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Unvaccinated Americans Can Travel to Germany Starting November 14

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No Quarantine Or Multiple Test Requirements Required for American Travelers 

Unvaccinated American travelers can now travel to Germany. Since August 16th, US visitors were required to be vaccinated if they hoped to avoid a ten day quarantine in the European country.

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Under this new facilitated entry, any travelers from the US will now only be required to show a negative COVID-19 test.

The new rules also allows those who haven’t recently recovered from the virus to enter the country also. Previously, if a visitor could show verifiable proof of recovery, the quarantine period could also be avoided. 

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The decision was announced by the Robert Koch Institute, who head up Germany’s Disease Prevention and Control department. 

In a simultaneous announcement, several other countries were added to the high-risk list, meaning they will move back to the previous regulations.

Austria, who share a border with Germany, are one of those countries. Travelers hoping to move between the two should be aware that they must show proof of full vaccination or full recent recovery, or face a ten day quarantine. This may be shortened to five days if a negative test result is turned up during the quarantine period.

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Other new high risk countries for Germany include the Czech Republic, Hungary, and the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. The full list of high risk areas currently contains over 70 countries worldwide, including the United Kingdom, France, and Mexico. Their list is extremely dynamic and travelers to the country are strongly advised to check any developments that may affect them before their date of departure.

The required test can be a PCR test or antigen based test. If a PCR test is administered, it must be within 72 hours prior to arrival. If an antigen test is administered, it should be taken within 24 hours. The requirement does not apply if the traveler is under the age of 12.

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The new developments in Germany come as they face their own struggles with the virus. In recent weeks, virus cases in the country have soared. The US currently has a Level 3 advisory – Reconsider Travel for Germany, despite their recent removal from the high risk list. 

The assessment should come as good news to the US, who only recently announced an overhaul of their own COVID restrictions. On Monday, they officially opened their borders for non-essential travel for most of the world, granted the visitor is fully vaccinated. The restrictions in place for the US had not been changed in almost two years, and were emphatically welcomed by the travel industry worldwide, all struggling with the absence of American travelers.

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Fully vaccinated, as defined by both the United States and Germany, requires the traveler to have received a full dose of a verified and approved vaccine at least 14 days before the date of arrival to the country.

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Travelers returning to the US from Germany or any other country, that are non-citizens must be fully vaccinated to enter, while citizens, must show proof of a COVID-19 negative test OR a full vaccination dosage.

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Wednesday 17th of November 2021

watch for local mandates. There is speculation that Berlin will require PCR test for vaccinated to enter any public area. So much for return to normal for the vaccinated....


Monday 15th of November 2021

America should return the favor and let unvaccinated Germans in and drop the PCR tests. The PCR tests are not reliable and are being abused. For those who like science, I recommend watching Kary Mullis speak (inventor of PCR tests). If people are sick, they stay in bed, they aren't getting on a plane. Oh and no more brother wars, Patton was right.


Tuesday 16th of November 2021

@Kai, What Germany has done is pretty much what every country should do. Vaccinated or not - just provide a valid negative test result and off you go.