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10 Must-See Cenotes in the Riviera Maya

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The coastal region of the Riviera Maya in the beautiful state of Quintana Roo is a great place for tourists visiting Mexico in the summer; it has gorgeous beaches and resorts for all sorts of travelers, and it is an amazing experience for anyone.

The Riviera Maya is also famous for its cenotes. These amazing naturally formed sinkholes where chambers and caves full of stalactites and deep blue waters have been exposed to the outer world when their roofs collapse. Here are some of the cenotes you cannot miss out on when you visit this unique location.

Chac Mool

Chac Mool is located in the cenote route, and it’s named after the Mayan words for “jaguar claw.” It is famous for its two main chambers, one being significant and open, perfect for beginner divers, and the other for those looking to do some exploring underwater since the depths are filled with stalagmites.

Aktun Chen

This place not only refers to a cenote but to an entire park located at the heart of a tropical rainforest, where you will find a cenote of the same name. This cenote is full of beautiful natural rock formations and not-so-deep waters. This place is great for tourists since you will find services such as forest tours, ziplining with gorgeous views, and tours through the over 700 yards of underground caves.

Cenote Sagrado

This sacred cenote is an archeological site known as the “Well of Sacrifice.” It was a place where Mayans would deposit valuables and even human bodies as a form of worship to the rain god Chaac. Although you cannot dive into or enter this cenote, it is a fantastic place to visit when exploring the local history and culture. It is part of the Chichen Itzá archeological site, and there is a fee you must pay to visit said site.

Cenote Cristalino

This cenote is named “crystalline” because of its pristine, clear waters that are see-through, allowing you to look at all the fish that live there. It is pretty much an open cenote and not a cave, making it an excellent place for swimming, snorkeling, and sky lining. There is also a restaurant near, and many services to enjoy a good time with your family.

Tak Be Ha

This beautiful cenote is a cavern that was formed thousands of years ago, where impossible stalactites hang from the ceiling and the clear water floods the floor. It is a great place to visit on tour or on your own if you are an experienced diver. It is located 15 minutes away from Tulum and 30 from Playa del Carmen.

Taj Mahal

This cenote, named after the famous building in India, is composed of 4 connected cenotes. It is an excellent place for beginners, thanks to the different tours and services offered. Still, to enjoy it to its fullest, you must be an experienced diver, so you can overcome the five meters wall underwater that stands between the main opening and the other impressive chambers.


Suytun is a beautiful cenote 5 miles from Valladolid. It is a beautiful cenote and a great place for a rural experience in the jungle and even fun at the museum that showcases the beautiful archeological findings in that cenote. There are also multiple services available, such as cabins, restaurants, lounges, and even the opportunity to rent the cenote for an event.

Dos Ojos

This place is named “Two Eyes” because of two interconnected cenotes that resemble a pair of eyes, and it is a fantastic place for divers, with depths of up to 400 feet and miles of caverns and caves, with even underwater chambers. If you do not trust your diving skills that much, you could also hire a tour guide service or instructor.

Siete Bocas

This cenote is for those looking for a sense of peace, with a deep connection with nature, because not many people visit it. It might not offer many services and luxuries, but it is excellent for getting away from crowds. Just remember to bring your diving equipment or to rent out some in a diving shop beforehand.

Zazil Ha

This is a recently discovered cenote, just 30 years ago, but it has become a great place for visitors to enjoy the great environment in cenotes. Located in Tulum with clear waters and depths of around 10 feet, this is an excellent location for anyone looking to enjoy the beauty of cenotes.

The cenotes in the Mayan Riviera are truly magical places. Visiting them is one of the most memorable things to do in Mexico. And of all the wonderful things to do in the Riviera Maya, swimming and snorkeling in the cenotes are among the most unique experiences you will have.

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