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Why This Lesser-Known Tropical Island Is Perfect For Digital Nomads

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Are you a digital nomad looking to escape the humdrum of daily life in a big city, soaring prices plaguing most of America amid the ongoing economic upheaval, or simply hoping to have something beautiful as a view from your office instead of clusters of uninspiring skyscrapers?

View Of A Paradisaical Beach In Mauritius, East Africa

Perhaps relocating to a remote tropical island yet to be overrun by fellow U.S. expats, over 10 thousand miles away from home, with an abundance of natural resources, stunning scenery, and an entirely different culture is just what you need to find your sparkle again.

We know it may sound like a drastic measure, but you are about to be convinced this offshore destination in Africa is perfect for adventurous remote workers like you:

Have We Been Overlooking Mauritius All Along?

Couple Of Tourists Swimming In A Lagoon Style Pool In A Luxury Resort In Mauritius, East Africa

The country in question is Mauritius, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of East Africa, famous for being the only one in the continent where Hindu is the most widely practiced religion, as well as one of Africa's most stable states.

Americans often tend to associate Africa with poverty, malnourished children, and failing democracies, and while numerous countries in the group do suffer from decades-long societal issues and would not exactly make for nomad playgrounds, Mauritius could not be further from that.

Whitewashed Colonial Church In Mauritius, East Africa

As a result of over a hundred years spent under British control, the local Government is inspired by the acclaimed Westminster system, with a working democracy and lower levels of corruption compared to its African counterparts.

Additionally, the World Bank officially considers Mauritius to be a high-income economy, which sounds fancy enough, but if you are not familiar with the classification, it is a status bestowed almost exclusively upon Western states, such as the United States and Canada.

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Moreover, Mauritius ranks ‘very high‘ in the Human Development Index, and it has a robust welfare state, with nationals and residents benefitting from free, universal healthcare, free education up to a third level, and even free public transportation across the islands for senior citizens and students.

Though this information is unlikely to be relevant to you as a medium to long-term visitor, they highlight how highly functional Mauritius is, and as any true nomad will know, stability is just as relevant a factor as is cost of living and safety:

Digital Nomad Woman

No one wants to live somewhere where their status as a foreigner with more money than the average person will put a target on their back, in conflict zones, or in countries with poor levels of sanitation or widespread poverty.

Sure, Mauritius has problems, and like most countries, there is poverty, but within the context of Africa, the poorest continent on Earth, where violence rates are through the roof and societal development is decades behind the international average, it is real-life Shangri-La.

We are not just throwing that term around, either.

Mauritius Is Literal Paradise On Earth

Landmark Chamarel Waterfall In Mauritius, East Africa

At least when it comes to nature, Mauritius is a utopian earthly paradise, and that's when we get to the most exciting part.

Then there is the best part: these islands are jam-packed with natural wonders, and with their year-round hot temperatures and accessibility, you will want to take your time exploring.

Think vertiginous peaks commanding sweeping views of lush vegetation as far as the eyes can see, beautiful white-sand beaches hugged by a turquoise-colored, warm Indian Ocean, protected jungle reserves that have been left mostly undisturbed amid the development boom, and majestic waterfalls.

Le morne Brabant, Mauritius island

As the capital and largest city, home to around 147,000 of Mauritius' 1.2 million inhabitants, Port Louis is one of the best places to be based as a nomad due to good connectivity to smaller towns on the island and the wider archipelago, high concentration of cafes and livelier social scene.

What Are Some Of The Top Attractions In Mauritius For Digital Nomads?

Port Louis is also known for its colonial architecture and bustling Caudan Waterfront, a dining hotspot and shopping district, but it is definitely not the only attraction Mauritius has to offer.

Aerial Panorama Of Port Louis, Mauritius, East Africa

If you are residing in the country as a nomad, regardless of how long, you should definitely head out into the wild Mauritian nature and see some of the amazing sights, such as Trou aux Cerfs, a volcanic crater dotted by houses and traversed by tourist-friendly footpaths and hiking trails.

Bring a water bottle and your best sneakers, as you will want to summit in spite of the overwhelming heat to admire the panoramic views of the center of the island from above the crater.

Pont Bon Dieu is not to be missed, either, with its series of lava tubes formed during volcanic eruptions that took place centuries ago, as isn't Chamarel, a charming Mauritian village with unique geological features, including natural multi-colored dunes and the landmark Chamarel waterfall.

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A single-drop waterfall 100 meters high, the water streams over the edge of a basalt cliff to create one of Mauritius' most memorable postcard views.

The Ebony Forest is a popular attraction for visitors to Chamarel as well, and you should definitely not underestimate Chamarel's potential as a wellness destination: it may lack Port Louis' infrastructure, but it is full of lodge and chalet stays and even luxurious spa resorts.

Elsewhere, two other incredible peaks to add to your bucket list are Le Morne, a UNESCO-listed mountain range in the South of the main island, and Le Pouce, in central Mauritius, markedly more rugged and distinct from the coastal areas.

Aerial View Of Mauritius, An Island Country In The Indian Ocean, Off The Coast Of East Africa

Off the East coast of the main Mauritian island, Ile aux Aigrettes is perfect for wildlife enthusiasts, as it houses a 27-hectare sanctuary overseen by the MWF (Mauritian Wildlife Foundation) where endagered species are protected, from rare birds to giant tortoises.

If it's the sight of palm trees, white sands and bright-blue seas that make your heart beat faster, boy, you're in for a treat, as you are never too far from paradise in Mauritius:

From North to South, East to West, and further afield towards the minor islands and islets that make up the archipelago, there are too many unruffled sandy beaches and swimming and snorkeling spots to count.

Boats Docked By A White Sand Beach In A Tropical Island, Mauritius, East Africa

Once again, this is an island nation, and what is it surrounded by? A teal-colored Indian Ocean, also known as the Caribbean of the Eastern Hemisphere.

Mauritius Is Cheap To Live In

As if the high level of development and the magnificent nature were not incentives enough, Mauritius is incredibly cheap to live.

According to Nomad List, it costs on average $1915 per month to live and work remotely from the island, with Port Louis ranking the highest for cost of living, internet speed, weather, and every other metric relevant to nomads.

Digital Nomad Overlooking Ocean

With the cost of dinners averaging a nearly negligible $6.10, and the median price of a night at an AirBnB being $41, Port Louis is the perfect home base for exploring the wild nature of Mauritius, while also being within walking distance of shops and internet cafes.

Finally, Mauritius has launched one of the easiest-to-apply-for digital nomad visas currently in availability in the market.

This means Americans can relocate to Mauritius for a whole year provided they have made long-term stay plans, such as booking accommodation, and fulfill the following criteria:

the inviting beach of Mauritius with a mountain in the background, as seen from the water
  • You must be a digital nomad or business owner whose income originates from abroad
  • You must provide proof of health insurance covering the length of your stay
  • Your passport must have at least 6 months left of validity
  • You must earn a minimum USD $1500 per month when traveling alone, and an additional $500 per dependent
  • You must provide an official police clearance report

The best thing about it is the Mauritius Premium Travel Visa is free to apply for, unlike every single other Digital Nomad Visa out there, and even renewals are free of cost.

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  • Must have an official police clearance report from country of residence that shows no criminal record
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