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Vaccine Passports Are Officially Coming To The Province of Quebec

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Starting September 1st, the Canadian province of Quebec will officially implement the use of vaccine passports to access non-essential services.

In a press conference in Montreal last week, Quebec Health Minister Christian Dube revealed some features of the vaccination passport and how it will be used throughout the province.

Among the specifics, Dube stated that the passport will be required for access to non-essential services such as bars, restaurants, gyms, festivals and other places with high capacity and a potentially high rate of contact.

People walk past colorful store fronts and restaurants on Rue Saint-Louis in old town Quebec City, Canada on a sunny day.

How the vaccine passport will work

At the press conference, Health Minister Dube stated that, “Our goal is for the vaccination passport to allow adequately vaccinated people access to high traffic, public events and high contact rate activities that are places of great socializing for non-essential activities and services.” The rapid spread of the new Delta variant were among the concerns addressed during the conference.

Quebec’s vaccine passport will come in the form of an online application, which will display a user’s Covid-19 vaccine information through a QR code. For people who do not have a smartphone, they can show their paper vaccination certificates from vaccine centers. It will also be possible to print out the QR code or request a paper version of code by mail.

people sitting on patios and walking on a pedestrian street in the summer in downtown Montreal 30 July 2020. Safe active transportation circuit on Mont Royal Avenue during Covid-19 pandemic.

The app will essentially be a reader application, where staff at a restaurant or bar will scan a user’s code before entry. Two pilot projects for the app where the new vaccine passport will be used were tested earlier this week. A third test is scheduled later this month at a junior hockey game.

When asked about the necessity of a vaccine passport in Quebec, officials reiterated that the province wants to avoid any potential lockdown measures, such as the closing of most non-essential services which happened last fall.

Canadian Lakes and mountains landscape shot in the Laurentians mountain range in southern Quebec near Saint-Donat.

Who can use the passport in Quebec

The app for the vaccine passport is set to be available to people in Quebec by the end of this month. It will be available as a free download for all Android and iOS devices. Users can then upload their vaccine information so that it is viewable as a QR code.

When asked whether using the QR code to access services is secure or not, Dube explained that the app won’t take any personal information and “only read the vaccine info.”

Boy and girl wearing face protection mask in city and smiling in Quebec City on a summer day

Vaccine passport use will apply to people 12 years of age and older, as Covid-19 shots are not yet approved to be administered to persons under the age of 12.

It is still unclear whether the vaccine passport will be required for weddings and large religious gatherings. At this time, there are no plans for Quebec’s vaccine passport to be used in schools or stores.

Montreal skyline at night reflected on Saint Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada

Domestic and international travel

For international and domestic travel, the Health Minister said that he is discussing with the Canadian government to potentially coordinate Quebec’s vaccine passport with the ArriveCAN app. Travelers already have to upload their essential travel documents to the ArriveCAN application when arriving from an international destination to Canada.

A Mountain view of Montreal City, Canada in the fall.  The sky is clear and it is a sunny day.  A cluster of gray, multiple-sized buildings are visible in the center of the photo. Lush, fall foliage lines the front of the image, and a body of water is visible in the back of the photo.

At the time of writing, PEI and Manitoba are the two other Canadian provinces which require proof of full vaccination against Covid-19 to access certain non-essential services.

Demonstrations happened in Montreal this month in protest of the new vaccine passport.

Officials from other provinces, such as Ontario and Alberta, have stated that they will not implement a form of vaccine passport for non-essential services.

Canadian travelers are currently not required to show proof of vaccination for interprovincial, domestic travel. However by later this fall, Canadians will need to show proof of vaccination on all federally regulated air, rail, and marine transportation.

Traveler arriving home in canada looking at their phone and carrying a wheelie suitcase

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Friday 27th of August 2021

The protests are huge..Canadian politicians all deserve the gallows and nothing more. Actually I'm sure the debt acquired by the pm could easily be balanced if you gave an option for all citizens of $5 a pop at any of them Lol..I hope they have an island to escape to because people have had enough.


Sunday 22nd of August 2021

I'm not a fan of the Quebec government, but on this issue I admire the courage and spine of their politicians.


Sunday 22nd of August 2021

2020: Anyone who believes vaccine passports are coming is a conspiracy theorist!

2021: Anyone who believes vaccine passports are a bad thing is a conspiracy theorist!


Monday 23rd of August 2021

@Liberty, 2020-ongoing: Liberty making up garbage to prove a non-point. Vaccine passports were always going to happen and very few people ever declined that fact. Stop cherry picking your flavor of the day.