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US, Canada and UK Leaders Meet To Discuss Removing Travel Restrictions

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Ministers of the G7 will meet today to discuss the reopening of international travel as the world still comes to terms with COVID-19 travel restrictions. 

Travel minsters of the seven so-called largest advanced economies, Canada, Germany, the U.K, the U.S, Japan, Italy, and France. will meet to discuss how travel can get back to the numbers of 2019 as soon as possible as the pandemic ends. The United Kingdom is organizing the meeting as they aim to move closer towards a global consensus on how to ease travel restrictions. 

Airlines for Europe — the industry lobby group — called on the G7 to promote the EU’s approach to travel as the global standard. Citizens within the EU can move between countries if they’re fully vaccinated or have evidence of recovery from the disease. Travelers need to present a paper-based or digital bar code as proof of vaccination. 

Airlines for Europe said, “by accepting not only vaccination and recovery certificates but also COVID-19 test results, it is both fair and respectful of data privacy.”'

The Current Global Travel Situation 

Although the world is slowly reopening as vaccination rates rise, there isn’t a global consensus on how the world should reopen. The easing of restrictions has been slow and painful, and the United States has only recently decided to reopen for non-essential travel in November.

However, details on the reopening still remain vague. The U.S did announce that travelers would need to be fully vaccinated. 

The Statue of Liberty

Australia and New Zealand also remain completely closed, although the Australian government is preparing to reopen its borders before Christmas. New Zealand, on the other hand, is pursuing its zero-COVID policy and has no concrete plans on how it will reopen to the world. 

The E.U was one of the first parts of the world to reopen to international travelers. The bloc reopened to U.S travelers earlier this year in a bid to boost the economy. Canada has also reopened in recent months to fully vaccinated travelers from certain nations, including the U.K and the U.S.

The Asian continent is preparing to reopen, but countries continue to push back reopening dates as vaccination rates stall. Thailand has declared it will reopen parts of the country to international tourists next month.

Vietnam is preparing to reopen the island of Phu Quoc next month, but slow vaccination rates have forced the country to push the reopening date back till the end of 2021. 

Malaysia, which has high vaccination rates compared to other Asian nations, is planning to reopen to international visitors soon. Singapore is also planning to reopen to international travelers soon despite COVID-19 cases rising in the country.

Tokyo, Japan

Japan has begun easing COVID-19 restrictions within the country and has slightly eased entry restrictions. Still, the nation is far from fully reopening to international visitors. 

The travel industry hopes that the G7 meeting will provide a global consensus on how travel will reopen. 

The Current Restrictions Worldwide 

The entry restriction differs from nation to nation. However, generally speaking, a large portion of nations are allowing travelers to enter if they have proof of vaccination. Some countries are allowing unvaccinated travelers to enter, but they’re often forcing unvaccinated travelers to undergo mandatory quarantine upon arrival

COVID-19 Vaccine Passport

Most nations still request incoming travelers to have undergone a negative PCR test at least 72 or 96 hours prior to arrival. Another common issue is the vaccines that countries accept. Some nations continue to refuse certain vaccines because of fears over efficacy or delays in approving the vaccine. 

The situation is improving, yet it’s still messy. Hopefully, this meeting can push the world into a global consensus. 

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Friday 1st of October 2021

Canada require all over 12 years old to be double vaccinated or mandatory 14 day quarantine. The UK is only double vaccinating 18+. Therefore reuniting families with teenagers is almost impossible for the majority. A fair international standard with testing alternatives where countries differ in vaccination regime is required.


Thursday 30th of September 2021

"15 days to slow the spread" is now approaching 600 days. The so called "experts" have been completely wrong about everything from the beginning, so why should they be trusted now? And now the elite ruling class wants us peasants to get an experimental injection for a virus that is not particularly dangerous to the overwhelming majority, especially below the age of 70? And even this experimental injection doesn't specifically stop you from contracting the mostly harmless virus nor from spreading it. The lack of logic in the world right now is absolutely astonishing.


Thursday 30th of September 2021

@Atlas, Agreed. Time to coin this phenomenon "trickle down stupidity."


Thursday 30th of September 2021

It’s not a free, normal society unless they 100% abolish tests, quarantines and vaccination requirements. It’s not worth travelling if you have to inject some unknown substance into your body or have objects shoved into your nose just to cross a border. They’ve massively overplayed the covid stuff to effectively shut down society and relegate travel to a whim of the wealthy and elite, who are the only ones who can bypass all the draconian restrictions.


Thursday 30th of September 2021

Cross fingers you are right and a global standard will be introduced soon. Unlimited traveling for fully vaccinated people will hopefully be defined the key standard for reopening international borders until the pandemic has come to an end worldwide. Who feels harrassed by vaccination being a requirement for traveling can stay at home for another few years, I will be happy to be on my way again safely.

Angry Ex Traveler

Thursday 30th of September 2021

They are meeting to discuss how to implement more restrictions,surveillance passports and the great reset. Travel is dead because of these people.