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Countries Reopening to International Tourists in June

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As countries and cities start to re-open for international tourism, many people are wondering where they could potentially travel in June 2020. 

Here is a complete list of countries reopening for travel and tourism this June, should you decide to go. 

Many of these destinations are reopening with increased sanitation, new health and safety protocols, and testing upon arrival. 

*Please note that re-opening information changes by the minute. We are updating this page daily, but please check with local authorities before booking any trip. 


Mexico’s economy is highly reliant on tourism, which is why this nation is one of the first in the world to expedite reopening for international visitors.

Different cities and states have their own reopening schedules, starting with hotspots like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta.

Ocean Front Hotel In Cancun

The governor of Quintana Roo, Carlos Joaquin, announced that Cancun will reopen for tourism June 8th 

Joaquín says that tourism is an essential activity and that there is no other of greater importance in Quintana Roo “and we are going to fight for it to be considered that way.”

2500 Cancun hotels, restaurants and tour operators have already started the process of being certified under new strict health measures set out by the government for when the city reopens to tourism in early June. 

Before the certification can be  rewarded, applications are being evaluated to determine if they meet the requirements to operate.

Major Canadian airlines such as Air Canada and Sunwing have already announced direct flights into Cancun, starting in June. 

Other airlines like Spirit, American Airlines, JetBlue and others are all offering multiple direct flights from the USA to Cancun in June. Some as low as $163 roundtrip!

Puerto Vallarta
Beach in puerto vallarta

Hotels in Puerto Vallarta will be reopening in June, with the announcement by Governor Enrique Alfaro that hotels and motels can begin operations on June 15th.

Of course, hotels must comply with international protocols and health standards before they open their doors. 

Major airlines from the United States and Canada have also announced they will be resuming flights to the popular Mexico destination of Puerto Vallarta starting in June.

Alaska, American, Delta, United, Sun Country, Air Canada, Sunwing and Air Transat all have scheduled direct flights into Puerto Vallarta for June onwards.

Westjet has flights scheduled for Puerto Vallarta starting July 5th.

Allowing visitors from: USA = yes, Canada = yes, UK = yes, EU or Schengen countries = yes


iceland blue lagoon (2)

The prime minister of Iceland has announced plans to reopen the country's borders to tourists from June 15.

Each traveler will be given a free COVID-19 test upon arrival at the airport and receive results right away — those who test negative will be free to enjoy their time in the country, and those who test positive will have to self-isolate for 14 days.

Allowing visitors from (with test!): USA = no, Canada = no, UK = yes, EU or Schengen countries = yes


pestana viking beach hotel portugal

Portugal is one of the first of the European nations to reopen it’s doors to international tourism since it has been less affected than its neighbors Spain and Italy.

The country’s Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva’s official statement was clear and concise: “Tourists are welcome in Portugal”

Non-essential flights are expected to resume to Portugal starting mid-June.

Allowing visitors from: USA = no, Canada = no, UK = no, EU or Schengen countries = yes

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia will begin reopening its tourism industry in phases beginning on June 4, said Dominic Fedee, the destination’s minister of tourism.

“COVID-19 has kept us apart for too long. What a devastating few months we’ve had as a destination and as travelers,” Fedee said in a video message. “But there is good news – we are getting ready to host you again. Our people, our beaches and our mountains await you in all of their splendor. Now, the way we used to vibe will change just a little bit [with] responsible tourism [and] heightened protocols. There’s still going to be plenty of fun in the sun.”

Approximately 1,500 hotel rooms are being readied for the early June reopening, pending the completion of a new COVID-19 certification process.

Jetblue has direct flights scheduled to Saint Lucia from New York City in June, as well as American Airlines from Miami.

Allowing visitors from: USA = yes, Canada = yes, UK = yes, EU or Schengen countries = yes

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda will be reopening to international visitors starting June 4th.

Tourism Minister Charles Fernandez, speaking during a virtual meeting on “Reopening Antigua and Barbuda For Tourism,” on Monday, said that an American Airlines flight from Miami is due to land on June 4, bringing the first set of international passenger flight in 10 weeks.

JetBlue, WestJet, British Airlines and Virgin Atlantic are expected to add back their direct flights into Antigua and Barbuda right away.

Allowing visitors from: USA = yes, Canada = yes, UK = yes, EU or Schengen countries = yes


Montenegro Has Reopened For Tourism – Everything You Need To Know

As of June 1st 2020, Montenegro has now reopened to tourists and accepting international arrivals from 131 countries. For many people looking to still enjoy a European summer vacation, Montenegro might serve as the perfect country.

Montenegro is located on the Adriatic Sea across from Italy, and just south of Croatia. The country has beautiful sun-drenched beaches, rugged mountains, fortified cities, lots of history, and great prices.

Allowing visitors from: USA = no, Canada = no, UK = no, EU or Schengen countries = yes (some)


As of June 1st 2020, Cyprus reopened its borders to 19 countries, with air travel resuming June 9th. However, Cyprus is one of the most popular vacation spots for people from the UK, who was visibly absent from the pre-approved country list. 

Cyprus is so confident tourists will be safe visiting in June, the Cypriot government will pay for lodging, as well as food, drink and medication if a tourist falls ill with coronavirus.

Allowing visitors from: USA = no, Canada = no, UK = no, EU or Schengen countries = yes (some)


Sandals in Jamaica is reopening

Jamaica is officially reopening its borders to ALL international tourists on June 15th

Unlike some countries opening throughout the world, Jamaica is not restricting incoming travellers from any particular countries. Starting June 15th, Jamaica will be accepting tourists coming from any origin.

Flights from the USA and Canada are already scheduled for mid-June, with flights coming from the UK in July. 

Allowing visitors from: USA = yes, Canada = yes, UK = yes, EU or Schengen countries = yes


Starting Wednesday June 3rd, Italy reopened its borders to tourists from 26 countries without any restrictions upon arrival.

According to the Italy Tourism Agency, tourists arriving from the 26 other members of the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican City will not face any restrictions upon entering Italy.

Allowing visitors from: USA = no, Canada = no, UK = yes, EU or Schengen countries = yes


croatia reopened to tourists

As of June 2020, Croatia has now reopened to tourists, first by allowing in visitors from countries within the European Union.

No news yet when Canada, United States, UK, or Australia will be allowed in.

Allowing visitors from: USA = no, Canada = no, UK = no, EU or Schengen countries = yes


Germany just announced that it will be officially reopening to tourists on June 15th, allowing 31 countries to cross its borders for the purposes of tourism. Germany is the 8th most visited country in the world with over 37 million visitors per year.

Allowing visitors from: USA = no, Canada = no, UK = yes, EU or Schengen countries = yes


The Caribbean island of Grenada, which has been closed since March, is looking to reopen its borders and receive international travelers at the start of June.

The Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell, made this official statement in regards to reopening:

“We collectively agreed to start gradually relaxing the restrictions for travel, as the pandemic in the region has been largely contained. Governments, airlines and hotels are now finalising the details of this phased re-opening. Assuming that the requisite protocols are in place, we expect to open our borders in the first week of June.”

Direct flights to Grenada are already scheduled in June from New York on JetBlue and Miami on American Airlines


Greenland recently updated their official tourism board website with their reopening plans, set to start on June 15th by allowing a small number of visitors into the country.

Upon checkin, tourists are required to show a maximum 5 day old covid test, showing negative results. Then, upon landing in Greendland, a mandatory 5-day quarantine with another test will be done before the visitor can freely travel throughout the country.


zurich reopening for tourism

Switzerland is reopening to tourists on June 15th 2020, starting by allowing visitors from 30 countries.

Switzerland is reopening its borders to the 27 countries in the European Union, The UK (who is in a transition period right now) and the other 3 countries in the EFTA (Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.)

Allowing visitors from: USA = no, Canada = no, UK = yes, EU or Schengen countries = yes


As of June 1st the Seychelles have reopened to tourists from 19 countries, with another 17 countries being considered.

Allowing visitors from: USA = no, Canada = no, UK = no, EU or Schengen countries = yes (some)


Poland will be reopening for tourism on June 13th, first allowing EU countries to visit.

Poland made the announcement today that it will be reopening its borders and lifting restrictions to visitors coming in from the 26 countries of the European Union.

Allowing visitors from: USA = no, Canada = no, UK = no, EU or Schengen countries = yes (some)


tulips in the netherlands

On June 15th, the Netherlands will be reopening to tourists from countries in the European Union and the Schengen area.

Allowing visitors from: USA = no, Canada = no, UK = no, EU or Schengen countries = yes (some)


Tunisia will reopen its sea, land and air borders to ALL tourists starting June 27.

Travellers just need to bring a negative covid test within 72 hours of boarding their flight.


Sweden is OPEN To Tourists From 31 Countries

Sweden is open for tourism and currently accepting visitors from 31 countries (the EU and EFTA nations.)

There are currently 31 countries that can travel to Sweden, and on June 15th (if the ban is not extended again) there remains the possibility more countries will be added.

See the full list of who can travel to Sweden here


Serbia has officially reopened for tourism!

As of May 22nd 2020, Serbia is allowing visitors to travel to the country under normal ‘pre-Covid’ regulations. That includes no mandatory testing and no isolation period for arriving tourists.


Las Vegas Strip at night

While travel to the US is still very much restricted, travel within the country is starting to re-open. If you are an American citizen, or currently living in the US, more internal-travel options are becoming available.

Some destinations and attractions that are already open, or opening for June, are as follows:

Would you travel in June?

READ MORE: Here is a list of every country worldwide that is reopening its borders for tourism. Updated daily!

*The reopening of tourism activities is dependent on the approval of each country's government and could be reversed at anytime. Be sure to check with local and federal authorities before traveling. Travel Off Path does not endorse or encourage traveling while advisories are in place. 

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Jac Steiner

Tuesday 9th of June 2020

The current legislation regarding exclusions to the current Portugal travel restriction is very ambiguous. "Despacho #5612-A/2020 de 19 de maio," available at uses the term "passengers from" and lists countries included in the exclusion. However there are reports of passengers arriving from the listed countries being refused entry on basis of their NATIONALITY. So, for example, a passenger from the UK (a country in the exclusion from the restriction list) arrived in Porto, Portugal but was refused entry on basis of is Australian nationality. This suggests that in implementing their policy, the "reciprocity of treatment" requirement, specific to passengers' citizenships, is taking precedent over the country the passenger is traveling from.

Akiteng Ruth

Sunday 7th of June 2020

Thank you very much for this. I am planning to visit USA. Kindly help me with updates of when USA completely open s and Uganda