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Dominican Republic To Remain Open For Tourism With No Testing Or Vaccination Requirement

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The Dominican Republic will not require tests or vaccination passports to enter hotels, tourist attractions, or bars and restaurants despite fears. 

According to local media on October 8th, the Ministry of Public Health announced people would need to present vaccination certificates to enter gyms, bars, sports venues, entertainment centers, schools, and workplaces.

However, the Ministry of Tourism announced tourists wouldn’t need to show proof of vaccination to enter the country this weekend. 

Furthermore, travelers won’t need to provide proof of vaccination to enter bars, hotels, restaurants, public places, and educational centers. 

The statement says, “To enter the hotels and services offered within these and the hotel complexes to their guests, it will not be necessary to present the vaccination card against Covid-19, as well as the negative PCR test, established in Resolution No. .00048, dated October eight (8), 2021, issued by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance.”

Costa Rica, another population destination for Americans throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, has launched a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine passport. 

Travelers require the vaccine passport to enter a wide range of establishments inside the nation, severely hindering anyone looking to visit the country without being fully vaccinated.


The Current Entry Requirements 

The Dominican Republic is currently one of the least restricted countries worldwide for U.S travelers. Most travelers don’t need to present a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival, which is a rarity right now. 

Airports will perform a quick aleatory breath test on a percentage of passengers and passengers showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Additionally, passengers presenting a vaccination card no less than three weeks after the final dosage or a 72 hour negative PCR test are exempt from the aleatory breath test. 

However, passengers showing COVID-19 symptoms or recording a positive test will have to self-isolate at authorized locations. Passengers will also need to perform a temperature check upon arrival. 

The Dominican Republic Tourism Board advises all travelers to confirm with the airline provider and the airport of origin to see whether they require any testing or COVID-19 related requirements for inbound flights to the Dominican Republic. 

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The current requirements for British travelers are different. In contrast, British travelers will present a negative 72 hour COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival or a vaccination card no less than three weeks after their last dose. Passengers below five are exempt from these requirements.

The COVID-19 Situation In The Dominican Republic 

Unlike some countries that have pursued a zero-COVID strategy — namely Australia, New Zealand, and large parts of Asia — COVID-19 has been prevalent in the Dominican Republic since March 2020. 


The current 7-day average in the Dominican Republic is 662, over 50 percent lower than the 7-day case average during the summer months. The Dominican Republic has fully vaccinated 46.7 percent of its entire population. 

Cases are rising, but the current case number is far lower than previous waves.

The Current Restrictions Within The Dominican Republic 

Although travel restrictions remain minimal, there are some restrictions within the country. Hotels are currently at an 85 percent capacity, and face masks are mandatory in public places, indoor spaces, and areas where social distancing is impossible. 

National parks still have reduced hours, and only 100 people can stay within national parks overnight. Outside of the airports, the government requires locals and travelers to maintain at least 2 meters of social distance.

The government also requires social distancing at beaches, swimming pools, and jacuzzis. However, face masks are optional on beaches. The government says non-compliance with the restrictions will result in fines. 

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Monday 18th of October 2021

They are largely leaving the tourists alone and coercing their own people. But see, if this was a true deadly pandemic this wouldn't be the case. The DR is deep in with the globalist powers so this isn't surprising.

Dominicans have a lot of the same concerns that a lot of Americans have: the economy, illegal immigration (from Haiti), and forced vaccination. Tragically, their corrupt government screws them over. We all (should) know that once the government takes power that it will not relinquish it freely.

DR is a gorgeous country with some of the most hospitable people you're likely to meet. I feel sad that because of coerced vaccination I may not go there again.

Vaccine tyranny like all tyrannies will not last forever, but it may last a long time. God help us all.


Monday 18th of October 2021

@Liberty, Good comment. And I think this free pass for tourists is an illusion; if they screw over their citizens, they will screw over the tourists too. Like going to North Korea.


Monday 18th of October 2021

Travelers probably should know the caveats to this statement by the DR. They ARE (yes, they really are) checking at grocery stores (I physically watched attendants ask for documentation) and malls here in Santo Domingo. I suppose this would not impact a short term trip or those staying in strictly resorts but a longer term visitor is going to feel some impact.


Tuesday 19th of October 2021

@Kashlee Kucheran,

Update2: I got vacu-carded at Chili's last night on Sarasota Avenue (Santo Domingo) last night. Probably wise to carry something with you (CoronaChan test with negative results is acceptable too) around the city at this point. Good luck out there folks.


Monday 18th of October 2021

@Kashlee Kucheran,

Update: Apparently (some) Uber drivers are asking for proof of immunization documentation as well.

Kashlee Kucheran

Monday 18th of October 2021

Very good to know, thanks for the on the ground input Shawn