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Westin Junior Suite Puerto Vallarta – Worth The Upgrade?

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Update 2019: It looks like the hotel will be up for some renovations this year, so stay tuned for new pictures of the changes to the resort!


Westin Junior Suite Puerto Vallarta – Worth The Upgrade?

Jacuzzi Westin Junior Suite Puerto Vallarta

Well, if you like jacuzzis that face into the ocean, then YES, the Junior Suite upgrade at the Westin Puerto Vallarta might be right up your alley!

We have a soft spot for the Westin.  To us, it feels like a quiet spot amongst some of the resort giants in the area. We immediately feel relaxed the moment we enter the lobby until the moment we leave.  Is it the nicest hotel in Puerto Vallarta?  No, but it has some MAJOR benefits and value that keeps us coming back regardless. 

The Junior Suite is one of those reasons!

The Room -- The Westin Junior Suite

Located on the top floors of the hotel, the Westin Junior Suite is sitting pretty!  You have amazing views of Banderas Bay from the living/seating area as well as from the King Bed.  The bathroom is actually quite unique, as it has wooden beams with skylights. (Hello good makeup lighting ladies!) The balcony is a great size with 2 lounge chairs and a generous jacuzzi tub.  The view is practically unbeatable. Yes, we have all seen hotels with jacuzzi's on the balcony, but many are shoved onto super small terraces, smushed into a rectangle box of a building.  The Westin has been designed to give these balconies killer vantage points and got them as close to the water as possible. 

Westin Junior Suite Puerto Vallarta
Bathroom Westin Junior Suite Puerto Vallarta
View from Bed Westin Junior Suite Puerto Vallarta
Junior Suite Puerto Vallarta Westin
Puerto Vallarta Junior Suite
Balcony Westin Junior Suite Puerto Vallarta
Bathroom Junior Suite Westin PV

So.... Is the Westin Junior Suite Worth The Upgrade??

Totally. Here is why:

The normal room at the Westin is like any other hotel room. Nothing really differentiates it from any other you have likely stayed in before.  These can go as low as $150 a night

If you upgrade about $50 you can get a Club Room, but in all honesty, they are exactly the same as a normal room, just with the Club Lounge Access. 

Let's through another $70 into the mix from the Club Room and THAT is what you can score a Junior suite for! (As low as $270/night) While that might sound like a lot of money per night, without all inclusive, we think it's a killer of a deal!  The room is large, unique, bright, high end, and the patio with the jacuzzi is to die for.  You also get access to the Club Lounge which will give you breakfast, drinks and snacks throughout the day, and night time appies, wine and highballs. 2 People could easily spend $100+ on those per day, so it makes the room upgrade a great deal! 

Do yourself a favour and upgrade to this suite!  (I have some tips on best sites to book on below!)

Also, because the photos I took were regretably dark, here are the Westin's photos of the Junior Suite. (Isn't she beautiful!) 

Westin Junior Suite Puerto Vallarta
Westin Junior Suite Puerto Vallarta
Westin Junior Suite Puerto Vallarta Bathroom

The Westin Puerto Vallarta Review:

The Westin is great for:

  • People who want to be within walking distance to the Marina
  •  People who want more of a quiet vacation
  • SPG junkies

The grounds are very impressive!  It acutally used to be part of a coconut plantation and has a lot of natural beauty, mature trees and just a very tropical feel. 

There is an All Inclusive Rate available for the rooms, but in our experience, it really was not worth the rate they were charging (especially if you have access to the Club Lounge)

It's classy, it's clean, it's chic and we love it!  (plus, we really have our eye on their Presidential Suite that we MUST try out one day!)

How to Book the Best Deal at The Westin Puerto Vallarta

We checked all the major booking engines and this time they all came in at exactly the same price (which honestly doesn't happen very often) Check for yourself:

All came in at the same price.  You can book the Junior Suite directly through each site as well, which is less risky than booking a base room and hoping a Junior Suite is available at check in. 

Like we mentioned above, the Junior Suite will not disappoint, so give it a shot for your next stay in Puerto Vallarta and tell us what you thought!

The Westin Summary:
We Give 'The Westin'

Trevor & Kashlee @ The Westin Puerto Vallarta

We are looking forward to our next stay in the Junior Suite and hopefully one day getting to experience their impressive Presidential Suite!

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