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U.S. Issues 15 New Travel Advisories Including Top Destinations

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The latest batch of travel advisory updates from the U.S. Department of State included top European travel destinations Germany and Denmark receiving severe Level 4 travel advisories, with other countries also implicated in the update. The updates also included some The inclusion of Germany and Denmark should come as little surprise, with the number of positive cases of Covid-19 rising across the continent, and it could well be enough to scare travelers away from visiting these locations over the upcoming holiday travel season. 

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

As well as these top European travel destinations, some Caribbean destinations received travel advisory updates too, whilst several African countries received low-level travel advisory warnings. Here’s a closer look at why exactly Germany and Denmark received their strict travel warnings, which other countries also received updates yesterday and whether or not travelers would be wise to head to destinations with severe travel warnings. 

denmark cafe

Latest Travel Advisory Updates – Information For Travelers

Whilst not a perfect science that can determine whether or not a traveler will encounter an issue on their trips, travel advisories take into account a range of factors in order to give an overall judgement on whether or not travelers should visit a destination. A range of different sources are considered, from crime statistics for a country to information gathered by US various government sources, before an overall judgement is reached – with keeping travelers safe in mind – and posted onto the State Department’s website

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According to Germany’s profile on the website, the main reason travelers should not visit the country is due to Covid-19. Cases in the country have exploded in recent days, with as many as 68,000 cases reported last Wednesday and a 7 day rolling average of more than 51,000 cases. Neighboring Austria recently entered a lockdown after cases rose, with many fearing that Germany could be the next European country to take such action. Germany’s travel advisory also warns travelers to exercise caution due to the threat of terrorism.

Old Town Hall at Marienplatz Square in Munich, Germany

Much like Germany’s travel advisory page, Denmark’s too warns travelers of the threat that Covid-19 could pose. Denmark’s Covid-19 graphs have also shown a recent spike, with a rolling average of almost 4,000 daily cases reported – statistics that are bound to have influenced the decision to assign Denmark a Level 4 travel advisory. Denmark’s advisory page too warns of the risk of terrorism in the country. 

denmark copenhagen nyhaven river

Germany and Denmark weren’t the only countries to be handed a Level 4 travel warning yesterday. Iraq and Burundi were also placed into Level 4; Iraq’s page warned of the threat of terrorism, kidnapping, armed conflict and civil unrest alongside Covid-19, whilst Burundi’s highlighted Covid-19, crime and political violence as reasons to avoid the country. 

Several countries were handed Level 3 warnings, which advises travelers to exercise increased caution. These countries were Nigeria, Kosovo, Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, French West Indies, Eswatini, Curaçao and Aruba. Receiving Level 2 updates were Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and Bangladesh, whilst the UAE and Togo were deemed worthy of Level 1 warnings. 

It’s worth keeping in mind that whilst the warnings may seem daunting, the US will not prevent travelers from visiting these countries. With Covid-19 the main reason behind most of the updates, vaccinated travelers should follow the CDC’s guidelines to learn how to stay protected against Covid-19 when traveling, and they should carefully read a country’s full travel advisory page before weighing up whether or not traveling is a good idea. In any case, travelers should ensure they have a robust travel insurance policy

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Gaston E

Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

I found very unfair that United - Lufthansa ground people cos one bad apple with virus and have them at frankfurt airport stranded for 2 weeks to test thwm . On top these airlines charge $400 extra fee to book the flight again . Shameful Frankfurt and airlines.