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Canadians Told To Cancel All Travel Plans

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Canadians have been told to cancel all travel plans and have been warned new restrictions could be imposed without notice. 

“It’s not the time to be travelling abroad. If you had planned to leave the country, please, on behalf of all Canadians, cancel your trip, Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau stated. “It’s not worth catching COVID-19 and bringing it back to Canada for a trip down south or elsewhere.”

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Trudeau Warns Of New Travel Restrictions

Trudeau stated that new travel restrictions could be imposed without notice. 

The Prime Minister sternly warned Canadians that those planning any international travel should cancel it and hinted federal travel rules could change soon.

Canada Now Requires Proof of Negative PCR Test Before Entering

Possible Ban On International Travel?

The Canadian government has been considering more travel restrictions including a possible ban on international outbound travel

Last week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the government is  “always open to strengthening them as necessary,” reported CTV News. Trudeau was referring to restrictions that could be put into place regarding international travel. 

Toronto Pearson Airport in Canada. Pearson is the largest and busiest airport in Canada.

March Break Could See New Travel Restrictions

When asked about increased travel during the upcoming March break, Trudeau stated that the government is already in talks on what measures will be taken. 

“We have a constitution that guarantees the freedom to move and return for Canadians, but at the same time, the measures we’ve put in place are not to just discourage travel, these are measures that assure the protection of Canadians,” said Trudeau reported the Daily Hive.

The Prime Minster is also reportedly in talks with the Premiers to see how they could stop those seeking to escape south for a sunny vacation.

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Travel Bans Could Happen Without Notice

Although the Canadian constitution of rights guarantees free movement, the Prime Minster warned that that the government has the right to impose penalties on those who endanger the safety of other Canadians.

The Canadian Press reported that Trudeau would not state what additional travel restrictions or bans he was considering.

He did however suggest that travel bans could come at any time – and without warning.

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Quebec Premier Supports Complete International Travel Ban

Quebec Premier Francois Legault is in support of a complete ban on non-essential international travel. The Premier stated that Canadians flying south are putting the entire province of Quebec's health care system at risk and that ‘now is the time to react strongly'.

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Canada Already Has Some Of The Strictest Border Restrictions In The World

Canada is no stranger when it comes to strict entry requirements. Canada is currently closed to all non-essential travel and has strict rules for Canadians returning home from abroad.

Canadians must provide proof of a negative covid-19 PCR test before boarding their flight home. Once back in Canada all travelers must self-quarantine for 14 days with strict penalties for those who are caught violating the order. 

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Disclaimer: Current travel rules and restrictions can change without notice. The decision to travel is ultimately your responsibility. Contact your consulate and/or local authorities to confirm your nationality’s entry and/or any changes to travel requirements before traveling.  Travel Off Path does not endorse traveling against government advisories


Saturday 23rd of January 2021

I’m not sure where the reciprocity is here... Canadians are coming down here to South Florida to get away from the cold but I had to cancel my ski trip to Whistler because of their travel ban. That doesn’t seem right.


Thursday 21st of January 2021

I'm all for those making responsible decision for themselves. As Roman Baber , Ontario MPP, pointed out in his succinct 2 page letter to Premier Ford, these restrictions are nonsense, and not based on the evidence (data), but based on projections (modelling), and the former Ontario Chief Medical Officer in a letter agreed with him. StatsCan even shows that the deaths from all causes in Canada has not increased in 2020, and that flu cases are way down -- probably because of the counting everything as a covid death, using the PCR test that its own designer said not to use for diagnosis (it was for research only), and leads to false positives!

Ford / Trudeau / Tory -- you know this, and you spend recklessly and hurt us with your restrictions!

Lorena Carlini

Thursday 21st of January 2021

Stupid stupid blanket bans, the govt handing of this is inept and unfocused. Maybe travel to TORONTO should be banned! International travel to spots that are safe should be supported. We relaxed down South and got away from all this govt/media terrorism and worked on our immune systems (taking precautions) and feel great. We are obligated to quarantine for 14 days and test on our way out and back in. What more do you want? Thank God we took a break from this propaganda and fearmongering. I have more chance catching covid in Canada than where we were... Focus on protecting the vulnerable and let the majority of healthy and young people get on with our lives and keep the world economy going. This approach is hurting the health and well being of people. Only 2 percent of covid is attributed to international travel. And only 2 percent of the population is adversely affected by this virus. What s wrong with this picture? I think every canadian deserves a week down South to get away and get healthy. It can be done safely with all the precautions. As usual this is political distraction from mishanding this flu bug. Governments had all summer to protect our vulnerable and didnt. And the entire population and economy pays the price? F for failure. S for sheep.


Thursday 21st of January 2021

Yes, we have the Constitutional right to move freely, however the Constitution was not written during a World Wide Pandemic! I think if you want to still engage in International travel, that you should be prepared to pay all health costs if you get infected and the costs for anyone you expose, including charges if anyone dies because of your travel. It is premeditated stupidity and those of us who follow the rules that were made in the best interest of all Canadians should not carry the burden of your care / safety / return to Canada as you indulge your "you're not the boss of me" childish attitude.


Thursday 21st of January 2021

oh boy, this government headed by school drama boy teacher JT and his band of clowns really don't know what they are doing...i hope the Canadian people remember this next election, but i doubt it, Canadians have a memory span of 1 month :-( The whole government needs to be fired for this mess.