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Foreign Travelers Can Once Again Get The One Shot Covid Vaccine In The U.S.

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People from around the world have been traveling to the United States to receive their Covid-19 vaccine due to slow roll outs in their home countries. Top health regulators in the U.S. have resumed the use of the one shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Many travelers have reported entering the United States, receiving the one shot vaccine and returning home fully vaccinated.

While the Associated Press has reported that wealthy travelers have been flocking to the U.S. to receive their shots, traveling to the United States for the sole purpose of receiving the vaccine could have you turned around at the border. So how are so many international travelers getting the vaccine in the United States? It's a grey area.

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How Foreign Travelers Are Being Vaccinated In The U.S.

While traveling to the U.S. for sole purpose of receiving the Covid-19 is not permitted for entry, there is nothing stopping foreign travelers from booking trips to the U.S. for tourism or business and receiving the vaccine while they are there.

In fact, many Mexican politicians, TV personalities, business executives and even a soccer team publicly celebrated their vaccinations on social media without repercussion from U.S. authorities. The U.S. government has stayed completely silent on the issue of foreign travelers receiving the vaccine.

All Covid-19 vaccines in the U.S. are free.

The Restart Of The Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Makes It Easier For Foreign Travelers

Health authorities have lifted the 10 day pause on the Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine. The use of the J & J vaccine was originally paused due to a rare occurrence of Blood clots (6 people out of 6 million). Now that the public has been informed and a warning has been added to the label, the vaccine is being distributed once again.

This gives foreign travelers the opportunity to enter the country, receive the one dose Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine and return to their home country fully vaccinated. Other vaccines available in the United States require two doses spaced out by 3-5 weeks which would require travelers to either remain in the U.S. to receive their second dose or make multiple trips. For travelers on a limited budget who are eager to receive the vaccine in the U.S. the resumption of the J & J vaccine comes as good news.

Juana Lopez, a personal stylist from Mexico City told Travel Off Path that she delayed her trip when the Johnson and Johnson vaccine was paused. “I had to cancel my trip as I had everything planned for just the one dose, Juana explained. “Now that it's resumed I rebooked my flight to Phoenix.”

Arizona is one of the many U.S. states that do not require residency to get the vaccine.


Not All States Will Vaccinate Non Residents

There are currently 15 states that do not require residency or citizenship to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Government officials have been very vocal in some states going as far as reminding travelers they do not need to be a resident.

Texas for example is one of the very open states for vaccination. According to Texas Health and Human Services “There is no residency or citizenship requirement to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, and a social security number is not required.”

Most other States including New York and Illinois have residency requirements where those who book vaccination appointments must bring proof of residency with them.

As of April 19, all adults aged 16 or older in the United States are eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

How Travelers Are Finding The Johnson and Johnson Vaccine In The U.S.

Travel Off Path has learned that finding an appointment for the Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine in the U.S. is a very easy online process.

  1. Go to Vaccine Spotter
  2. Find out if the state you are traveling to has a residency requirement
  3. Choose Your ‘Vaccine Type’ (Johnson and Johnson)
  4. Book an appointment online (Walmart is the easiest)
  5. Save your email for your appointment which shows the locations, date, time and type of vaccine
  6. Arrive for your scheduled appointment and bring what is recommended by the vaccine provider
  7. Receive your shot and CDC vaccine card. Then wait 15 minutes in the waiting area before you leave.
  8. Vaccination complete if it’s the one dose Johnson and Johnson.
  9. For all other vaccines types you will have wait 3-4 weeks to receive your second dose.

Travel Off Path does not recommend or condone traveling to the U.S. for the primary purpose of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

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