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Albania Removes All Entry Requirements May 1

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Albania becomes the latest country to remove all of its Covid-19 related entry requirements as of May 1, 2022.

The European country, known for its stunning mountain ranges and diverse, natural landscapes, along with tranquil beaches, joins a growing list of nations dropping travel rules, becoming the 36th country to ‘return to normal'.

Whilst it may not be a household name for North American travelers, Albania has more than enough to offer those who come it's way – and these entry requirement changes might just tempt more travelers into visiting.

Here’s a look at what exactly is set to change regarding Albania's entry requirements, when the changes will take effect, plus a look at the types of activities travelers can look forward to in Albania. 

Albania Drops Restrictions – Information For Travelers

A mountainous country located in the Balkan peninsula, with countries such as North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Greece as neighbors, Albania saw its total number of tourism arrivals rising year upon year – until the pandemic struck. The country went from welcoming 6.4 million travelers in 2019 to just 2.7 in 2020 as a result of the pandemic and the strict travel restrictions that came with it. 

Reopening for travelers in July 2020, Albania enjoyed almost a year-long period of time where it had very few travel restrictions in place. However, once fall 2021 arrived, they implemented a series of entry requirements, following along with the trend throughout Europe at that time.

From September 2021 to present day, travelers must show either proof of vaccination, a negative PCR test taken 72 hours prior to arrival, a negative antigen test taken within 48 hours, or proof of recovery from the virus.

However, in just a few days, entry into the country is set to change in a major way. 

From May 1st, Albania will be removing all of its Covid-19 related entry requirements, making travel into the country not only much easier but a much more attractive proposition for travel-started tourists around the world.

As of May 1, tourists will be able to enter Albania with:

  • no proof of vaccination
  • no negative Covid-19 tests
  • no proof of recovery 

All normal entry rules will be in effect – just a flight ticket, a passport, and a visa where required. Travel insurance isn't mandatory but should be considered for anyone traveling in 2022, as cancellations and delays are still happening worldwide.

Many countries have started dropping their mask mandates, and Albania is following the trend. As of May 1, masks for indoor spaces like restaurants, shops, museums, and other public places will no longer be mandatory.

Travelers should be aware that masks may still be required when using public transport, such as buses, trains, and taxis. 

There are a few other favorable changes happening that will increase Albania's tourism this summer. The nightly curfew was already lifted last month, but starting May 1st nightclubs will once again be allowed to reopen and the ban on late-night music playing past 11 pm will be removed.

Albania joins neighbors Greece, North Macedonia, and Montenegro in removing all entry requirements, making multi-stop travel in the area a breeze this summer.

The Blue Eye In Albania

Once in the country, travelers have plenty to look forward to. The country’s capital, Tirana, boasts more cafes than any other European city per capita and has a thriving nightlife scene.

The local cuisine is a wonderful mix of both Balkan and Mediterranean favourites, whilst a plethora of nature-based activities – from hiking to beach days and hot spring soaking – can also be found around the country. 

To get off the beaten path a little, try checking out Ksmail, A small town on the Albanian Riviera not far from Sarandë. Ksmail has secret sandy beaches, ‘Cancun-like' turquoise waters, several seaside resorts and ancient landmarks.

Greek Amphitheatre In Butrint, Albania

While Americans and Canadians can't fly directly to Albania, they can easily get there with 1-stop by transiting in places like Frankfurt, London, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, and more European capitals that all fly daily to Tirana.

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Saturday 7th of May 2022

Just checked into Air Albania and they still asked for either a PCR test or proof of vaccination FYI.


Thursday 28th of April 2022

Heading there next week from Istanbul. Americans get to stay there for up to a year, too.


Wednesday 27th of April 2022

Also, someone should tell the bars and clubs playing music outside my window at midnight they’re not meant to be playing it, because they don’t know ;)


Wednesday 27th of April 2022

I’m in Albania right now. A few things:

- I flew in during April. They requested nothing re: vaccine proof or test before boarding my flight from Vienna, and nothing at the Tirana airport border. When I got to the border guard he just wished me a happy holiday with a quick glance at my passport. - NO ONE wears a mask. It’s not required at all even now. Not indoors, on transport, or at the airport. - these are ‘official’ rules. On the ground it’s already been this way for a long time. I spoke to some locals who said covid isn’t a thing here in people’s minds anymore.

Albania is great. Come here :)


Saturday 11th of June 2022

@Albi, Hi i just want to ask what are the latest documents needed aside from passport in entering the country?


Wednesday 4th of May 2022

Nooo... no one use masks here. The data of Ministry of Health about Covid in 4000 tests just 3 results are positive @Mark,


Thursday 28th of April 2022


Is it really a big deal to wear a mask for 5-10 minutes in public transport? How strange.


Thursday 28th of April 2022

@Mark, youll stick out like a sore thumb if you wear one on. This is valid for the capital and even more for Shkodra or Sarande where there no oke ever real cared 😀 Faleminderit to the Albanian family. The best country and people .


Thursday 28th of April 2022

Thanks for on the ground info!