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Why This Affordable City Is Exploding In Popularity With Digital Nomads

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Tbilisi, Georgia is one of the fastest-growing digital nomad hubs in the world.

This affordable city in the Caucasus straddling Europe and Asia has been exploding in popularity with digital nomads in recent years.

According to data from Nomad List, Tbilisi has grown nearly 250% in popularity with digital nomads over the past five years.

Woman on fortress looking out over Tbilisi, Georgia

Here's why digital nomads are loving Tbilisi:

1. It's Extremely Affordable

A huge benefit of living in Tbilisi as a digital nomad is how affordable it is. While there are many cheap destinations for digital nomads around the world, Tbilisi is among the cheapest.

Tbilisi Georgia

According to a digital nomad who has lived in Tbilisi since 2020, it's possible to get by in the city for just $500 to $600 USD per month. Everything is very affordable, from apartment rent to food. And if you can afford to spend $1,000 USD per month, you can live very well.

This makes Tbilisi a great spot for digital nomads who are on a budget or looking to save money. You can enjoy a great city lifestyle at a fraction of the cost of North America or Western Europe.

Woman in Tbilisi Georgia

2. Easy To Stay Long Term

One of the most attractive things about Georgia is that it's possible to stay long-term without jumping through any hoops. Americans (and citizens of more than 90 other countries) can enter Georgia without a visa and stay for up to one year.

If you're looking for a long-term digital nomad base, this makes Georgia one of the best options in the world. There's no red tape involved, unlike with some digital nomad visas offered by other countries.

colorful houses of tbilisi georgia

If you want to stay in Georgia forever, you will want to look into residency options, but for stays of a few months to a year, this is one of the simplest places to come as a digital nomad.

3. Great Quality Of Life

Tbilisi in particular has a great quality of life that digital nomads will enjoy. Being the capital of Georgia, there are lots of things to do in the city, so you'll never get bored. There are also plenty of conveniences in the city so you will never be lacking for anything.

Young Female Tourist Wearing Winter Clothes In Old Town Tbilisi, Georgia, Eurasia

There are tons of different neighborhoods to explore in Tbilisi. Many digital nomads live outside the historic Old Town in Tbilisi because while it's beautiful, it's more touristy and expensive. Some popular neighborhoods for digital nomads include Vera and Chugureti.

Digital nomads will be pleased to discover that most of the city's many cafes and bars are laptop-friendly, and fast WiFi is available throughout Tbilisi.

Another great thing about Tbilisi is that it's very safe and has a low crime rate.

Tbilisi At Sunset, Georgia

4. Plenty Of Things To Do

There are so many things to do in Tbilisi and the surrounding country. Tbilisi is known for its great restaurants and nightlife, so you'll always be entertained.

Georgian cuisine is known for being especially delicious, and the country has a rich wine tradition as well. (It's actually the birthplace of wine!) If you want to get out of the city, you can tour one of the vineyards in the Georgian countryside and enjoy a tasting.

Georgian cuisine. A large laid table of different dishes for the whole family on a day off. Kebab, Lula, Lavash, Suluguni cheese, Khachipuri, Khinkali. background image, top view

There are lots of things to do in Tbilisi, including exploring museums and historical sites. The entire country of Georgia is relatively compact (it's less than half the size of the U.S. state of Georgia, for comparison), so it's easy and cheap to travel around the country from Tbilisi.

Although there are no nonstop flights to Tbilisi from the United States, there are dozens of direct flights to cities in Europe and the Middle East.

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Tad Davis

Friday 13th of October 2023

Bull****. Rents have exploded once the Russian invasion. You can’t even rent an apartment now for $500, much less “get by.”