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Why This Lesser Known City Near Cabo Is Surging In Popularity With Tourists

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Located two hours away from the lively resort town of Los Cabos is a far more serene coastal city. If you are looking for less crowds and similar views, then La Paz may be for you.

Growing in popularity over the years, this lovely town still flies under the radar. However, it is becoming a popular getaway for Cabo vacationers given its reasonably close proximity.

Woman looking out over Balandra Beach in La Paz, Mexico

When you think of southern Baja, Los Cabos is probably the first place to come to mind. However, La Paz is the capital of the state.

This underrated city has a lot to offer and is beginning to make a name for itself. While Los Cabos continues to break tourism records, here is why those who have visited La Paz fell in with the place:

Fun Road Trip From Los Cabos

Formerly just a day trip from Los Cabos, road-tripping to La Paz seems to be becoming a staple in Cabo itineraries.

highway in la paz

La Paz has been a well-kept secret for domestic vacationers, but the cat is out of the bag now. International travelers, particularly Americans and Canadians, have discovered the wonders of this gorgeous coastal city.

No longer just a day trip getaway, La Paz offers more than enough to make it a large part of your vacation.

Road-tripping from Cabo is the best way to get here, however. There are no U.S. airlines that fly to La Paz's airport.

99% Satisfaction Rate From Travelers

people walking along coast in la paz

You have probably gathered by now that La Paz is a beautiful place to visit, but are looks alone that impressive?

In a world where people love to voice their opinions, it's hard to achieve a 99% success rate at just about anything.

But, La Paz says “hold my beer!”. According to tourism officials in the region, 99% of travelers leave this city fully satisfied with their trip.

While no reports were shared of the satisfaction rate of Los Cabos, it's not hard to see why it would be significantly lower with expensive hotels, more crowds, and concerns about traffic.

colorful la paz sign

La Paz has won over tourists' hearts due to its sheer beauty, smaller crowds, and a plethora of fun activities, typically at lower costs compared to what you would pay in Cabo.

A More Authentic Experience Than Cabo

Let's face it: Cabo is awesome! However, it is catered to tourists, and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, without tourists, Cabo wouldn't have the same personality and flair.

On the flip side, La Paz welcomes tourists with open arms but does not identify as a tourist hub. There are more authentic experiences compared to what one often finds in Los Cabos.

cathedral in la paz

Since La Paz was a local treasure where fellow Mexicans would flock to enjoy a nice vacation, it has remained true to its core without trying to become Cabo 2.0.

Visitors can find unspoiled nature, delicious sea-to-table cuisine, and gorgeous less-crowded beaches up and down the coast, including one of the most picturesque beaches in the country – Playa Balandra.

Not to mention the otherworldly Espiritu Santo Island, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. Those who visit put Cabo in the rearview mirror and wonder why this place is not just as popular, if not more.

It's the perfect spot to enjoy spending time mesmerized by nature, including snorkeling and diving. The white sand rivals anywhere in Mexico, but here, you may have a beach mostly to yourself.

Espiritu Santo Island

Get Up Close With Wildlife

La Paz takes sustainability seriously, so tourists should know that in advance. Even visiting Playa Balandra requires a reservation to minimize human impact on its most prized beach.

One way to showcase the beauty of the region is by allowing tourists to get up close and personal with wildlife.

Seeing wildlife in their natural habitat is a great reminder of the importance of sustainable travel. Tourists love the plethora of options to see whales, dolphins, and sea turtles.

Finding a tour should be no issue at all. Many operators have rave reviews across the board for the unique experiences they offer.

dolphins in mexico

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