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3 More Countries Now Allowing Vaccinated Travelers

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The world keeps getting bigger for travelers who have been fully vaccinated. This week, three more countries added exemptions and exceptions to entry requirements for passengers who’ve already received their shots. Malta, Sri Lanka, and Ireland all recently updated entry rules to recognize vaccinated travelers.

While some nations, like Croatia, Belize and Ecuador make full exceptions for vaccinated passengers to skip all tests and quarantines, other countries like Sri Lanka are only making it slightly easier for inoculated travelers, but not removing all barriers completely.

Sri Lanka

After multiple delays, Sri Lanka finally reopened borders for tourism in January 2021, but with a litany of entry rules and requirements, including multiple tests, staying in government-approved accommodation, and a 14-day quarantine.

sri lanka allows vaccinated tourists

As of April 7, 2021, Sri Lanka removed some of the restrictive regulations for vaccinated travelers, like 1 less PCR test and a considerably shorter quarantine period.

Vaccinated passengers will only have to stay 24-48 hours in government-approved accommodation while they await the results of their test on arrival. After receiving a negative result, vaccinated travelers are free to leave quarantine and the ‘bio-bubble’ to roam around the country as they please, while their un-vaccinated counterparts will have to stay put for 2 full weeks.

Sri Lanka tourism in 2021


Malta reopened for tourism from select countries last summer and has remained one of the easier European Nations to enter throughout the pandemic. Their current ‘Amber List’ of nations allowed to visit includes fellow EU nations, and a few third-party countries like Canada, UAE, Turkey, and more, all with a 72-hour PCR test.

Starting on April 15, 2021, Malta will now accept proof of vaccination from ‘Amber List’ passengers instead of a PCR test. Those who can prove they have received their full vaccination treatment and have waited 14 days from the last shot will not have to produce a negative test to enter, nor will they be required to quarantine.

malta tourism in 2021 open for summer

Malta also allows additional third-party countries like the USA to enter, as long as they have been inside a ‘Green’ or ‘Amber’ list nation for the past 14 days and can either show a negative test or proof of vaccination.

Malta Plans To Fully Reopen In June

Malta has stated they plan to be fully open for worldwide tourism come June, even from passengers coming from ‘Red’ nations, so long as they have their proof of vaccination.

In addition to their hope of the borders fully reopening in June, the government plans to sweeten the deal for arriving tourists. A draft plan of a tourism recovery incentive has been circulating where Malta will offer foreign visitors a bonus of up to €200 (around $240 USD) each if they stay at least three days on the Mediterranean island this summer.

Malta reopening


2021 hasn’t been kind to Ireland, which has been in different stages of lockdown since the beginning of the year. The most recent efforts to curb the spread has been the inception of a mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine for anyone entering Ireland from a high-risk ‘Red Zone’ country, even if the passenger only briefly transited through.

However, Ireland recently amended the quarantine order to recognize the safety of vaccinated passengers. Now, any traveler who has been fully vaccinated and is coming from a ‘Red Zone’ will not need to complete a 14-day hotel quarantine and may self-isolate at home.

Ashford castle ireland

The government of Ireland considers the following to be ‘fully’ vaccinated: Pfizer – 7 days after 2nd shot, Moderna – 14 days after 2nd shot, Astra Zeneca – 15 days after 2nd shot, Johnson & Johnson – 14 days after single shot.

Ireland is another example of not yet removing all the barriers for vaccinated passengers, as even those who are fully inoculated and eligible to skip hotel quarantine will still need to provide proof of a negative test before arriving at the border.

bridge dublin ireland

Other recent countries to make new and easier rules for vaccinated passengers include Croatia, Greece, Israel, Barbados, and Anguilla.

We have the full list of all countries allowing vaccinated passengers here, which is currently at 23 nations and growing quickly.

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Sunday 18th of April 2021

So you still have to do some tests and quarantines...big whoop. Do these so called "vaccines" work or not?


Monday 19th of April 2021

@Liberty, if there is anything about vaccines, there surely is Liberty spreading “knowledge” nobody cares about.

Please boycott as many countries as possible and stay in yours.


Monday 19th of April 2021

@Liberty, it appears they only care if people drank the proverbial kool aid or not...