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Unwind In Paradise: 4 Reasons Why Los Cabos Is The Ultimate Relaxation Destination

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Seeing that the average American gets between 7 to 11 days of paid vacation per year, it's hardly a surprise that, when deciding to go on an international vacation, it's Mexico they have in mind, or more specifically, the trendy resort zone of Los Cabos.

View Of A Sandy Beach In Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico, Latin America

One of the leading leisure destinations south of the border, it trails only after Cancun for arrivals, and the year-round balmy weather may have something to do with Cabo's extreme popularity, but it's not the only explanation for America's infatuation with it.

As it turns out, Cabo is the place to be whenever you're in need of a relaxing break, and these are 4 of the main reasons why:

Beautiful Pacific Beaches

Beautiful Beach In Los Cabos, Mexico, Latin America

Mexico may be an incredibly diverse country, where you can find both gorgeous beaches and ancient culture, but there's no denying the former appeals the most to the American clientele, particularly those of us not lucky enough to live in sunny California:

Cabo is home to sandy beaches that stretch for miles on end, wedged between the azure waters of the Pacific and lush green preserves, and there's simply nowhere better to unwind and take in the abundant Mexican nature than the southern capes.

los cabos beach

They claim as many as 3 of Mexico's 8 Blue Flag-certified beaches – a badge of excellency awarded only to the clearest, best-kept swimming sites – and you're likely to have seen pictures of Chileno Beach, Santa Maria Beach and Palmilla Beach circulating.

They're three of the prettiest in Mexico, as well as recreation areas with remarkably soft golden sands and swim-friendly waters.

If slowing down and breathing in the oceanic breeze is your priority, you've come to the right spot.

Award-Winning Resorts

View Of The Pacific Sea From A Resort In Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

If you want to make the most out of the 11 days of paid getaway you get, then Cabo is truly a no brainer.

From the holiday package deals to the attractive all-inclusive offers, it takes the burden of planning a trip abroad off your shoulders.

Let's face it: being able to fly to a foreign country for a vacation is an incredible prospect and a privilege, but it does not come without its challenges.

Whether it's not being able to speak the language, having a hard time navigating local rules, or meticulously planning every detail in fear something could go wrong, going at it independently can be an overcautious traveler's worst nightmare.

Couple Relaxing By The Poolside In A Los Cabos Resort, Los Cabos, Mexico

Lucky for them, Cabo's award-winning hospitality industry takes care of the bureaucratic part of traveling, leaving you with the easy task of checking in, letting yourself get pampered round-the-clock, and basking in the sun for the week ahead.

It won't be cheap, but nowhere in Mexico will you find the same level of comfort and the world-class amenities you can access in Cabo.

Just recently, two of its landmark adults-only resorts have been named Mexico's top destinations for kid-free quality time.

A Sandy Beachfront Lined With Resorts In Los Cabos, Mexico

A permanent feature on these ‘Best of the Best' rankings, Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos is one of the two, commended for its intimate design and private beach access, while Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort is best known for its upscale dining and spa facilities.

Speaking of which…

It Is The Wellness Capital Of Latin America

Did you know Los Cabos is the wellness capital not only in Mexico but the whole of Latin America?

View Of A Resort In Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

According to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), it boasts the highest concentration of wellness facilities in the subregion, something the local Los Cabos Hotel Association (LCHA) defines as relaxation-based tourism, where practices like meditation and healthy eating are encouraged.

Besides Gran Velas and Pueblo Bonito, two iconic resorts that prioritize the wellbeing of guests, and make sure there is a tranquil atmosphere in place, are Casa Dorada and One Only Palmilla, incredibly distinct from your usual Mexican resort experience.

Woman getting a relaxing massage at a spa

For starters, Casa Dorada is a ‘family-first' listing. Not only kids are welcome, but also pets, and their standout service comes in the form of an exhaustive list of spa treatments, from facials to full body to your usual manicure services.

One Only Palmilla, on the other hand, is ideal for exclusivity-seeking adults looking to escape the Downtown crowds, with its luxurious villas and highly recommended One & Only Spa, recognized for its excellence in providing healing holistic therapies.

Los Cabos Is Safe For American Tourists

Downtown Cabo San Lucas, Part Of The Los Cabos Dual Destination, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Safety remains a huge concern for U.S. citizens going abroad, particularly in this tense geopolitical climate, where wars erupt with very little warning, and crime rates only go up.

If you resonate with that, you may have been left alarmed by Washington's latest Travel Advisory issued for the whole of Mexico, particularly the part pertaining to the surge in violence in certain states, and how some areas are best avoided.

You'll be relieved to know Cabo is not part of Mexico's no-go zones, nor has it ever been: it has consistently featured on the State Department's Level 2 listing, meaning Americans are not discouraged from visiting, not to mention additional local research indicates it's very safe.

Cabo San Lucas Marina In Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Almost 70% of Cabo residents feel safe in their city, proving visitors should not be overly concerned, and in the rare instances where they're affected by crime, it's highly unlikely that it will be in violent form: in other words, pickpocketing and petty theft is really the biggest threat here.

There's no need for being this paranoid, but if you are concerned about the minimal risks, and you'd prefer limiting yourself to the protective walls of your luxurious enclave, only exiting hotel grounds on guided tours, then you truly have nothing to worry about.

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