when it comes to proper arch support and quality. A great Christmas gift for a girl who travels is a cute pair of Birkenstock sandals that will last forever! (and I like to think they go with almost any outfit!)

Around $85 – check prices 

Revlon Blow-dry Brush

Influencers and travel pros alike have been raving about this all in one blowdryer/straightener/styler tool from Revlon. Instead of hauling around tons of different tools, this does all the drying and styling with just this Blow-Dry Brush.
I have personally used it and can attest for it's handiness! Unlike many all-in-one products, this one actually works!

Around $40 – check prices

Tarte Jet-Set Travel Makeup

Another perfect Christmas gift bundle, but this time with makeup products as well. This travel makeup kit with Tarte has $80 worth of product for half the price, but it's full of all the best travel -sized versions of the products she'll love to use on a trip. 

Around $40 – check prices

Hotel Gift Card

When in doubt, give her travel! Getting her a gift card for is a great present because she can pick out her favorite hotel in cities all over the world! The cards never expire and you can load them with as little as $10, but up to whatever you want!

$10 to $100+

All prices above are in USD, but mostly everything is available worldwide. Happy Christmas shopping!

Kevin Walters

Friday 2nd of October 2020

Lovely travel ideas


Thursday 12th of December 2019

Great Ideas. Thanks for sharing Article . Really helpful

Marilyn Kucheran

Wednesday 4th of December 2019

These are excellent ideas and there are several I am going to use.

Deb Kucheran

Tuesday 3rd of December 2019

Though the Travelon Total Toiletry bag is over a $100 in Canadian dollars it’s such an excellent toiletry bag for the price. I used to have separate bags or cases for my makeup, for hair products and dryer, for my creams and lotions, etc, and finally with this bag, I can put everything into 1 bag that is really not that heavy when you think about the weight of separate and bulky toiletry cases. And trust me, as you get older somehow more products make their way into your toiletry kit :D ! So for road trips I just throw throw my toiletry bag into the back of my car and it’s a mini bathroom away from home bathroom! 
I haven’t flown with it yet but I know from my lovely niece-in-law that, when the main section is opened and laid flat into a suitcase, there will still be plenty of room to place my clothes-filled packing cubes around it. P.S. packing cubes are another great travel accessory!

Other great ideas by Kashlee here are: 
-The bluetooth speaker: I have a JBL Flip4 now and love it for even something like having my own music when I work out with my personal trainer at the fitness studio.

The scratch wall map: gave one to a Jeeper friend (road trips around North America so far and sleeping in her jeep) a few years ago. She loved it. I keep hoping for one in my stocking :D. Mind you then I would have to put a crow bar in my wallet and do more travelling LOL.

Portable batteries for smart phones: I don’t even go anywhere around town without one in my purse.

Last, but not least, the Birkenstocks: Being retired and having dealt with my own case of plantar fasciitis, my feet love that my ‘house slippers’ are Birkies. And I have an older pair of Birkies with my suitcases to throw into my weekend or travel bag so that I have the same house slippers no matter where I go.

I may sound biased here because I'm a Kucheran too, but they are all really good ideas.


Monday 11th of November 2019

Thank you so much for this travel gifts ideas for women. I am very grateful for this Informative post because now I will happy my girlfriend